Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Who What Wear - Inspire Others


This is something I live by. I am a person who sees the value in lifting those around you and encouraging others. Celebrate in your friends’ success, and help them up when you see them struggle. If we all acted like this the world would become a different place.

So naturally when I spotted this shirt in Zara while in NYC I had to make the purchase! 

Shirt || Zara
Jeans || Nobody Jeans 
Boots || Jeffrey Campbell
Clutch || YSL 
Belt || Bardot

Image Credits 
Photographer || @iammattjames
Makeup artist || @melissa_annmua
Hair || Aaron from @antonshair

Monday, 27 March 2017

Who What Wear - Hot Pur-Suit

Sydney based blogger caught up with resident photographer Deejay to have a chat about fashion. By day Andrew is an accountant but likes to stand out from the sea of black suits.

It's hard to describe my style, it's a paradox in the way the accountant is the low key type profession and there is no element of fashion to what we do. But me being me I like to be flamboyant and stick out so I guess I bring a facet of style to a line of work not even remotely synonymous with fashion,” says Andrew.

His inspiration comes mostly from films and television. 
“I love to dress up and create a persona with every look. Whether I watch the Great Gatsby, James Bond, Suits or Power (among others). What I wear is a representation of characters that control their world and make an impact.” 

This stunning blue suit worn by Andrew is an item from sew253 bespoke. He worked with the designers to pick out the fabrics from scratch to create a classic yet stand out pieces that suit his ostentatious flair that he is known for. 

When asked what completes an outfit Andrews response was spot on. 

“Mark twain once said "Clothes make the man" it some ways it's true but I think confidence and chivalry complete an outfit - that unspoken charisma that exemplifies your individuality whilst wearing you desired clothing. Each outfit is a statement of your self worth - it speaks well before you open your mouth”.  

Images @wearefoundau
Model/blogger @andruuu_7


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Who What Wear - 90s style with Entertainer, JBlaze

Catching up with old friends brings back so many good memories. I used to be dancer and along the way, I made some great friends including the ever so talented, Johnny Erasme who is currently In Australia dancing for Justin Bieber. He is one talented man, he is an entertainer, dancer, rapper and does a little bit of acting too! See TALENTED!

As soon as I found out that they were touring, I reached out to an out to a friend with some 90's, old skool style AND picked his brains about fashion, what's next and what it's like to dance for a living.

I was in total awe watching him dance on stage AND began with 'Johnny I am so proud of you!!'

Describe your style
My style has been influenced by my grandfather (I love this) Neat and shirt tucked. I get a lot of it from the 90's - I like bright colours, yellow and oranges.

Describe your style in 3 words 
90's - Old skool - Grandpa.

If you had one wish
I have been so blessed. My family has supported me throughout my career and if I could have one wish. It would be to be able to buy my mum a house one day. (Johnny is so humble)

Where are you off to next?
Off too New Zealand, then to South America.

Tell me about your music? What is your new song "CAMP" about?
It's about hanging out with your friends and doing it for THE team.

What is it like being Justin Bieber's Dancer?
It's amazing, he is the best boss I have ever had. The way he treats his employees is great and that's how celebrities should treat their employees! I'm travelling the world, I have been able to see places, I have on ever dreamed about. I am so lucky.

Whats next?
Finishing off this tour, put out and EP and hopefully tour myself. Dancing for an artist like Bieber has helped me dream big, I see everything major. I helps me really imagine how big I can go. I learned a lot from watching Bieber.
Outfit breakdown
Jeans // Zara Man
Shoes // Converse
Watch // Michael Kors
T- shirt // Tommy Hilfiger
Sunglasses // Ray Bands
Jacket // Urban Outfitters

If you want to check out his Music, you can download a copy of 'Camp' on iTunes and follow him @JBlazeOfficial

It was an absolute pleasure to catch up and next time I hope I hear you on the radio!! Looking forward to that moment!

What you think about the 90's style?


Monday, 20 March 2017

Who What Wear - Cascade

An undeniable trend this season volume and ruffles. This trend has translated to womens pants and tops. While in New York in February it was evident that the high street stores are investing heavily into this trend. 

As a stylist I am weary of investing too much into trends and will look for versatility when buying clothing. I like to think my purchases are calculated, however like other people I can succumb to emotional purchases too. . 

The outfit I am wearing here i like to think is a mix of a strategic purchase and emotional purchase. The feeling I got from wearing this top was 'a lady of class'. The practical side of it is that I can wear it with a fitted skirt, or alternatively paired back with fitted pants or even culottes. Thus totally justified. No buyers remorse here! 

What do you think? 

||Image Credits || 
Photography || @iammattjames
Makeup artist || @melissa_annmua
Hair stylist || @antonshairstudio


Friday, 17 March 2017

Who What Wear - Rock 'N' Roll Romance

Our resident photographer pulled aside Mia, co-owner and buyer for Mussen in the city (one of our favourite store for a statement affordable items)

This stunner has dressing for the change of season down pact.

'My autumn must haves are soft knits for layering and a staple leather jacket', said Mia.

Mia's celebrity style inspiration comes from  Kate Bosworth and Olivia Palermo.

'I like both these women as they take risks and play with texture in  their outfits. Each also are incredibly feminine yet wear masculine styles'.

Our final question for Mia was 'if you could go back in time what style advice would you give to your younger self?'

'Dress for you and fun, as it's the life I lead now and I love it! So take more risks and wear that crazy outfit that makes you feel awesome. Don't worry about what your friends will say.'

Earrings || Mussen 
Tee || Mussen 
Jeans || Nobody Jeans 
Leather Jacket || Mussen 
Shoes || Beau Coops for Romance Was Born 
Bag || Rebecca Minkoff

XO Deejay 


TFV visits NYC


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Who What Wear - Texture

Exploring in Dumbo our girl Deejay snapped Lauren. This student loves to shop for clothing with texture and patterns.

“I am drawn to clothing with patterns rather than block colours. I then pair back these statement items with basic heels and bags,” says Lauren.
Lauren draws her fashion inspiration from Vogue and looks to Pinterest for new and innovative outfit combinations.


Want to start a fashion label?

Owning and designing a brand I think is a dream that resonates with many creatives.

But when you sit down to think about it, where does one really start? Particularly if you want to run an ethical and sustainable brand? How do I find a manufacturer? Where do I find a pattern maker? How do I source the fabric I am after? The questions immediately begin to multiply and it all seems a bit daunting.

Kelli Donovan owner of Pure Pod is here to help. by hosting a one-day workshop on the Saturday 6 May to help demystify the industry.

With over 25 years experience in fashion design and product development her insights into the industry are truly priceless. In business having a mentor and some sound advice from the beginning is one way to ensure success.

‘Participants can expect to walk away with information on organic supplies, trade shows and links to the right people in the ethical industry’, said Kelli.

So if you have an urge to create and need a push in the right direction stop procrastinating and check out this workshop. Do something that your future self will thank you for!

It could be just the thing you need to get you started on your creative design journey

Get your tickets now or for more information give Kelli a call on: 
Studio - 02 62900127
Mob - 0410407458


Friday, 10 March 2017

The Science of brows

Eyebrows – more than just keeping sweat, water and other nasties out of our eyes, they frame the face and can actually reveal just what mood we’re in.

Brows are the most expressive part of the face and the team at Benefit Cosmetics joined forces with those in the know to explain just how eyebrows can decode emotions. The study is called the role of eyebrows in face recognition.

“Eyebrows can communicate the full spectrum of emotions from aggression to fear to joy,” says facial expression expert Dr Javid Sadr, who teamed up with Benefit Cosmetics for the study. To work it all out, the experts separated the face into three section – lower, middle and upper – and found the top of the face that includes our brows, reveals a lot more than we thought. Now here’s where it gets really exciting. From this research and the findings, Benefit has developed the brow translator that can ‘read emotions’ by analysing your brows. According to the website – it “uses facial recognition analysis and machine learning to identify what your brows are expressing.”

All you need to do is visit the site, upload a photo and let science do the rest. Of course you can download the results and share them on social media.

I gave it a go with a selfie and another photo taken just before a birthday dinner. Check out the results.

Now if you’re interested in the science behind your emotions, here is what your brows say about your mood.

Confidence: They’re just calm and neutral. You own it!
Happiness: Brows are relaxed and neutral, with laugh lines out the side of each side.
Anger: Brows are pulled down and furrowed together in a crumple.
Sadness: Brows come together above the nose and are lowered at the sides, sending ripples up the forehead.

Seduction: Your brows are relaxed to start and after eye contact is made, they’re subtly raised. This can also be called the come hither look.

XO Debby Vilensky


Who What Wear - Autumn Tones

It is a fact. Summer is gone. The weather is cooling. 
While some people choose to complain about the cold weather I embrace it. Why? Well it means it is time for a wardrobe change.

To be honest I prefer Autumn and Winter fashion. I feel like it gives me more scope to accessories, layer and experiment.  Not to mention my love for boots.

Transitioning into fall I have found myself subconsciously attracted to the warmer tones. Perhaps it is because they remind me of the gorgeous streets in Ainslie that really come alive as soon as the weather changes. 
 This outfit is a combination from my last two trips to New York (so of course it makes me smile ridiculously like the pic below).
 The wide leg culottes are from Zara, as are the singlet and shoes. The clutch is from about seven years ago when I was renowned for scouring vintage stores for one of pieces. 

What are some of your favorite Autumn purchases?

||Outfit breakdown||
Top || Zara
Pants || Zara 
Necklace || Lovisa 
Earrings || H&M
Clutch || Vintage
Shoes || Zara

 Thanks to Melissa and Anton’s for making me look fabulous on the day much love. 

 Image credits:
Photography || Matt James
Editing and styling || @wearefoundau
Makeup || IG @melissa_annmua
Hair || IG @Antonshairstudio

 Xo Deejay 
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