Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Bond, the closest shave @QT Canberra

From a man's perspective by @PaulWojtaszak

I went for a haircut and shave at the Barber Shop QT and was greeted by the barber and had the choice of ice or no ice with my scotch. A great start to the day! The subtle music playing in the background helped set the mood as the barber organised his tools.

My hair was cut to a new style with some textured personality. Next to follow was 'The Bond Shave'. I gained a thorough understanding of the importance of preparing the skin for the shave. The use of heated towels which had a pleasant scent of lemon helped relax my skin, which was quiet therapeutic. The use of skin food and moisturiser sourced from the UK was also pleasant. I didn't realise all of this, as it improves the quality of the shave. My skin was prepped and ready to go.

The end result - was a fresh cut, clean shave in an enjoyable environment. I would recommend this experience, taking time out for yourself is important. Sinking back into a leather seat and sipping on scotch is good for the soul.
My skin was getting prepped by heated and scented towels to allow for the closest shave.
@barberkris prepping the blade for the closest shave
To book or to find out more about The Men's Haircut and The Bond Shave or call 2 6267 1267.
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