Friday, 21 October 2016

A sip of Scotch with Mitchell Oakley

Mitchell Oakley and Clint Hutchinson

Ladies we all love a man in a suit – men take note – and who better to provide this fashion advice than Mitchell Oakley Smith who wears a suit and does it well. The journalist, editor and author spent a night in Canberra providing a room full of men and women tips on how to look dashing in a suit as part of the Scotch and Watch event at Eden in the Canberra Centre.

Mitchell, who looked dapper in a double breasted suit with cropped pants, thinks of fashion as a reflection of what we do and what’s happening around the world. He says since he started in the fashion business eight years ago, there are more options for men when it comes to stores filled with quality and on trend pieces. “Men in Australia are so much more educated today,” he says.

When it comes to men’s fashion, he says they don’t necessarily buy as much as us women or focus on the on trend pieces like we might. Mitchell says fashion for men is more like an investment, especially when it comes to buying a suit. He says men need a navy suit, a charcoal suit and a tuxedo and build it from there with shirts, ties and knitwear. He believes there’s no reason not to rock a three piece with the waist coat able to be worn with just the shirt, for some occasions.
As for what’s on trend as the weather gets warmer, it’s all about the preppy look with polo shirts, linen blazers, the shorts and shirt combo and a bit of colour. When it comes to shoes, Mitchell gives props to Kanye West for the rise of the sneaker that some men are even wearing with a suit.
Image from @mroakleysmith

We cannot forget about accessories and the key one for Mitchell is a watch. He says despite us using our phones to tell the time, a watch – like a suit – is an investment piece. “It feels authentic and feels like it finishes off the suit,” he says. “As fashion speeds up and changes, watches stay there forever.” Apart from a watch, Mitchell says there are three things he can’t do without – a navy suit, white shirt and a quality pair of black shoes.

For more male fashion inspiration, check out Mitchell’s Instagram – @mroakleysmith.



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