Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Get Your Freak On at Patissez Cafe

It was 11:07 on a Friday morning when I entered the Patissez cafe on Marcus Clarke St. The location could not have been more perfect - just a walk away for ANU students and for all those who work in the city. I had only ever visited Patissez once, the one located in Griffin when I had woken up early and had still arrived to a long queue out the door. Ever since that experience, I have been on a quest to try other Freakshakes that compare, both in Canberra and in Sydney. But the thing is, you never forget your first love. Needless to say, I was keen to go back. 

I had eaten breakfast that morning regardless of the fact that I was willing to devour both a Freakshake and a savoury meal. Bold move I know. The place was hopping and pumping, regardless of the fact the Freakshake rose to fame in June 2015. Already a good sign and a clear indication that the place had not lost it’s magic touch. 

The interior had rustic walls but smooth black tables; the vibes intimate but busy with a feel good playlist. There are blue and green hues, with a ‘get your freak on’ signage on the wall in neon lights. Oh, I planned on doing just that. 

After much discussion and thought my friend and I ordered. I got the crispy eggs and The Nutcracker Freakshake whilst my friend ordered the KFC burger and the Michael Jackson Freakshake. One of the things we both noticed was how flexible the menu was, my friend easily swapped regular fries for sweet potato fries. I was very eager to see what their take on savoury food would be. I have tasted a few cafe breakfasts who have originally specialised in sweet items - many have tried and many have failed.

The crispy eggs were perfectly crisp on the outside with the yolk melting in the middle as you cut into it. It is accompanied with mushrooms and greens which complement the palette. You are left feeling full in a filling way. The KFC burger is tender, succulent and juicy. The noodles in the burger are an interesting twist and are drizzled with a flavoursome sauce, creating a combination that neither my friend or I have ever seen or tasted before - and that is saying something.

The Nutcracker Freakshake is a caramel lovers dream. It comes with popcorn on the side and it is gooey sweetness. The Michael Jackson Freakshake has the perfect ratio of white chocolate to milk chocolate. The brownie breaks down the sweetness of the outer layer of the fudge. Massive sweet tooth’s would rejoice to the tasting of both of these shakes. To wrap everything up, I ordered the Mango Tea. The packaging was oh so cute, the flowery scent wafted through my nostrils before I even took my first sip. I could slowly feel the tea cleansing and detoxing my body. Mango is my favourite fruit and drinking this tea did not disappoint. 

Not a scrap was left on my plate and not a drop was left in my glass. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to, breakfast be damned. Shoutout to the lovely Damien and Danielle who both provided exceptional customer service and to the manager Mitch who was nothing short of welcoming. I would give Patissez 5 out of 5 stars! They made a memorable first impression on my Sydney friend and reaffirmed my love for them - needless to say we’ll both be coming back again soon! 

Words and photography by Maryanne Irhia xox


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