Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Lashed out and spoiled myself

Ok so I am the first to admit it. I am probably one of the laziest or low maintenance girl there is. You will most likely find me hanging with the boys with my hair tied up in a crazy pineapple in some sort of street outfit. 

Yes, I do realise this sounds ridiculous considering I am a self-professed shop-a-holic, stylist and love fashion. Don’t get me wrong I love dressing up but when it comes to beauty regime I live the simple life. 

I have two simple rules. Never fall asleep with makeup on (no matter how many drinks I have had) and use an eye crème. Oh and I also get my brows done when they over grow and look like a hairy caterpillar. That is pretty much the extent of my “regime”. 

So when I saw eyelash extensions from Zheanae Salon on my friend I was curious. When I think of lash extensions I think of Kylie Jenner. Secretly I have a love affair with this woman for her style and makeup application. 

To be honest though I’ve also seen some really terrible and damaging jobs so I was very sceptical.  I booked in with Sal, the owner of Zheanae Salon for a consultation before committing to getting the lashes.

Having never had lashes done before Sal recommended I come in for a test patch and a consultation. 

I recommend that all girls pop in for a consultation and a patch test to ensure they are not allergic to the glue. I also like to sit with them one on one to manage their expectations on what can be achieved with their lashes’, said Sal. 

What I loved about this consult was Sal’s knowledge on lashes and honesty. She took me through the different styles that were available and what would suit my eye shape the best. 

For the girls out there like me who have no clue the basic styles are natural, open, cat and doll eye. The lashes also come in different lengths and curls. 

Her passion for her job really came out when I was speaking with Sal. She put me at ease answering all my crazy questions like do you cut my lashes, can I wear contacts? I could also tell she really loved her job. 

“I originally had started in the beauty industry doing some makeup artistry but expanded into lash extensions when my best friend told me she thought I would be good at it.  After my first training course I was hooked and an obsession began. There is something special about the moment a client gets handed the mirror and see’s their transformation and they gasp with an ‘OMG’. I love the feeling of enhancing people’s natural beauty”, said Sal. 

With my test patch completed (and no reactions) I was booked in for my appointment. With Zheanae Salon this is a seamless process. 

To book in was easily done online where you can pick and choose a time that suits you. You get sent the appointment right to your phone with some information to read through and an online form requesting some information about your eye health history. A 50% deposit will secure your position with Sal. And with Sal booking out a few weeks in advance, I was happy to split the payment in half! 

I knew I was in safe hand with Sal as she ticked all of the key basic points that a reliable eyelash technician should. 

If you are reviewing a Lash technician you should check that they have: 
  •   Proper accreditation and certificates with Registered Training Organisations
  •   Valid insurance and ABN
  •   Sanitation stations in their salon 
  •   Consistency in their work (their website and social media pages are a great place to see their work and seek customer reviews). Look at their photos as you don’t want clumpy extensions.
  •   Appropriate knowledge on eyelash extensions. So your technician should be asking you questions about your eye health, your expectations and be providing you advice on after care.
  •   Be willing to answer all your questions and concerns before during and after your appointment. 


Walking into Sal’s salon I was told to expect to be in the table for about three hours for a full set of Russian Volume Lashes. Nothing like pampering yourself right! I think we don’t do this often enough.  

Applying eyelash extensions is an intricate procedure which takes time to complete perfectly – so make sure you pee first (and maybe have a snack)! Sal will give you the opportunity to go before she starts!

During the process I almost fell asleep. I remember asking Sal a number of times “are you even touching me”. Apparently this is the greatest compliment you can give to a lash artist as it means they are applying the lashes right! Application of flash lashes shouldn’t hurt at all.

  •   On the inside I feel like a Kardashian
  •   I get to have a lash nap and totally switch off from the world
  •   I don’t have to wear mascara
  •   I feel more like a lady
  •   I definitely get out of trouble easier batting my lashes
  •   My beauty regime is cut down
  •   They last 2-3 weeks
In summary having your lashes done rocks. My first day of training with me bestie (who is a male) goes to me at the gym.. "There is something different about you... are you wearing makeup". 

The lashes means I can put on a touch of foundation and blush and I am ready to walk out of the door. What saddens me is the withdrawal I am bound to feel when I take them off.  

Xo Deejay 


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