Thursday, 29 June 2017

How to Look Chic In Active Wear

Now we all know how exciting it is that active wear has become so prominent in our wardrobes and socially acceptable to wear even on days that you don't plan on working out. Active wear takes comfort dressing to a whole new level as it allows you to look chic and comfortable all at the same time and there is never any need for ironing (winning!)

However there is a right way to wear active wear and a wrong way. Follow our tips to ensure you stay looking chic and effortless even in your comfiest wares.

Firstly say NO to see through leggings - doesn't matter what body shape you are they are so unflattering - on any body. Just no.

Avoid ill fitting styles and pick a shape that suits your body shape. Yes, this also applies for active wear. When shopping you should always consider your body shape and personal style before you buy anything. This is your number one rule...always. Got it? Good.

Layer! Layer different textures in the same colour or layer different lengths such as a loose razor back singlet over a fitted singlet or crop top.

Be adventurous with your colour choices - have a little fun and opt for colours you wouldn't normally wear. In fact it totes ok to go matchy matchy with your active wear look and go for the bright neon colours.

Pick styles that suit your lifestyle. If you are more serious about your fitness than most, then you want to opt for quality and durable fabrics which let your body breathe and do not restrict your body. However if you prefer light exercise such as walking, you don't need to worry too much about fabric choice and can opt for styles which can be mixed and matched casually with jeans or a tee.

@janette_lenk and DJ (@wearefoundau) wear head-to-toe @puma courtesy of Canberra Outlet Centre. Photography by @wearefoundau

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