Monday, 24 October 2016

The Statement

As you would imagine new York city has an abundance of fashion choices. From high end to high street, you can fill any needs, wants and desires with a quick swipe of your credit card.

Though it would have been amazing to complete re-haul my wardrobe with loot from NYC I approached shopping there with a stagey I call the statement.

The philosophy I have behind this is that there are shops everywhere, and with high street stores popping up in every city so you pretty much can purchase the same look in Sydney as you could in NYC.

So the guiding principle was to only buy the item if it was a standout statement piece.

What is a statement item?
For me fashion has always been an extension of my personality, some of which I choose to hide from people. I see a statement piece as a direct reflection of my inner self. It is an item that demands attention highlighting that I am confident in myself and my choice to wear the item.

Statement items are the items I turn to when I need a pick me up to make me feel amazing. Spontaneous compliments from stranger always have a positive effect, and it’s the statement piece that usually draws them in.

The statement can be bold and colourful, structured, and range from a clothing item, to shoes to accessories. The idea is that is the pinnacle piece of your outfit. The item that you naturally gravitate to while looking at an outfit in its entirety.

So with in mind I mind I explored NYC and found some amazing pieces. 

These are a few of my favourite items that I picked up:

Tommy Hilfiger Denim Jacket - Urban outfitters.
Simply adore this oversized denim jacket.  

Tommy Hilfiger Tank  - Urban outfitters.
With an oversized classic logo i couldn't go past this singlet. I know I will wear it to death either with jeans or even to train in.
Kimchi Blue Molly Bomber - Urban oufitters
Bombers are here to stay so I was more than happy to invest in another one. What drew me to this jacket with the embroidery. Something that is a massive trend for winter in NYC.
Pom pom heels- Zara
Sometimes you just want to start your outfit from the bottom up. I love these shoes, even though i don't normally wear pink. Their a great neutral tone and pack a fun personality.

Silver biker jacket- Zara
Metallics a great neutral but also a great statement. For me a biker jacket is a classic cut and something that I always turn to.

Tiesha heels - Aldo
Yes, I have a slight metallic addiction. I picked up these booties from Aldo. These didnt look great on the shelf but once I put them on I had to get them. The peep makes them transeasonal and the metallic is great for a statement and a neutral. So many outfit options with these babies.
Beigantino Clutch- Aldo
Again I am not really a fan of pink but this clutch had ot come home with me. I really love the japanese inspiration here and the boldness of the red on the pink.

So tell me how what are your favourite statement pieces? What makes an item a statement for you?

xo Deejay 


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