Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Easy Tips and Tricks to Effortless Summer Hair

The right hairstyle can sometimes help you a great deal in achieving a fab look. We have some good news for all the ladies who prefer casual chic: hairstyle trends for this season are all about effortless curls and loose buns. Although these styles aren’t too demanding, here are some tips on how to get the most out of them with minimal effort.

“I woke-up like this” look
Many would agree that the curly hair is the hottest one. It’s compatible with almost every look, giving it the perfect final touch. It’s especially good for everyday combinations: it can light up a classic business outfit or give extra fun to a more casual look when going for a coffee with friends.

The best versions of wavy and curly hair don’t require special skills. The main rule is that there is no rule, so you can experiment with these hairstyles as much as you like without worrying that you’ll do something wrong - quite the opposite, imperfections are more than welcome.

You can curl your hair by dividing it into small buns which should be fixed with a hair mousse (the size of the curls will depend on the size of the buns). Sleep with them on and, in the morning, just loosen your hair and shake it a little bit to get this cool look.
To get a romantic, wavy hairstyle use a hair straightener you probably already have. If you don’t, consider getting a GHD hair straightener, from one of the leading brands of hair styling products, well-known for its high performances. Start from bottom layers toward upper ones and simply clamp a cowlick, flip the barrel of a straightener and run it up your hair. You can also use a flat iron for creating waves by clamping it a few inches from the root of your hair and rotate it with your hand. Unclamp it after several seconds and reposition it below the previous one (and so on). When the waves are completely cool, gently shake them with your fingers (don’t use a brush under any circumstance, otherwise you’ll look puffy).  By using a straightener, you won’t damage your hair too much and you’ll get a more natural look.
If you have a center parted haircut, try to move it on one side. This asymmetry will give you an unconventional look and it can also add a unique effect to your appearance.

Effortless elegance
One of the most elegant hairstyles – buns - are coming back this season with a twist, in form of effortless knots. They’re most suitable for medium or long hair, so if you find yourself in this group, you should definitely try out some of these looks:

Grab a section of the upper hair layer and divide it into two parts. Tie them in a knot and leave one of them hanging loose, while the other should be secured with bobby pins.
Make a knotted ponytail by knotting two sections of your hair and then knotting it once more. Secure it with bobby pins and, if you like, make a plait.
If that sounds like too much effort, knot the simplest low bun and enhance your look with one of the hottest trends from this season’s runways - boho and baroque style hair accessories: headbands, tiaras, jeweled bobbies, etc. This way you’ll make any outfit glamorous and chic. 

With these simple tricks, you can follow the latest hairstyle trends without having any trouble with it at all. Find the one that suits you best, but also feel free to improvise. After all, what is an effortless look if you have to put a lot effort in it?

By Guest Blogger - Sophia Smith xo

Sophia Smith is Australian based beauty and fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about latest fashion trends, DIY projects and organic beauty makeup. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is regular contributor at High Style Life.

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