Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Oh My! On-Demand Desserts Launch in Canberra

That’s right ladies! You heard correctly The Sugar Deli is here to fulfill all your sweet dreams (literally).

Launching today, The Sugar Deli is a website – first of its kind in Canberra where you can order a range of freshly baked desserts and have them delivered to your front door.

The self-titled ‘digital dessert parlour’ is an online platform where you can purchase a selection of unique treats such as Twinkie Candy Dogs, Marshmallow Sandwiches, Caramel & White Chocolate Pretzel Cookies, Nutella Pop Tarts… just to name a few! Are you drooling yet? 

The digital dessert parlour is based in Kingston and was founded by the brilliant Renee Douros, who also founded HOORAY! Magazine and flower bar and school The Floral Society, says she came up with the online, on-demand concept, while pregnant and inspired by her own laziness (#legend!)

“It was the middle of summer; I was in my third trimester and I couldn’t move”, says Renee.
'HAVE A BREAK' Cupcakes - Image Source: 

“I would always whinge to my partner about my sweet cravings and make him go out after a full day of work, and hunt down all of the desserts I wanted…”  “I kept thinking to myself, WHY doesn’t anyone provide this service in Canberra? And thus, the concept for The Sugar Deli was born. 

And we are so glad it’s here!

We dare you to check out the website and not purchase at least one of the delicious treats on offer. We certainly cannot resist!

The Sugar Deli opens from 9am-9pm, Monday-Friday, delivering to Canberra and Queanbeyan. Customers can order their selection of sweets via

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