Thursday, 29 June 2017

How to Look Chic In Active Wear

Now we all know how exciting it is that active wear has become so prominent in our wardrobes and socially acceptable to wear even on days that you don't plan on working out. Active wear takes comfort dressing to a whole new level as it allows you to look chic and comfortable all at the same time and there is never any need for ironing (winning!)

However there is a right way to wear active wear and a wrong way. Follow our tips to ensure you stay looking chic and effortless even in your comfiest wares.

Firstly say NO to see through leggings - doesn't matter what body shape you are they are so unflattering - on any body. Just no.

Avoid ill fitting styles and pick a shape that suits your body shape. Yes, this also applies for active wear. When shopping you should always consider your body shape and personal style before you buy anything. This is your number one rule...always. Got it? Good.

Layer! Layer different textures in the same colour or layer different lengths such as a loose razor back singlet over a fitted singlet or crop top.

Be adventurous with your colour choices - have a little fun and opt for colours you wouldn't normally wear. In fact it totes ok to go matchy matchy with your active wear look and go for the bright neon colours.

Pick styles that suit your lifestyle. If you are more serious about your fitness than most, then you want to opt for quality and durable fabrics which let your body breathe and do not restrict your body. However if you prefer light exercise such as walking, you don't need to worry too much about fabric choice and can opt for styles which can be mixed and matched casually with jeans or a tee.

@janette_lenk and DJ (@wearefoundau) wear head-to-toe @puma courtesy of Canberra Outlet Centre. Photography by @wearefoundau

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

You've got $100 left before pay day! What to buy?!

You've got $100 left before pay day so why not treat yourself to a little last minute buy. Check out our picks from the Canberra Outlet Centre!  They have great brands at great prices perfect for a treat before pay day.



Saturday, 24 June 2017

Spin that - DJ Ryan Fennis

Ryan who you ask? If you haven’t heard about DJ Ryan Fennis you will soon!

Guest writer Akelo Costa recently sat down with this rising DJ/producer to chat about his career, his inspirations and his future in the music industry.

Ryan’s musical influences include Paul Hardcastle, Lakim, Snakehips, Sam Gellaitry, Blue Magic, Quincy Jones, Kaytranada and Ta-Ku.  With a self declared style as ‘RnB fusion’.

Ryan has previously opened for artists such as SAFIA, Basenji and Crooked Colours and most recently played at the Groovin the Mo line-up. With a personal fashion style as 90s hip-hop fashion mirroring his tracks Ryan certainly has a strong brand image already.

'I prefer older looking clothes.'

Five minutes with Ryan

What do you say to those people who think Canberra is boring?
Ryan: Canberra isn’t boring, you’ve gotta find the fun!

What are your thoughts on the creative music & creatives scene here?
Ryan: There’s less pressure on the Canberra music scene, I feel. I was taking it easy until I was introduced to the Sydney and Melbourne music scenes. Music shouldn’t be competitive but sometimes it needs to be.

What are you working on now?
Ryan: I am currently working on toning my abs (LOL). But more seriously I’m trying to work toward moving to Sydney next year, and just building up my networks. I want to meet new people to help interstate connections and I want to get some singles out.

Right now, it’s only on SoundCloud, which limits my audience. I want to release my music on other platforms too, like Apple and Spotify. But to be fair, I wasn’t ‘there’ creatively or mentally. Though I’m at that point now and I’m comfortable.

What are the distinct differences with producing and DJ-ing?
Ryan: Producing is making and constructing the beats for music, whereas DJ-ing is collecting tracks and playing them one after the other. In DJ-ing you don’t necessarily have to play your own stuff, though I do like to. That’s just basic DJ-ing though, and I consider myself a basic one I’m not too crazy with it. Most producers need to DJ to get gigs but DJ’s don’t have to produce, they can just DJ- (as in select songs).

Can you describe your creative process?
Ryan: I might find a sample and find a part that I like in it. Then chop it up then add stuff to it, such as claps. Sometimes I like to start with percussion like the beat; many songs are different. Usually I find the vocals sample then accompany it with chords and a beat. The time it takes to make tracks varies greatly, for instance the Day ‘N’ Nite remix took months. It involves a lot of experimenting and just building on the sounds like “oh does that bit sound nice” or “how can I make this part sound nicer”.

Is there an advantage in knowledge of musical instruments?
Some days I’m just at home and I like to make songs on the piano. I play guitar, piano and bass. I only picked piano back up recently, I stopped in high school. I gave guitar up for a while to on my production skills. I think knowing chords opens a different perspective and you have more variety knowing scales. Like a lot of this sounds I use is because I’ve been mucking around on the piano, sounds I never would’ve thought to use. It’s beneficial to have a few different approaches to making music.

When I first started, it was more guitar based as it was the main instrument I played. But now I can base it off piano and other sounds. I I’d love to learn other instruments like the saxophone, that’d be sick.

To check out the fresh tracks by Ryan go to:


Monday, 5 June 2017

Models flock for a spot on FASHFEST's runway

Last Sunday was a huge day for model hopefuls who flocked to Canberra’s biggest casting event to secure their spot for the FASHFEST 2017 runway.

For the fifth year running, FASHFEST will not only host a platform for emerging designers to showcase their collections but provides the opportunity for novice models to gain work experience at a large scale fashion showcase. Modelling for FASHFEST requires lots of rehearsals and gives models access to choreographers who help models build their skills and most importantly their confidence.

This year’s casting was as big as you would expect with more than 400 models registering including a mix of aspiring models and experienced models who have walked with FASHFEST before. Registrants were from NSW, South Australia and ACT and represented a diverse range of backgrounds.

On the day, FASHFEST’s Director of Runway and Choreography worked with the models to build motivation and confidence. The models then walked down a 45 meter catwalk to live tunes, true to FASHFEST’s style. Musicians included Music Coordinator and DJ Hamish Lardi and local singer/songwriters Felix and Liam Wright. 

The judging panel was headed up by FASHFEST Co-Founder and HAUS Models Managing Director – Andrea Hutchinson who was joined by Tina Nikolovski, Devojka Models, Victoria Schnabl from Victoria’s Models and FASHFEST Director of Photography Leighton Hutchinson.

The casting was held at the National Convention Centre Canberra where this year’s FASHFEST will take place on 28 – 30 September.

We can’t wait to see the group of models selected down the FASHFEST runway and what other surprises this year will bring.

TFV xox

Photography by Anthony Caffery


Update your work wardrobe for less

Dressing for the 9-5 grind can be uninspiring throughout the cooler months. It can be hard to maintain your sense of style when all you feel like is hibernating under layers of black and greys and dressing for comfort (and warmth) is your bae. 

Insert the perfect time to boost your style-esteem a little by adding an item or two to spruce up your wardrobe and to minimise some of that winter drab without maxing your budget.

One of our stylist secrets is shopping at specialty stores that offer a nice mix of classic and on-trend without the expensive price tags, especially when you are looking to explore a new trend or after a style a little outside of your comfort zone. 

You'd be surprised how a little effort can go a long way and give some of your fail safe pieces from your existing wardrobe a much needed update!

We are particularity loving Forcast at the moment and found a couple of key corporate staples with a a twist - both perfect options to spruce up your corporate look this winter.

The Wide Leg Pant

Traditionally the wide leg pant has been a staple in every girl's corporate wardrobe. By opting for a cropped style you have instantly updated your look and given your wardrobe a fresh piece to mix up with your forever go-to items such as a classic blazer, white shirt or a black turtle neck knit.

Pair them with your favourite pair of boots and an OTT scarf.


The Over Sized Sleeve

This sleeve is everywhere and doesn't look like it is going anywhere! There are so many great variations but for work, keep it sophisticated and opt for silky top in a neutral colour to pair with your fave black pencil skirt.

To turn this look from day night pair it with some strappy heels, a metallic bag and a bold lip.


Thanks to Forcast and The Canberra Outlet Centre.

Photography by @wearefoundau 
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