Friday, 25 August 2017

80/20 is 10/10

It is 8:23 on a Friday morning and the place is hopping, the aroma of coffee floating through the air. Apparently it isn’t super busy according to the lovely manager Tihana, but from where I’m sitting I can barely see a free seat, everyone cramming inside to avoid the morning chill. The staff are all friendly and bubbly, with the service being very quick. The cafe offers a smooth monochrome interior with rose gold touches here and there, such as on the embroidered denim cushions which adorn every seat (comfy and stylish). 

Natural light streams through the windows which surround the cafe, lighting further accentuated with small lightbulbs inside. Outdoor seating is an option with with super cute plants framing the area. There is an overall, warm and homey feeling. 

The presentation of the two dishes that I ate were exceptional. The Breakfast Salad and The Salad both a bold array of colour and flavours. The Breakfast Salad boasts different colours and textures. All of the ingredients are fresh. The egg is warm and smooth, the pumpkin and broccoli deliciously tender. The Salad Bowl offered a beetroot cauliflower which was unique to 80/20 as they created it themselves. It is a rainbow bowl of goodness, with all of the different elements complementing each other so well, those elements being pumpkin, spinach and been sprouts to name a few.

What makes the even more amazing is the amazing manager Tihana. She is so obviously passionate about the cafe and that passion is palpable. She is very much involved in every aspect of the business which makes her very knowledgeable. She is attentive to her staff which is so inspiring to see. She even went out of her way to sit with me when I ate and put the rest of my meal in a takeaway container for me.

Both dishes made me feel re-energised, not at all fatigued or sluggish. I was full in the most perfect way possible, completely satisfied. They offer the kind of dishes that you would love to make at home but don’t have the time and/or the ingredients to. If you’re looking to have the perfect start to your day, go to 80/20 and leave feeling 10/10.
Words and Photography By Maryanne Irhia xx


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