Wednesday, 15 February 2017

How to get the right colour foundation all year round

So summer rolls around and you’re getting a little sun because you’re actually going outdoors and despite wearing sunscreen, a little extra colour has developed on your face.

Then it’s winter and the heater is on and you’re staying inside a whole lot more, so there goes that lovely bit of golden glow you once had.

The super important (slight exaggeration) question now is what you do when you can’t afford a foundation for every season?

Perhaps you’ve never actually found one that truly matches your skin colour perfectly.

Well that is a first world problem of the past with a product available to change the colour of your foundation.

They’re drops you add to your foundation – one to lighten and one to darken.
Australia have their matchmaker shade adjusting drops that “transform a nearly right foundation into Mr Right to create your perfect foundation match” so “no more stressing over finding your perfect foundation shade.”

The Body Shop has come out with shade adjusting drops and here’s how they do their thing.

The white and pink pigments in the lightening drops neutralise yellow and the black and red pigments will darken your foundation, giving it a bit more depth.

The Body Shop recommends one drop to change the colour by half a shade.
This is not an exact science so will require some trial and error to work out how many drops you need to get the colour right.

Once you’ve figured it out though, there’ll be no going back.

These drops are not made for powder foundations, so stick to using it with a liquid foundation only.

This product was used at Fashfest – Canberra’s premier fashion event – and no doubt backstage at plenty of others.

With so many models and so many different skin colours, this is a handy little makeup artist trick, to make everyone fit for the catwalk.

By Debby Vilensky @debbywithawhy_

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