Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Colour me good

Colour styling workshop at Eden Canberra Centre

On the weekend I attended my first style work shop, at Eden in the Canberra Centre hosted by Sarah Kelly and presented by Fiona Keary (Style Liberation). I must admit I was a bit excited to learn from Fiona as to what colours I should be wearing. I walked away from this workshop with more confidence on knowing what works for me and how to experiment more.


Fiona spoke about wearing the right colours, how they play an important part in our daily lives, and the influence colour can have on the vibe and energy you send out to others. Colour can say,  I’m feeling great today, I'm happy, or I am ready to take on the world.

Some of the key styling points I took away from the session are:
  • Wear items that are suited to your skin tone. To test what works for you, in a mirror hold a colour to your face using natural light if possible. If it adds vibrancy and smoothens your lines that colour works for your completion. If the colour makes you look like you ate some bad oysters the night before, or enhances pigmentation like brown sports and redness, stay away this isn’t the colour for you (great to keep handy should you want to have a sick day).  
  • Don't judge clothing by how it looks on the rack, instead try that item on. Often clothing can have limited hanger appeal, thus it is worth trying garments on. The bonus to this you may just find yourself with a new look.

  • Small prints tend to compliment petite frames and larger prints are good on fuller figures - but in saying this Fiona says personality can play a role in what prints works for you. For example big and loud prints can work for people who have personalities that are boisterous and artsy.

  • Colour can set the tone so be conscious of what colours you choose, depending on what energy you're wanting to attract. For example blue is a great calming tone and a bright yellow can give off the energy of power "I’m boss, I got this in the bag". 

  • Mixing and matching - don't be afraid to put an item you've worn before and pair it with something unexpected. For example one of the Victoria’s models wore a grey skirt with a printed top in hues of blues and grey. The obvious choice would be to pair the top back with a white, grey or black pant. But when you looked closer at the print you could also see that it featured a khaki tone, thus khaki garment on the bottom would also look fabulous with this colour combo.

A big thank you to Fiona Keary for giving me a different outlook to styling, highlighting how colour plays an important factor when dressing myself or others.


Fiona and Sarah dressed amazingly.  

Article credit: || Rhiannon Danielle
Photography || Deejay Jukic (@wearefoundau)


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