Thursday, 27 April 2017

Fashion Philosophy

Jacket and dress from Forcast at the Canberra Outlet Centre


Who What Wear - Comfort and Style

Love the Kenzo case!

Taylor was snapped just as she was closing her store, Designer Op Shop, for the day.

“My outfit today is a result of me literally running out of the house and dressing comfortably,” says Taylor.

Her daily style is a mix of modern trends with a vintage twist.

“Preloved items are an obvious go-to when it comes to my wardrobe,” she adds.

Taylor’s scarf and top are items from her store and her jacket is Hugo Boss. This luxurious coat is made of a Merino wool and cashmere blend that can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

We love how she has paired it back with sneakers from Seed!

“The fashion tip that I often tell my customers is; don’t think about it too much – put it on, wear it and let go of the fear.”

Photography by our girl @wearefoundau

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Who What Wear -Wine and Dine Me

The other day I indulged in a four course dinner and matching wine food safari at the Hyatt Hotel Canberra. Like the chefs on the night meticulously  matching the wine to the menu, i planned my outfit!

No stranger to layers I opted to wear a t-shirt under my wide leg jumpsuit from Sheike.

Outfit breakdown
Shoes || Wittner 
Jumpsuit || Sheik 
T-shirt || Valley Girl 
Bag || Aldo 
Necklace || Lovisa 

What do you think of my quirky style?


Wine and dine me - Hyatt Hotel Canberra

Good food, company and wine is the way to my heart any day! Last week the Hyatt Hotel Canberra partnered with Casama Wines to soft launch an exclusive wine room.

Available for conferences and special dinner reservations the idea behind this room is to select from a vintage wine list and have the experienced chefs at the Hyatt tailor make a menu to suit.

Sounds like heaven right?! You bet! Spoiled for the night I indulged in sampling eight wines and some fantastic food.

My food safari began with canapés of cured yellow tail big eye tuna, smoked eggplant, black garlic salsa, soy and Natural Oysters with lemon and cucumber.

These two dishes were perfectly matched with a Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV as the acicidy in the brut was a classic match.

The first entrée was interesting. It featured Marrickville hand tied burrata, beetroot, preserved lemon, with an unusual twist of Manuka Honeycomb.  I think the preserved lemon and honeycomb just took the dish to another level. What I also liked about this entrée was the pairing with the 2016 Catalina Sounds Pinot Gris. This wine has a crispness to it and was definitely something I would order again. 

The second entrée was a sous vide of chicken, morels, steamed leeks, sauce morel paired back with a 2015 In Dreams Chardonnay. Traditionally speaking I am not a fan of Chardonnay.  However the fruit and oak character of the wine balanced perfectly with the chicken, leek and smokiness of the mushrooms in the dish.
So I learnt something that night chardonnay is great with chicken and particularly leek.

Queue a  palette cleanser ofstrawberry sorbet and my favourite wine of the night the 2015 Rameau d’Or Rose (this bottle is almost empty because I couldn't resist).
Rose is fast becoming my favourite wine of choice and I think in recent years it's popularity is increasing. It is also one of the few wines you can actually judge by its colour. The pinker the tone of the wine you know the sweeter is it going to be.  The 2015 Rameau d’Or Rose was nice and dry with hints of berry, white pepper and fennel spices. 

My favorite savory dish of the night was the 8 hour slow cooked wagyu with chargrilled brocollini served with  a 2016 Tar&Roses Sangiovese and 2016 Nanny Goat Pinot Noir. The wagyu was as i expected, simply melting in my mouth. 

Dessert was a warm apple tart with homemade vanilla bean ice-cream, it was great however the baked camembert cheese stole the spotlight. 

Baked camembert cheese with truffle honey (come on)! I swear the Hyatt was sabotaging my efforts to loose weight because this dish was out of this world. You need to come to the Hyatt just for this. Enjoy some amazing cheese, lavosh, quince paste  and the 2015 Barossa Babe Shiraz.  You might just need to order one for your self. 

Despite all the courses before I succumbed to this dish letting go of all self control and accepting the fact that my jeans won't fit for another good three weeks at the gym. I don't care tough because food and wine this good has to be enjoyed.. right!? 

You think by this point I wouldn't be able to fit anything else in, but the Hyatt surprised me yet again and brought out a bottle of 2005 bottle of Crystal. I went out on a high singing R Kelly! I feel sorry for the next man that I date because I have discovered this is the only bottle of champagne i have enjoyed...


Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Who What Wear - Leather and Lace

You might be asking why am I laughing so hard. Well this outfit cost me $29.95. That's right you read that correctly.

I found this dress at Forcast Offical store in the Canberra outlet. Pairing it back with some key items already in my wardrobe I had a complete outfit for under $50.00!

As a stylist I really push that you don't need to spend big to look fabulous! Take the time to look around and shop because bargains are meant to be found. Keep in mind what you already have in your wardrobe that you can utilise to create a complete look.  If you need some help with changing how you shop please don't hesitate to reach out to us as we do offer personal styling sessions!

Outfit breakdown
Jacket || Kookai 
Dress || Forcast 
Shoes || Camila Skovguaard 
Bag || Adorne 

Photography by Janette Lenk and editing by Deejay Jukic 


Saturday, 22 April 2017

Why you need Matcha skincare and which products to get

By now you would have heard of Matcha - the revolutionary form of green tea that is packed with antioxidants and all sorts of other good stuff for the body.
It claims to boost metabolism, detox the system and is packed with fibre and vitamins.
In case you’re wondering why it’s so effective, the actual green tea leaves are made into a powder and mixed with hot water.
With green tea leaves, you don’t actually ‘eat’ them which is why there are more antioxidants and other goodies in Matcha.
Of course when something catches on so quick, it’s quick to evolve so we now have Matcha beauty products and there are plenty brands jumping on the bandwagon.
This is how New York dermatologist Joshua Zeichner described it to
“They’re like fire extinguishers, putting out inflammation caused by environmental free radical damage.”
Free radical damage is caused by pollution, UV rays, a poor diet and stress that causes uneven skin tone, blemishes and inflammation.
Matcha helps protect the skin cells that break down because of free radicals. 
Here’s what Miami dermatologist Stacy Chimento said about it to
“The high concentration of antioxidants and the healing properties and immunity boost obtained from Matcha green tea makes it a great and effective ingredient for use in skin products.”
Just remember, while it is heralded by some, others have a different opinion and say Matcha is recognised for the effect it has when consumed, not so much as a skin care product.
Let’s check out some of the beauty products that have added Matcha as an ingredient anyway. In addition to these, you can get body washes and body scrubs for an all over body experience.

Origins Rituali tea is a powder face mask that you mix with water. It aims to improve skin texture.

H20+ beauty aqua defence shielding facial essence minimises pores, assists in anti-ageing and soothes and calms the skin, reducing redness.

Nails Inc nail polish boosts moisture and improves nail health.

Plant Matcha antioxidant face mask reduces imflammation

100% pure organic Matcha cleansing anti-aging, antioxidants cleansing foam has a high caffeine content, refreshing the skin.

Debby Vilensky @debbywithawhy_


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

You've got $100 left before payday. What to buy!

You've got $100 left before pay day so why not treat yourself to a little something. Check out our picks from the Canberra Outlet Centre!  They have great brands at great prices perfect for a treat before pay day.

What will you get?!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Lashed out and spoiled myself

Ok so I am the first to admit it. I am probably one of the laziest or low maintenance girl there is. You will most likely find me hanging with the boys with my hair tied up in a crazy pineapple in some sort of street outfit. 

Yes, I do realise this sounds ridiculous considering I am a self-professed shop-a-holic, stylist and love fashion. Don’t get me wrong I love dressing up but when it comes to beauty regime I live the simple life. 

I have two simple rules. Never fall asleep with makeup on (no matter how many drinks I have had) and use an eye crème. Oh and I also get my brows done when they over grow and look like a hairy caterpillar. That is pretty much the extent of my “regime”. 

So when I saw eyelash extensions from Zheanae Salon on my friend I was curious. When I think of lash extensions I think of Kylie Jenner. Secretly I have a love affair with this woman for her style and makeup application. 

To be honest though I’ve also seen some really terrible and damaging jobs so I was very sceptical.  I booked in with Sal, the owner of Zheanae Salon for a consultation before committing to getting the lashes.

Having never had lashes done before Sal recommended I come in for a test patch and a consultation. 

I recommend that all girls pop in for a consultation and a patch test to ensure they are not allergic to the glue. I also like to sit with them one on one to manage their expectations on what can be achieved with their lashes’, said Sal. 

What I loved about this consult was Sal’s knowledge on lashes and honesty. She took me through the different styles that were available and what would suit my eye shape the best. 

For the girls out there like me who have no clue the basic styles are natural, open, cat and doll eye. The lashes also come in different lengths and curls. 

Her passion for her job really came out when I was speaking with Sal. She put me at ease answering all my crazy questions like do you cut my lashes, can I wear contacts? I could also tell she really loved her job. 

“I originally had started in the beauty industry doing some makeup artistry but expanded into lash extensions when my best friend told me she thought I would be good at it.  After my first training course I was hooked and an obsession began. There is something special about the moment a client gets handed the mirror and see’s their transformation and they gasp with an ‘OMG’. I love the feeling of enhancing people’s natural beauty”, said Sal. 

With my test patch completed (and no reactions) I was booked in for my appointment. With Zheanae Salon this is a seamless process. 

To book in was easily done online where you can pick and choose a time that suits you. You get sent the appointment right to your phone with some information to read through and an online form requesting some information about your eye health history. A 50% deposit will secure your position with Sal. And with Sal booking out a few weeks in advance, I was happy to split the payment in half! 

I knew I was in safe hand with Sal as she ticked all of the key basic points that a reliable eyelash technician should. 

If you are reviewing a Lash technician you should check that they have: 
  •   Proper accreditation and certificates with Registered Training Organisations
  •   Valid insurance and ABN
  •   Sanitation stations in their salon 
  •   Consistency in their work (their website and social media pages are a great place to see their work and seek customer reviews). Look at their photos as you don’t want clumpy extensions.
  •   Appropriate knowledge on eyelash extensions. So your technician should be asking you questions about your eye health, your expectations and be providing you advice on after care.
  •   Be willing to answer all your questions and concerns before during and after your appointment. 


Walking into Sal’s salon I was told to expect to be in the table for about three hours for a full set of Russian Volume Lashes. Nothing like pampering yourself right! I think we don’t do this often enough.  

Applying eyelash extensions is an intricate procedure which takes time to complete perfectly – so make sure you pee first (and maybe have a snack)! Sal will give you the opportunity to go before she starts!

During the process I almost fell asleep. I remember asking Sal a number of times “are you even touching me”. Apparently this is the greatest compliment you can give to a lash artist as it means they are applying the lashes right! Application of flash lashes shouldn’t hurt at all.

  •   On the inside I feel like a Kardashian
  •   I get to have a lash nap and totally switch off from the world
  •   I don’t have to wear mascara
  •   I feel more like a lady
  •   I definitely get out of trouble easier batting my lashes
  •   My beauty regime is cut down
  •   They last 2-3 weeks
In summary having your lashes done rocks. My first day of training with me bestie (who is a male) goes to me at the gym.. "There is something different about you... are you wearing makeup". 

The lashes means I can put on a touch of foundation and blush and I am ready to walk out of the door. What saddens me is the withdrawal I am bound to feel when I take them off.  

Xo Deejay 


Monday, 10 April 2017

How to style a basic T-shirt dress

Ok so when I saw this dress I instantly knew it was going to provide me 1) endless comfort 2) practicality and 3) the perfect layering piece so I purchased it without even trying it on. Once I got it home though, I realised I overlooked the versatility of this humble t-shirt dress and its potential of styling it in different ways to suit several occasions.

T-Shirt Dress from Witchery

For drinks with the girls I teamed it up with open-toe shoes and accessorised it with dainty earrings and a matching necklace. I tied it up extra tight around the waist so that it looked a little more tailored and less slouchy... voila! I had a new going out dress without the fuss and without the guilt of buying yet another dress you will only want to wear once!

Try this ultra chic Country Road cardigan. Shop here

Finally I loved jazzing up this dress with my favourite sequin jacket from Bianca Spender. The marl grey complements the grey and blue hues in the jacket perfectly and the sequins instantly takes the dress from casual chic to smart casual elegance. I would definitely opt to wear this outfit out to dinner over a more tailored dress when I want to feel super relaxed but still look polished. 

Adding a pair of statement earrings or a bold lip will add the final touch to taking this dress from day to night.

SP xo
Photography by @wearefoundau (


Friday, 7 April 2017

How to style up your summer wardrobe for autumn like a #boss

Figuring out what to wear when the weather is changing on a daily basis can be confusing. But don't worry we have put together our top tips to ensure you master the art of switching up your look from summer to autumn like a boss!

Layer up!
Even though the weather is cooler you don't have to put your favourite cami/ skirt combo away just yet. Throw a long sleeve knit underneath and layer with a feature jacket. The more layers the better! We particularly love this port wine coloured leather jacket from Portmans....drool!

Outfit breakdown//
All: Portmans 

Invest in on-trend accessories
Investing in new season accessories is a great way to update your summer style without blowing your budget. The tran-season brings an opportunity to go outside of  your comfort zone and explore a new colour. This season pink is in! from pretty pastel to 80's fushia you will be truly spoilt for choice so go for it!

Outfit breakdown//
Dress: Cue //
Bag: Strandbags //
Dust off your coat
Perfect way to dress for autumn is to mix up a winter coat with your fave summer dresses. Have fun mixing up your summer dresses with your coats and jackets and tougher accessories. This is a great way for an instant style update using pieces from your existing wardrobe. Best thing about autumn is that you get to wear a heavy coat with open toe! To balance style it up with tough accessories like this amaze cross-over bag from Cue.

Outfit breakdown//
Dress and bag: Cue //
Coat and necklace: Portmans //

Clothing provided by Canberra Outlet Centre @canberraoutletcentrePhotography by @wearefoundau 

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Who What Wear - Suave Swagger

IT consultant and dance instructor, Aston, was snapped by our photographer Deejay and had a chat about his work style. 

“I usually rock a two-piece suit and tie. I own a few different variations of suits to match my mood for the day. If I have an important presentation, I rock the power suit, which you have caught me in today,” says Aston.

Having given up sugar, Deejay was quick to notice his tie and sock combo featuring doughnuts!

“I like mixing conventional and unconventional pieces together. I picked up the doughnut tie from a UK boutique while I was living over there, and the socks are from Roger David. I am really into the printed socks and ties at the moment – also, I’m really into doughnuts!” he laughs.

“My favourite place to shop is M.J. Bale. They offer excellent off-the-rack suits which only require minor alterations. They also have business shirts that are slimmer than your average, allowing me to avoid ‘puffy shirt syndrome’. Definitely a great alternative when I can’t get to a tailor. They are probably my unofficial work attire sponsor.”

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