Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Fancy wearing $2000 designer dress?! Yes please!

I was lucky enough to wear this Ah-mazing Mary Katranzou dress from @Designerdresshireaustralia to a wedding a few weeks ago and I have to share my little secret…

At @Designerdresshireaustralia you can choose from some of the most exquisite dresses (to name a few) Mary Katranzou, Balmain and Chanel. I would highly recommend considering hiring a dress for your next event. I mean this has changed the way I dress for events. Think of all the events you can be dressed for - The races, Melbourne Cup, weddings, 30ths and fashion events.

I’m sure most of you will agree – you only like wearing the dress you bought once! This affordable and sustainable option is a great one! Designerdresshireaustralia allows you to strut it out in your high-end designer dress, then post it back (they will take care of the rest). It's super easy. The hard part is choosing what dress to wear! 

I felt like a million bucks and the dress fit like a glove, I was so confident. Can't wait for the next event Designerdresshireaustralia - come at me!

Checkout @Designerdresshireaustralia on Instagram
Photography by Deejay @wearefoundau


Monday, 28 November 2016

Who What Wear - Colour pop

Simon Anau, manager or Peter Jackson men's wear gives The Fashion Vault some summer styling tips for men. 

"My philosophy is to live in colour. In the store I aim to introduce my clients to coloured blazers and pants, while steering away from the traditional black suit," he says.

"For those who are initially uncomfortable with the idea of colour, I slowly introduce them to it by adding coloured accessories to their look, such as lapel pins and pocket squares to ease them into experimenting with colour.

"Some of my favourite trending colours at the moment are green and orange."

Photography || @wearefoundau


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Who What Wear - Vintage Denims

Akelo was spotted in NewActon on Sunday, wearing her newest acquisition to her wardrobe - a vintage pair of JAG jeans.

This bargain buy was purchased from the thrift market hosted by Autolyse in Braddon. 

"It was my first time going to the market and I ended up buying quite a few items! And can't wait for the next one," Akelo says.

Her fashion advice is to take your time when you vintage shop as you are bound to find something unique and funky to rock.

Photography || Deejay Jukic @wearefoundau

Monday, 14 November 2016

Competition, wine time!! ENTER AND WIN @Parlour

Head over to our Instagram page to win @thefashionvaultau
Looking for a new venue for summer drinks sessions with your friends and family? Parlour Wine Room in New Acton has just become TFV's new favourite!

With a fresh summer tapas menu and a killer @ginmare Mediterranean gin, it could soon become your new favourite too!
TFV is giving away a $60 gift voucher to Parlour so you can see why we love this venue so much! 

Spend it on some delicious oysters or a chilled bottle or rose...
1. Follow @thefashionvaultau on instagram
2. Tag someone that you would like to take.

Entries close Sunday 20th November 2016
Winner announced and contacted via DM on Monday 21st November 2016. 

Per Instagram rules, we must mention this is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm they are 18+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram's term of use.

Good luck!! TFV XO

Friday, 11 November 2016

Beauty Editor Review: RIMMEL #scandaleyes Liquid Liner and Mascara

#Scandaleyes Precision Micro Eyeliner

So believe it or not, I had never used a liquid liner until this product came to me. I love a creamy pencil for its ability to smudge and for how easily you can wipe it away and start again when your eyeliner effort goes a little awry. I’m also a fan of the gel eyeliner because it’s so bold and to me, not as scary as going full liquid.

Anyway, I gave it a go. What I love about this eyeliner is that it is so easy to use - perfect for liquid liner beginners. It has a thin tip and you can easily glide it on for a delicate line. The brush thickens out and you can use that part to create a thicker line. This is perfect if you do make a mistake because it allows easy correction which was great for me on those super rushed mornings. It dries quickly which is great.

It’s also really easily removed with micellar water or a cleansing oil, both of which I use.

What I wasn’t so fond of was the colour. Yes it’s black but not a very intense black so I did have to go over the line a few times to get the stand out, bold look I was after. 

I’ll probably go back to my pencils after three months which is when you should throw out liquid or gel liners and mascara. I haven’t been turned off liquid liners, but will probably give a different one a go next time.

#Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara

I am super picky with my mascaras because the idea of my eyelashes falling out because of a product that dries them out, that clumps causing them to stick together or is so hard to get off that my lashes come out too, is a little scary and far from ideal.

The packaging for this mascara I was given says it will provide extreme volume and wear and is easily removed, just with warm water. That last bit intrigued me.

The mascara coats the lashes well and has quite a big brush that is thick down the bottom and tapers inward at the top. This type of brush helps thicken lashes. After a few coats the lashes are evenly spread and there is not much clumping that needed to be brushed over.

It definitely has a high impact. By the end of the day though, the mascara dried out a little.

I tried removing it with warm water and while it came off, I was left with massive panda eyes so needed to use micellar water anyway. I didn’t try that again.

Before being given this mascara I was using another Rimmel product which I bought myself – wonderful mascara with argan oil. Argan oil is nourishing, conditioning all types of hair so I was thrilled to find out about it. I love it and will probably go back to using it instead, purely because I find it better for my lashes.

Image Source: Daniela Jukic @wearefound

By Debby Vilensky

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Monday, 7 November 2016

Making a Statement by Janette

Any one who knows me, can guess my favourite accessory is a statement piece. One that takes your outfit straight to POP! My look is colourful and polished, my style is bold.

I love to make a statement and my friends do too! I get a lot of comments about the pieces I wear and I wanted people to have access to that. A lot of my friends kept telling me, that they would love to wear what I wear. So I thought I would make that happen.

My 'Statement Collection' has been carefully picked by me. I have sourced them from all over the world and numbers are limited, it would be rare if someone was wearing the same piece as you!

These pieces are bold and bright. Make a statement with whatever you're wearing, a simple t-shirt or bright colourful dress and POP!

You can checkout my statement collection at Mussen - 9/70 Garema Centre, Canberra City 2601. 
Decadent flat lays by Lydia Downe
RG from Mussen Instagram

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

FashionXHyatt: Food and Fashion

We bring you more of the fashion and parades featuring Canberra models and designers from the Hyatt.

Want to see more of the Hyatt's, fashion and high tea event - Enjoy! <3 Credit to our editor for the rockin' video Debby Vilensky <3 Sofia Polak Deejay Jukic Janette Wojtaszak

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