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Miss World Finalist - Alison Mitchell

About 18 months ago I ventured into the world of photography. For my first shoot with a model, my mentor Garry, lined up a model for me to style and photograph. I was nervous but was comforted by the fact that the model was also relatively fresh to the scene. It seemed like a perfect match.

The models name was Alison Mitchell. This blonde Canberran beauty was flawless. She came on set with dewy skin and striking blue eyes that simply popped. 

Call it beginners luck or something  (as per the Alchemist), but I managed to capture some absolutely killer shots of this amazing woman. I can honestly say the experience with Alison directly influenced me to continue exploring photography. She is partly the reason I am where I am today… 

Image credits: Photography and styling @Wearefoundau MUA @taylor_perrin Model @alisonmitchell_X

Fast forward to today and I can say I had the pleasure of interviewing Alison Mitchell. Not as a successful model but as a recent finalist in the Miss World Australia. 

That’s right this Canberran girl is going places. 

Alison has moved to Sydney. She is a full time UNI student, a part time legal secretary and on top of all this is perusing something she loves, modelling. She is currently signed to two modelling agencies Devojka Models and Wink models.  Alison has always had drive and it’s so lovely to see her doing what she said she would.

While confident in front of the camera Alison has never entered a pageant before. A number of people suggest that she should enter beliving that she could do it. Alison took the plunge and entered. ‘I wanted to challenge myself and prove to them that I can do it’, said Alison. 

Sure enough Alison has been proving that she can do it. Progressing to the finals in Melbourne on Tues 11 July – Friday 14 she is representing NSW with hopes to win the crown on Friday. 

Miss world is a great competition as all contestants have a fundraising goal as part of the pageant and this element is a primary focus. In 2017, the MWA contestants will be raising funds in support of Variety – the Children Charity in Australia to help children who are sick, disadvantaged or who have special needs to LIVE, LAUGH & LEARN! 

I got to spend five minutes with this gorgeous human to learn a little more about her and would love to share it with you all.

 Image credits: Photography and styling @Wearefoundau MUA @taylor_perrin Model @alisonmitchell_X

Q&A with Alison Mitchell

Q. What have you been doing to prepare for the finals? 
A. I have been extremely busy with the pageant. My objective was to raise $10,000 for Variety Children's Charity. To do this I have been reaching out to media and local business to try and spread the word, and I’ve even organised a trivia night fundraiser here in Coogee.

In terms of beauty preparation I had regular treatments at "To Wonderland" in North Bondi to ensure that I am glowing from the inside out. 

I have kicked it up a notch with my training at the gym introducing boot camps three times a week and yoga as well as regular work outs.  I have  also been working along side my agency Wink in networking to outsource clothing and gowns etc for the competition itself.

Q. Would you have entered a competition like this?
A. Absolutely not, I had always thought for competitions like this you were to be much taller and slimmer than me. I only entered because my agent asked me if I was available on the day. If Anna hadn’t asked me it never would of crossed my mind.

Q. Miss World is different to most pageants as it doesn’t have s swimsuit category. How do you feel about that? 
A. Over the moon! I believe that beauty is more then aesthetics and young girls should be aspiring to women who can captivate a crowd with their soul not their body. 

Q. . How has modelling impacted on your life? 
A. It is really empowering knowing that I get to be a part of someone's vision. Creating art has made me more confident in all aspects of life especially going for job interviews. With modelling you work with so many different people which has developed my professional and intrapersonal skills.

 Image credits: Photography and styling @Wearefoundau MUA @taylor_perrin Model @alisonmitchell_X

Here are some more fun fact questions that I threw at Alison. 

Q. Tell our readers one fun fact about you that they didn't know ? 
A. I have a life size cut out of Dwanye "the rock" Johnson lol long story

Q. What is your favourite book/currently reading?
I am a sucker for all of Jodi Picoult's books but being back at university my nose is currently stuck in my psychology text book which I find fascinating. 

Q. What song or artist do you currently have on repeat?
A. Whilst studying or at home I have Tash sultana on repeat. 

Q. What is your favourite saying or motto? 
A. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Q. What is one beauty item that you can’t live without?
A. Moisturiser. Any kind, for the face, body moisturiser or hand cream, I am obsessed. 

I wish Alison all the best next week in Melbourne and so does the rest of the Fashion Vault and Canberra for that fact. Kill it girl #girlboss!


If you want to donate to Alison's cause visit:
xo Deejay 

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