Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Activated Charcoal – A Beauty Detox

It’s possibly one of the most bizarre but effective beauty products and has been around for centuries. 

You’ve got to love a product that stands the test of time.

It’s activated charcoal and before you get all freaked out, it is carbon but it’s treated and processed to make it face friendly. 

It’s so good for the body it’s used in the emergency departments of hospitals to treat people who’ve been poisoned – food, drugs, alcohol – because it draws out the toxins and impurities and removes them from the body.

This is pretty powerful stuff and the beauty version pretty much does the same thing.
The charcoal is one of many ingredients in a product and it attracts dirt, oil and other impurities for a good detox and thorough cleanse.

It unclogs and tightens pores, improves skin texture, reduces the appearance of fine lines, helps treat acne, whitens teeth, can lighten the skin and exfoliates because of its grainy texture.

Being black, it’ll look pretty gross and is a bit messy but when you rinse it off, you rinse off the bad stuff to leave your skin looking amazing.

Once all the dirt is gone, it’s the perfect, clean base so other products you use will work better because they can penetrate deeper. That only means better results.
Here are some of the products on the market that will cover almost every aspect of your beauty routine.

Biore deep pore charcoal cleanser foams up and draws out impurities for a clean feel.

Boscia’s charcoal pore miminising hydrogel mask contains bamboo charcoal, offers a deep cleanse, focusing on your pores which will improve your overall complexion and skin tone.

Clinique also does a mask. The pore refining solutions charcoal mask is a complete skin detox, getting right down into the layers of the skin for an improved complexion. It absorbs oil for a mattifying result.

IT Cosmetics has its bye bye pores primer. It’s anti-ageing and hydrating and is ideal under makeup.

Warpaint charcoal tooth polish is to be honest a little gross because your mouth will go black and look really weird. It’s effective though and completely non-toxic, rather containing 100% natural ingredients. It’s a teeth whitener and will also strengthen enamel and remove toxins. If you’re not keen on this, you can get yourself a charcoal toothbrush.

Available from The Body Shop is Spa of the World – a Himalayan charcoal body clay so the rest of your body can look as good and be as healthy as your face. If the full body clay is too much for you, there are a heap of charcoal soaps you can buy.

Hask has come up with a purifying charcoal shampoo. It also contains lemon and grapefruit oils to clean and clarify the hair. These shampoos will be great for people with dry scalp.

I recommend you start small with charcoal, perhaps with a single sachet mask to see how you like it. While most of the products out there are all natural, you should patch test on your skin before using anything new.

Debby Vilensky xo


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