Saturday, 29 July 2017

Coat Edit | Canberra Outlet Centre

If you ask me, the best part about Winter is that it's coat weather. The right coat should make you feel well-dressed, sophisticated and polished and is actually one of my favourite wardrobe staple.

The show stopper

Every girl needs a show-stopping coat in her life. One that will dress you know matter what you are wearing underneath and one that will make you look and feel like a superstar. We say yes to faux fur! You cannot go wrong with a faux fur coat as it will never go out of style.
 The staple

I find a black knee-length coat is one of the most versatile styles as you can wear it casual, for work or dress it up. This style is a great solution for after 5 or cocktail season especially if you invest in a lighter fabric which you can layer in winter to keep you warm but can still get away with wearing it in warmer months when the nights are still quite cool.

The classic

Put your hand up if you own a classic wool coat... yep I thought so. There is a reason why almost every girl I know has a classic wool coat. It goes with everything and you don't have to think twice about what you are going to put it together with and it will probably last the test of time.
Stylist tip: Choose a colour to brighten up your winter wardrobe and it will guarantee to lift your mood on those grey chilly mornings.

Words by @sofiapolak | Photography by @wearefoundau

Thanks to @canberraoutletcentre

Friday, 28 July 2017

Meet Maryanne... our resident foodie

We are so excited to introduce our new contributor... Maryanne! She is a Sydney gal living in Canberra and will be bringing us all her favourite places to eat and keeping up us to date with the new MUST go-to locations (including her fave places to shop!). Check out some fun facts about our new superstar contributor...

Name: Maryanne Irhia. My nicknames include Maz, Mez, Mar and Mary 

Favourite thing to do: Go to the beach - it's my happy place 

Describe your style in 3 words: Bohemian, vintage, eclectic 

Where are we most likely to find you shopping: At markets! I love a good treasure hunt 

What do you love about reviewing new and exciting eats: Probably the eating part haha kidding! I love taking photos of my food and sharing all of my favourite places with my family and friends so now these places to go are also accessible to a wider audience. I feel like writing reviews and presenting positive feedback is also a nice way of saying thank you for blessing my stomach with that delicious meal. 

Fave beauty products: I can't live without moisturiser, cleanser and lip balm. Since I don't wear makeup, ensuring my skin is healthy and glowing is a top priority for me. My go-to's for makeup are a good eyebrow pencil, eyelash curler, mascara, bronzer and of course highlighter. Shine baby shine! 

Fave thing about blogging: I love reading and writing so being able to express myself through this outlet about topics I'm passionate about makes me very happy 

Life mantra: It's a tie between these two! Everything happens for a reason and treat others the way you want to be treated! Karma is real and what goes around comes around so be sure to be kind and good will come to you I promise. 

Maryanne with @shaaanxo


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

You've got $100 left before pay day! What to buy?!

You've got $100 left before pay day so why not treat yourself to a little last minute buy. Check out our picks from the Canberra Outlet Centre! They have great brands at great prices perfect for a treat before pay day.


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Get Your Freak On at Patissez Cafe

It was 11:07 on a Friday morning when I entered the Patissez cafe on Marcus Clarke St. The location could not have been more perfect - just a walk away for ANU students and for all those who work in the city. I had only ever visited Patissez once, the one located in Griffin when I had woken up early and had still arrived to a long queue out the door. Ever since that experience, I have been on a quest to try other Freakshakes that compare, both in Canberra and in Sydney. But the thing is, you never forget your first love. Needless to say, I was keen to go back. 

I had eaten breakfast that morning regardless of the fact that I was willing to devour both a Freakshake and a savoury meal. Bold move I know. The place was hopping and pumping, regardless of the fact the Freakshake rose to fame in June 2015. Already a good sign and a clear indication that the place had not lost it’s magic touch. 

The interior had rustic walls but smooth black tables; the vibes intimate but busy with a feel good playlist. There are blue and green hues, with a ‘get your freak on’ signage on the wall in neon lights. Oh, I planned on doing just that. 

After much discussion and thought my friend and I ordered. I got the crispy eggs and The Nutcracker Freakshake whilst my friend ordered the KFC burger and the Michael Jackson Freakshake. One of the things we both noticed was how flexible the menu was, my friend easily swapped regular fries for sweet potato fries. I was very eager to see what their take on savoury food would be. I have tasted a few cafe breakfasts who have originally specialised in sweet items - many have tried and many have failed.

The crispy eggs were perfectly crisp on the outside with the yolk melting in the middle as you cut into it. It is accompanied with mushrooms and greens which complement the palette. You are left feeling full in a filling way. The KFC burger is tender, succulent and juicy. The noodles in the burger are an interesting twist and are drizzled with a flavoursome sauce, creating a combination that neither my friend or I have ever seen or tasted before - and that is saying something.

The Nutcracker Freakshake is a caramel lovers dream. It comes with popcorn on the side and it is gooey sweetness. The Michael Jackson Freakshake has the perfect ratio of white chocolate to milk chocolate. The brownie breaks down the sweetness of the outer layer of the fudge. Massive sweet tooth’s would rejoice to the tasting of both of these shakes. To wrap everything up, I ordered the Mango Tea. The packaging was oh so cute, the flowery scent wafted through my nostrils before I even took my first sip. I could slowly feel the tea cleansing and detoxing my body. Mango is my favourite fruit and drinking this tea did not disappoint. 

Not a scrap was left on my plate and not a drop was left in my glass. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to, breakfast be damned. Shoutout to the lovely Damien and Danielle who both provided exceptional customer service and to the manager Mitch who was nothing short of welcoming. I would give Patissez 5 out of 5 stars! They made a memorable first impression on my Sydney friend and reaffirmed my love for them - needless to say we’ll both be coming back again soon! 

Words and photography by Maryanne Irhia xox


Friday, 21 July 2017

#Beautyredefined | Canberra Beauty precinct opening

Chaos. From the moment the doors opened at 9am to reveal the new beauty and wellness precinct. People of all ages flocked to the Canberra Centre to get their hands on goody bags, discounted products or to get a glimpse of some of the VIP guests. Lines were out the door, but the wait to get into all of the stores was most definitely worth it. 

The buzz in the air was palpable, the high energy being captured by the flashes of the many photographers. I myself was treated to a makeover, hand massage and champagne and chocolates. Essentially, I was in paradise! 

I was lucky enough to meet both Vogue Australia’s Beauty Editor Remy Rippon and Beauty Vlogger Shannon Harris aka shaaanxo. Remy was so bubbly and lovely and I asked her what her top 3 tips were to young women who aspired to be in her position. 

Remy Rippon's top 3 tips 

  • intern as everyone starts from the bottom
  • develop a great work ethic  
  • acquire a mentor. 
Shannon was just as lovely and bubbly and was also a little bit nervous which was humbling to see from someone with her fame. I also asked her for her advice on how to get to the top and she said "work hard to be passionate about what you do." As cliche as that sounds, it evidently works so there you have it ladies!

Maryanne (me) with @shaaanxo
As part of the launch I attended the Sip and Scent masterclass. Scents and martinis  - what a combo! It was an elegant evening where Canberra’s ‘Martini Whisperer’ Phillip Jones and fragrance expert Dimitri Weber shared their best kept secrets at how to recreate the signature cocktail and how to enhance and heighten your senses to new and exciting scents. 

The session was interactive, informative and let's face it, a little bit boozy by the end of it - all in all an evening well spent! 

Thanks to Canberra Centre for having me and congratulations on a successful opening! 

Maryanne xox

Words and photography by Maryanne Irhia 

Missed these events? Don't fear the next masterclass being held at Canberra Centre this Saturday 22 July. Maxmade will be bracing the stage to deliver a makeup masterclass.

Find out more here...


Thursday, 20 July 2017

Beautiful Boots - Canberra Outlet FSW

It may already be July but boots are a must have for any winter wardrobe. With Canberra staying cool up until September there is still time to invest in the sock boot trend. 

We found a fabulous pair for under $100 at FSW at the Canberra Outlet Centre. Who said being on trend had to cost the earth!? 

The Saxon boot is by Therapy Shoes retailing at $79.95. The super on trend boot has a block heel with a pointed toe with a sock-like lycra bootie making it comfy. It's a boot that will take you everywhere! 


xo Deejay 

Outfit break down: 
Cap + bomber + Belt + dress = Cotton on Canberra Outlet
Booties = Saxon bootie from FSW Canberra Outlet


Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Minimalist Beauty | A masterclass with Eleanor Pendleton

Over the weekend I headed to Canberra Centre’s beauty precinct in the newly built Monaro Mall launched last Thursday. The new precinct  brings to Canberra some of beauty lovers must-have brands such as Mecca Maxima, Inglot, Perfect Potion, SoulFlower just to name a few.

Its launch was a huge success attracting large crowds for a Q&A session with Australian Vogue Editor Remy Rippon, a meet and greet with YouTube star Shannon Harris (@shaaanxo), special offers and of course a series of 
beauty and wellness masterclasses.

I had the pleasure of attending a 'Minimalist Beauty' masterclass hosted by Gritty Pretty's Eleanor Pendleton’s and co-hosted by beauty expert Amy Erbarcher. Eleanor is a well-known beauty influencer and founder of online magazine Gritty Pretty. In person she is as flawless as any of her Instagram pics and her natural beauty really does shine through. Before Gritty Pretty, she was Beauty Editor of  Famous magazine where she says ‘writing eight pages of beauty wasn’t enough’ she wanted more and couldn't find an online source which matched her obsession for beauty. So she set out to create an online magazine of her own which represented a balance of beauty and edge focusing on the latest beauty products, editorials and most recently launched an online shop where you can source all of of your (and Eleanor’s) favourite beauty products.

As part of her masterclass, Eleanor shared her beauty philosophy of ‘minimalist beauty’ and the importance of using cosmetics to enhance unique features instead of masking them. Not knowing much about Eleanor before the masterclass, her philosophy really resonated with me as I've always followed a fuss-free beauty routine and keep a minimalist makeup kit.
She talked through how to achieve a dewy day look and how to quickly turn it into a night time look with just a few steps whilst a Mecca makeup artist was on stage working her magic on a model.

Glowy makeup look complete!

Eleanor’s passion (along with her natural beauty) really shone through and her masterclass was filled with expert tips and tricks of the trade and left us feeling inspired and reassured to embrace our own natural beauty and stick to products which work best for our skin and our lifestyles.

I had so many aha! moments and can't wait to try some of her key beauty products and tips. I managed to take down the top 10 tips to share with you and the key products used for the Glowy makeup look.

Eleanor's tips for glowing looking skin
  • Avoid matte foundation as it can be ageing
  • Apply highlighter to the highest points of your face before your foundation
  • Ditch the old idea that oil or oil-based products will make your skin look oily.
  • Add a few drops of oil into your foundation when your skin is feeling dehydrated
  • Use your fingertips to apply foundation as the warmth of your fingers will help blend it into your skin and leave you with a more natural look
  • Apply your foundation to the areas which need it most. You don’t need to cover your whole face
  • Dab (not rub) concealer on after your foundation – this has always confused me so was so glad to hear Eleanor’s logic. If applied before it will be moved around when you blend in your foundation (light bulb moment!)
  • Avoid black eyeshadow for a smokey eye. Opt for brown and a soft feathery eyeshadow brush to help with blending
  • Use  setting spray when you want your makeup to last from day to night
  • Your features are unique to you! Enhance don’t mask.

Eleanor’s top beauty products for glowy skin (not shiny)

SP xo
@sofiapolak | 

@janette_lenk @sofiapolak (me)

@janette_lenk @eleanorpendleton


Tuesday, 11 July 2017

You've got $100 left before pay day! What to buy?!

You've got $100 left before pay day so why not treat yourself to a little last minute buy. Check out our picks from the Canberra Outlet Centre! They have great brands at great prices perfect for a treat before pay day.



Sunday, 9 July 2017

Miss World Finalist - Alison Mitchell

About 18 months ago I ventured into the world of photography. For my first shoot with a model, my mentor Garry, lined up a model for me to style and photograph. I was nervous but was comforted by the fact that the model was also relatively fresh to the scene. It seemed like a perfect match.

The models name was Alison Mitchell. This blonde Canberran beauty was flawless. She came on set with dewy skin and striking blue eyes that simply popped. 

Call it beginners luck or something  (as per the Alchemist), but I managed to capture some absolutely killer shots of this amazing woman. I can honestly say the experience with Alison directly influenced me to continue exploring photography. She is partly the reason I am where I am today… 

Image credits: Photography and styling @Wearefoundau MUA @taylor_perrin Model @alisonmitchell_X

Fast forward to today and I can say I had the pleasure of interviewing Alison Mitchell. Not as a successful model but as a recent finalist in the Miss World Australia. 

That’s right this Canberran girl is going places. 

Alison has moved to Sydney. She is a full time UNI student, a part time legal secretary and on top of all this is perusing something she loves, modelling. She is currently signed to two modelling agencies Devojka Models and Wink models.  Alison has always had drive and it’s so lovely to see her doing what she said she would.

While confident in front of the camera Alison has never entered a pageant before. A number of people suggest that she should enter beliving that she could do it. Alison took the plunge and entered. ‘I wanted to challenge myself and prove to them that I can do it’, said Alison. 

Sure enough Alison has been proving that she can do it. Progressing to the finals in Melbourne on Tues 11 July – Friday 14 she is representing NSW with hopes to win the crown on Friday. 

Miss world is a great competition as all contestants have a fundraising goal as part of the pageant and this element is a primary focus. In 2017, the MWA contestants will be raising funds in support of Variety – the Children Charity in Australia to help children who are sick, disadvantaged or who have special needs to LIVE, LAUGH & LEARN! 

I got to spend five minutes with this gorgeous human to learn a little more about her and would love to share it with you all.

 Image credits: Photography and styling @Wearefoundau MUA @taylor_perrin Model @alisonmitchell_X

Q&A with Alison Mitchell

Q. What have you been doing to prepare for the finals? 
A. I have been extremely busy with the pageant. My objective was to raise $10,000 for Variety Children's Charity. To do this I have been reaching out to media and local business to try and spread the word, and I’ve even organised a trivia night fundraiser here in Coogee.

In terms of beauty preparation I had regular treatments at "To Wonderland" in North Bondi to ensure that I am glowing from the inside out. 

I have kicked it up a notch with my training at the gym introducing boot camps three times a week and yoga as well as regular work outs.  I have  also been working along side my agency Wink in networking to outsource clothing and gowns etc for the competition itself.

Q. Would you have entered a competition like this?
A. Absolutely not, I had always thought for competitions like this you were to be much taller and slimmer than me. I only entered because my agent asked me if I was available on the day. If Anna hadn’t asked me it never would of crossed my mind.

Q. Miss World is different to most pageants as it doesn’t have s swimsuit category. How do you feel about that? 
A. Over the moon! I believe that beauty is more then aesthetics and young girls should be aspiring to women who can captivate a crowd with their soul not their body. 

Q. . How has modelling impacted on your life? 
A. It is really empowering knowing that I get to be a part of someone's vision. Creating art has made me more confident in all aspects of life especially going for job interviews. With modelling you work with so many different people which has developed my professional and intrapersonal skills.

 Image credits: Photography and styling @Wearefoundau MUA @taylor_perrin Model @alisonmitchell_X

Here are some more fun fact questions that I threw at Alison. 

Q. Tell our readers one fun fact about you that they didn't know ? 
A. I have a life size cut out of Dwanye "the rock" Johnson lol long story

Q. What is your favourite book/currently reading?
I am a sucker for all of Jodi Picoult's books but being back at university my nose is currently stuck in my psychology text book which I find fascinating. 

Q. What song or artist do you currently have on repeat?
A. Whilst studying or at home I have Tash sultana on repeat. 

Q. What is your favourite saying or motto? 
A. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Q. What is one beauty item that you can’t live without?
A. Moisturiser. Any kind, for the face, body moisturiser or hand cream, I am obsessed. 

I wish Alison all the best next week in Melbourne and so does the rest of the Fashion Vault and Canberra for that fact. Kill it girl #girlboss!


If you want to donate to Alison's cause visit:
xo Deejay 
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