Friday, 21 October 2016

All choked up - The Divide

New York City. They say it is the city that never sleeps but, for me it was the city that never stops inspiring. The people, the food and of course the fashion. It’s all around you. It utterly consumed me. When I was walking down the streets or heading to the hot night spots I noticed a common trend that was a must have item.

The choker!

Iconized in the 90s, chokers are back with vengeance and everywhere in NYC. From high street stores to boutiques you couldn’t shop without being tempted by them. Lace, velvet, leather the possibilities were endless.

I hear you saying cool, that was NYC what about Canberra? Well I have been doing a little hunting on local creative and found @_thedivide_

Who is the divide?

The Divide is two mums Christina J and Sarah D who are are passionate about fashion and decided to have a go at making custom jewellery. “We sold out of  our first lot of f stock within a couple weeks we thought why not keep pursuing it!”, said Christina J.

Why buy from them?
Unlike the chain stores all their chokers are handmade, everything is carefully picked from the colour to the texture and pendants/charms.

“We bring our own style in to each one hoping that others will embrace it! We have plans to expand our style even further in the next few months and experiment with new products. Chokers are what’s in now and we love them but will also shift with what’s on trend,” said Sarah D.

They customzie!
Yes girls you can put in a special order and customize your necklace.

“We aim to please, and where possible we will absolutely customise a choker/necklace to suit your style. You already have the option to choose different colours or pendants from our current stock to mix and match what you like,” said Christina J.

Need it now?
To get in contact with these girls check them out on instagram. They currently take orders via DM at @_thedivide_.

I asked the girls one final question.. who’s your favourite celebrity wearing the choker trend?

“It’s so hard to choose just one celebrity rocking the choker trend. For us the choker was an iconic 90’s accessory which has come back in a big way and we love how fashion gets recycled and has its moment again. If we had to choose one now it would be Kendall Jenner.” said the girls.


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