Monday, 18 December 2017

A white Christmas

This year my Christmas is going to be very different! Why you ask.
Well for one I’m going to be away from all my family (unheard coming from an massive ethnic family) and it’s going to be a white Christmas.

I’m currently sitting at the airport getting ready to be whisked off to Paris.

This will be my first time to France and my first time embracing a winter Christmas. I've prepared a bucket list that includes drinking mulled wine and vintage shopping in the Latin quarter (feel free to drop me some suggestions too). 

Now I thought if I was travelling to one of the fashion capitals of the world I would need to do so in style.

While trying to frantically finish my Christmas shopping in Westfield Woden I couldn’t resist the allure of Decjuba. I went in under the guise of looking for my sister but truthfully their style aesthetic is more akin to me. 

Yes I know I was meant to be Christmas shopping and saving for overseas but I need to put my best foot forward.. right!?

After trying on half the store because I'm pretty much attracted to most of their pieces due to their versatility I settled on my travel outfit.
Drop crotch pants, a tee and a blazer. Casual, yet fashionable.

Drop crotch pants for me are an adult version of PJs in public. Comfy and true to my street style.  Paired back with a print tee you can’t go wrong. Let’s be honest how cute am in wearing a ‘St Germain' tee. The Parisian's will probably roll their eyes but I don’t care.

I thought the check blazer was a perfect addition to make it more of a winter look.

Obviously Im not crazy, heading out of the airport I would add my goose-down jacket, layer some thermals under my look and add a scarf and a beanie. Now for a two hour wait at Sydney airport and countless hours in the air. I can barely stand the wait. Wish me luck! 

|| Outfit breakdown ||

Au revoir Australia, joyeux noel et bonne annee.

(May or may not have had my french partner type the above sentence)

Xo Deejay 

Wednesday, 13 December 2017


A white staircase leading to heaven, an amazing mural on the wall by Jessica Cochrane and baby pink accents. I think it’s safe to say that Tegan Daley and Sianne Fitzsimons have ticked all the boxes and provided the Capital with a fresh approach to beauty!

Tell us a bit about yourselves 

Sianne: I’m from the Southside born and bred and have a background in marketing promotions for retail! 

Tegan: I have salon experience! 

How did you get the idea/concept for your business? 

Both: We realised that there was a gap in the market in Canberra. We wanted to do something different and fun, with a new focus on service instead of primarily on sales. We believe it’s important to do one thing and do it well, find your niche. We are confident that we can turn the beauty industry in Canberra on it’s head.

If you have one piece of advice to someone starting out, what would that be?

Both: Give it a try, everything is scary at first! Do your market research and set up the basics and fundamentals beforehand. This may include knowing your vision, branding, your administration and registration. Start small and then go from there! 

What is your goal for the next 5 years?

Both: Stay open (laughs). To be honest we have the best team right now and couldn’t have asked for anyone better! Our biggest challenge in the coming years will be growth and expansion. We will be introducing one other element to the business so stay tuned! We are currently in the next stage of our business and things are changing and it’s scary because there’s so much more on the line now but it’s exciting! 

What fashion item can you not live without?

Both: Birkenstocks, Rebel Muse handbag

What is your holy grail for brows? 

Both: Poni Cosmetics are relatively cheap and are Australian! 

For those who have over plucked their brows and they won’t grow back, what’s your tip? 

Both: Leave them be and trust the process. Also have realistic expectations, brow recovery takes at least a year but the wait will be worth it! 

What is your favourite food?

Both: Cadbury Milk Chocolate and Grease Monkey

Contact Details:

Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 10am to 7:30pm, Saturday 10am to 2pm
Bookings: 02 6230 4143

Words and Photography by Maryanne xx 


Saturday, 9 December 2017

Effortless event dressing

During event season I always get excited about dressing up and have visions of finding the perfect statement dress to wear to the various events which are pretty much mandatory at this time of year: the office Christmas party, your partner's Christmas party, Christmas drinks with the girls, Christmas feasts, new years eve and not to mention an occasional wedding, baby shower and other life celebrations thrown in there.

Each year though, I never actually follow through with my aspiration of finding the perfect party dress and instead end up going for something understated and practical and a lot of the time, something I already own. I now realise this is because my excitement for new season styles with gorgeous ruffles, bold patterns or feature details slowly gets zapped by my need for practicality and versatility. I have the best time when I feel elegant but mainly when I look effortless

This time of year can be so overwhelming so who can blame me for trying to keep things simple (am I right?) Plus it's no secret I love understated elegance and always feel my best when I feel effortless and comfortable. 

Here are my top 3 picks for effortless event dressing.

The work dress

Do you already own a work dress at home you can dress up? Chances are you probably do! Otherwise any work dress can be a great investment to style up for the perfect event look and to add to your 9-5 wardrobe.

If you are looking to dress up a work dress make sure you either pick a bold colour or a style that isn't too corporate. Avoid greys, houndstooth, checks, plaid and plain square or rounded necklines. This forcast dress is the perfect pick because its very classic but its point of different is its bold colour.

Its low neck line which is quite flattering for any body shape is great for evening yet high enough to be able to wear it for work. 

Stylist tip: Take this look next level with a smokey eye and a mettalic clutch.

Dress from forcast

The jump suit

This forcast jump suit is another great find. It is a little edgy and has some attitude but still very versatile and could easily be dressed down with a pair of nude sandals and a straw boater.

Don't be scared off by the wide leg ankle length. I find this style suits most body shapes especially with its cinched in waist and arm detail which is perfect for anyone who doesn't like to expose their arms to much.

Stylist tip: Consider cutting leg length to the knee length to elongate and might be a better proportion for some. I cinches in at the waist and the arm detail definitley make this style 

Jump suit from forcast

The playsuit

The playsuit has quickly become a summer staple. It is so practical and easy to wear and a perfect alternative to wearing a dress. This style would be great for a Christmas party that starts during the day and goes well into the night as you won't feel too dressed up for an afternoon but still dressed up enough for the evening. 

Stylist tip: To pull of a playsuit for a special occasion heels are a must! And don't forget to add some statement jewellery for a touch of elegance.

What's your event style? Do you go OTT or keep it simple?

SP xox

Photography by @wearefoundau
Muses: @bronwenstead, @wearefoundau, @sofiapolak

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Friday, 1 December 2017

Cataldo Salon's rising stars

Just a few weeks ago the world's longest running live hairdressing competition, the L'Oreal Professionel Colour Trophy Australia, made its comeback from a 7 year hiatus and took the stage in Sydney.

The competition takes pride in providing a platform for emerging hairdressers to showcase creativity and technical excellence. This year Cataldo’s Salon achieved a stellar result with all 6 of their entrants getting through to the semi-finals across the Colour Trophy Award and Rising Star categories.

Michael Cataldo’s edgy colour-work won the ACT/NSW Rising Star Award 2018
and Claudia Cataldo’s stunning metallic pixie-cut saw her take one of the top three positions for the National Colour Trophy Award.

They are now set to compete against 15 other Colour Trophy Award finalisits and five Rising Star Award finalists at the Grand Finale on 4 February 2018 in Melbourne.

We just love celebrating local talent and we wish Michael and Claudia the best of luck in the Grand Finale.

Follow Michael and Claudia's finalists journey on Instagram at @michaelcataldo_ and @claudiacataldo_aus

TFV xox


The Commons Street Feast

Canberra - it's our favourite time of the year, The Commons Street Feast are back! Running from the 30th November - 10th December, Canberrans wear your stretchy pants and bring your appetite as you can enjoy a selection of over 20 food trucks as well as craft beer and wine bars. Did I forget to mention that it's free entry and completely cashless? 

My top picks: 

- Hoy Pinoy: The savoury sweet marinade is sticky perfection on these skewers. Both the roast chicken and pork are amazing!
- Tsuru: You can never go wrong with bao buns. I loved them last year, I love them even more this year. Filled with either the bbq hot & spicy pork belly, bulgogi beef with kimchi or the vegetarian shiitake & tofu teriyaki; it caters to everyone! 
- Meet: This was a surprisingly interesting choice which also happens to be GF! This spit which has been roasted and slowly cooked comes in either the pulled pork butt, smoked brisket and lemon mustard chicken thigh; and I am telling you the tenderness levels are 11/10!
- Mary's: Another crowd favourite! Returning for another year Mary's delivers the goods with their cheeseburger and it is mouthwatering! 

And let's not forget about dessert! 

Gelato Messina's 'Bisco Inferno Disco Biscuit' is the way to my heart. It is a great size and has so much to offer from the moment you crack the shell open, to the gooey caramel centre and to the biscuit at the bottom. Another favourite was the 'Saturday Nut Fever Disco Biscuit.' 

To wash everything down and keep cool this summer, don't forget to check out the incredibly Insta-worthy Pimms Garden! 

I would like to say a massive thank you to Kicks Entertainment and The Commons Street Feast for inviting me to their Opening Night! I had such an amazing time and I can't wait to see you next year! 

Stay updated!


Words and Photography by Maryanne Irhia xx 

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

What We Wore - Order and Chaos

Hey stranger!

Yes I know I have been absent from the camera. It’s that time of year a time, which could be described as order and chaos.

But that is more of a reason for me to share this latest post with you. With the silly season upon us I wanted to share what I am planning on wearing to my next Christmas party.  I’m a highly visual person and am inspired by others so here’s hoping I can do the same for you.

While dresses are a great and safe option for parties, I’m the type of person to be a little more bold.

Behold the jumpsuit.
From the latest order and chaos collection at Jigsaw this jumpsuit caught my eye. It is bold yet classic.

The exclusive art is printed on a soft silk fabric and the wide leg pants adds to the luxurious and elegant feel. Wearing this made me feel like a lady of leisure (I wish).

As I remind my clients and myself before purchasing any new outfit, try to think of a number of ways to wear it and integrate into your existing wardrobe.

So for example with this look I could make it casual with some sports luxe sneakers and a leather jacket draped on my shoulders.
For a dressier event I would definitely pair it back with some heels and a belt. While I am wearing black heels in this picture you could definitely add a pop of colour to your footwear.

I would even consider wearing a loose black top over the jumpsuit and belt it to make it look like pants and a top.

That is just a quick brainstorm on how I would wear it.  With multiple events coming up I think it is important to get creative with our wardrobes to stretch them further.  

I hope I’ve inspired you a little.

Xo Deejay

Hair || Anton's Hair Studio 
Jumpsuit & belt || Jigsaw


Monday, 27 November 2017

Boss Girl: Saloon Co

A lavish bar, all white interior, fresh pastel flowers, artworks on the wall… there is nothing that this place is missing! Jaki Bradley and Sarah Wright are two women who have started this amazing concept in Braddon and are quickly on the rise! 

Tell us a bit about yourselves 
Jaki: I’m from Canberra born and bred and I’ve been in the beauty industry for 8 years. I worked in vocation because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I got a diploma and a Certificate 4 in makeup then went back into the workforce at a non profit organisation. In 2013 I went back into beauty therapy and worked at Mecca. Following this I did some travelling and then went back to Mecca whilst also doing cosmetic tattooing. The first time I met Sarah we went on really well and we had really good work ethic and habits together. One day Sarah’s friend said to us that we should work for ourselves. This salon represents us, right down to the Hollywood mirrors and is definitely a result of all of our blood, sweat and tears. 

Sarah: I’m from Canberra and was always the creative kid at school. I studied photography at CIT and always wanted to be a model photographer because I was envious of them. Later on I moved to New Zealand and did a Diploma of makeup, worked on a film, worked in Mecca and then moved to Sydney. There I studied at Toni and Guy in Paddington and then did free lance hair and makeup for 7 months before moving back to Canberra. I’ve always wanted to open a blow dry bar. 

How did you get the idea/concept for your business? 
Both: We like alcohol and getting our hair done and we wanted to use the courses which we’ve studied! We feel like we created something which we felt was missing. We wanted our customers to be able to make getting their hair done a regular thing without it costing a bomb. It’s really catered to a wide range of people - it’s a cool place where you can hang around with your friends. We’ve turned having fun into a business! 

If you have one piece of advice to someone starting out, what would that be?
Both: Stick to what you know and and take advice from everyone around you. Don’t spend time around people who don’t believe in you. 

What is your goal for the next 4 years?
Jaki: For Saloon to be the hub of not only beauty services but also for creative people. It would be amazing for this space to provide a platform for other people to do what they love. 

Since there is a bar in your salon, what would you say is your favourite drink? 
Jaki: Bellinis, the drink brings back good memories from Venice! Or a classic vodka lime and soda. 
Sarah: Rosé

What fashion item can you not live without?
Both: Sneakers 

What is your holy grail for hair products? 
Both: Kevin Murphy! 

What is your favourite food?
Sarah: Japanese! 

Contact Details: 

Location: 53/30 Lonsdale Street, Braddon

Words and Photography by Maryanne Irhia xx 

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Catalysts & Creators: The 10th Australian Fashion Laureate Exhibition

What can only be described as the “Oscars of Fashion”, the retrospective Catalysts and Creators event took place on Friday the 10th of November at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney. This year was extra special as it celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Australian Fashion Laureate which featured iconic works from Australia’s most prestigious fashion designers. This year’s winner non other than the amazing Dion Lee! 

The In-Conversation series featured two sessions, the first being for the Catalysts and the next being for Creators. The former focused on the ground breakers and shape shifters of the fashion industry. The panel featured Australian model Gemma Ward, Dinosaur Designs’ Stephen Ormandy and Louise Olsen and designer Collette Dinnigan; whom all discussed the defining moments of their careers. I had the pleasure of meeting all of them after and was so amazed in particular by Gemma who was so lovely and down to earth. 

The second focused on the Creators in the creative industry and their role in being a new school innovator. Creative Director Margaret Zhang and artist Michael Zavros discussed their creative process and non traditional approaches to the arts scene. The fan girling over Margaret was indeed real complete with matching jackets! 

The exhibition itself was breathtaking with beautiful designs on display and a toast to celebrate. 

I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have attended and cannot wait for the next event! 

Words and Photography by Maryanne Irhia xx 

Stakes Day High Tea

On November 11 Canberra’s elite grabbed their head pieces and high heels, suited up and attended the Spring Carnival High Tea at the stunning Burbury Terrace. The views were spectacular and the food even better! I personally loved all of the tasty treats on the upper tier. 

If high tea and champagne wasn’t enough, they also had the races on a big screen, a social media wall and a photo booth which people had to cue for all day. 

A big thank you to Burbury Hotel for having me and to all of the lovely staff on the day! It was my first time there and I can’t wait to come back! 

Words and Photography by Maryanne Irhia xx 
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