Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The New Type Of Contouring

When you think contouring you think about how to do your makeup - using highlighters to define your cheekbones, jaw and nose, enhancing your facial structure.

Now there’s been a contouring evolution as we welcome hair contouring.

The hair colouring technique uses light and dark shades to flatter the shape of your face and accentuate your best features.Celebrities have been embracing it including Chrissy Teigen and Selena Gomez who have round faces, Sarah Jessica Parker with her long shaped face and Delta Goodrem who has an oblong shaped face.



It’s custom made colouring where you sit down with your colourist and determine the best way to make this trend work for you.

The idea is to highlight and shadow different parts of your face – darker to narrow or shorten and lighter to lengthen, picking colours to complement your skin.

Some of you might be thinking it sounds a bit like a fancy way to balyage, but the difference is balyage is a gradual lightening of the hair from top to bottom while contouring is lightening and darkening hair around the face.

If you’re intrigued here’s a guide to how best enhance your features based on the shape of your face. Of course you must sit down with an expert before you embark on any transformation.

Oval: If this is you, count yourself lucky as this shape is the most versatile for colouring. Pretty much anything will suit you.

Round: You have a strong bone structure with a shorter forehead and chin so go light around the face to elongate.

Square: Your jaw is strong and you have wider facial features so any contouring will be about softening and dark tones around the face and jawline will do that.

Oblong: Your face is quite long so go dark on the roots and lighter as you move down to the tips with subtle highlights.

Heart: The bottom half is quite sharp and angled so light colours around the ears will soften the more distinct shape.

Debby xo

Photo credits:
Chrissy Teigen - Stylebistro
Delta Goodrem - hawtcelebs
Selena Gomez - hilyts

Sarah Jessica Parker - Stylespray

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