Friday, 16 September 2016

Sprinter; Season of the Shirt Dress

The flowers are budding. Cute calves cuddle in the paddocks. The birds sing sweetly above the soft rustle of daisies in the breeze. 

And I shaved my legs.


A major development for all mankind. Especially for the poor fellow who saw me at the gym in my shorts last week. 


So, it’s safe to say that most of us love spring. I however, believe that it is one of the worst times of the year.  So much so that we fashionistas have given it a new name.


The time between Spring and Winter, brings with it many difficulties for myself and my fellow fashionistas. 

For instance, my relationship with the weather man is troubled at this tricky time. Before going to bed each night I have a little ritual. I type BOM (Bureau Of Meteorology) into my browser to check the forecast for the following day to deem my suggested outfit suitable. In Sprinter, this little ritual becomes irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what Graham the lovely weather man on the 7pm ABC news says the weather is going to be, because let’s face it, even good ole Graham can’t pick it.  Mother Nature probably hasn’t even made up her mind.

Choosing an outfit for the following day, or even that morning is a hard task. During Sprinter, the weather can change at the drop of a hat (in my case a fluffy pink beret). Is it too hot for the layers of faux fur and denim that I have been hiding under for the past three months? I did use Fido’s dog water this morning to defrost the windshield of my car. Can I wear a skirt yet? How about stockings? Will Mother Nature suddenly turn a beautiful blissful morning into an afternoon of wind and ice? If you live in Goulburn or Canberra you’ll know what I mean. 
Dress By Missguided
So myself and my fellow fashionistas are left to sort out our own solutions during this trying time. These have in the past included:
  • A rain dance 
  • Watching the ants
  • Holding a branch in the breeze on top of a hill while wearing my pink dressing gown
  • Wearing a shirt dress
Of all these solutions, my most practical was to wear a shirt dress.

It was a close call though.

A shirt dress is a comfortable piece of clothing that can solve any Sprinter wardrobe crisis. 

When the weather is warm roll the sleeves up and pop on a pair of sandals. If the weather cools down throw on a light trench over the top and a cute pair of practical ankle boots. 
Shirt Dress by Jeans West
The humble Shirt Dress can be professional. When worn to work it takes minimal time to style, meaning you can spend more time on more important things like your actual work. It is also easy to iron in a hurry, as I found out for myself last Tuesday morning.

A shirt dress can be worn out. And by out, I mean to the races, the bar or even up in da club. It can be easily glammed up with a great pair of killer heels and the right selection of accessories. 

And last, but certainly not least, the shirt dress can be dressed down. It is an easy weekend alternative that will have you wishing that no one saw you so that you can wear your shirt dress again and again and again. 
Dress By Missguided

So there you have it my fellow fashionistas. My solution to the awful season that is Sprinter. 

Now we can all go back to watching the calves cuddle and the daisies blow daintily in the breeze. 

After shaving my legs of course. 


Samantha Rose Xx

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