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Hair Masks: Our Beauty Editor's Top Tips

One of the greatest ways a woman can make a style statement is with her hair. Think Blake Lively. I have serious hair envy.

My last post was on face masks and the mountain of options available. Now let’s talk hair masks plus the tricks and tips to get your locks looking their best. I have a pretty thorough routine pre and post wash.
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My number one tip is to leave a hair mask in overnight if you can. While the instructions might say wait a few minutes before washing it out, the longer you can leave a treatment in, the better because it’ll have more time to do its work. I have seen my hair grow thanks to this.

It’s crucial to use good quality shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo doesn’t actually have to lather up a lot because what causes it to is sulphate – a detergent – which is not the best thing for your hair. Hair stylist to the stars Jen Atken recommends using a different shampoo/conditioner combination for your roots than for the ends. You can have oily roots and dry ends so shampoo and condition based on your hair needs. 

After washing my hair, I add a leave in oil treatment for added moisture, hydration and protection. Use about a 10 cent piece worth and work it through your hair. I recommend Moroccan or Argan oil.

Oils are great for adding moisture. Those with Vitamin E smooth the surface of your hair and strengthens it. Vitamin B5 adds moisture to dry and distressed locks while rebuilding the hydro lipid layer. This is the outer layer of the hair that hydrates and protects the rest. It’s the first thing that is damaged when we apply heat to our hair.

My second tip is pretty obvious. Do not apply heat to your hair without spraying a heat protector directly onto each section. It coats your hair and means less damage caused by your straightener or curling wand. I use Sebastian Trilliant. It offers lightweight thermal protection and has a shimmer complex. 

As for hair tricks, let’s return to my hair crush Blake Lively who actually puts mayonnaise on the ends of her hair before she washes it. Of course now I do it too. Her mum told her mayo keeps moisture and oils in that shampoo can wash out.

  • Add a raw egg to your shampoo and lather it all up to boost protein and strengthen your hair.
  • Run some cold water over your hair at the end of your shower to prevent moisture loss and heat damage. It closes the hair cuticle to prevent damage.
  • Never wrap your hair in a big towel because it causes breakage. Opt for a t-shirt instead. Also consider investing in a satin pillow case which is less harsh on the hair.
  • For hair masks I also like to mix it up. One thing I always do though is massage it into the scalp and drench the ends, always while my hair is damp. Argan oil, Moroccan oil and shea butter are some of my favourite ingredients to add softness and moisture.

Here are a few other top picks for hair masks.

Moroccanoil intense hydrating mask is a deep conditioning treatment adding moisture and protein to revitalise hair and add shine.

Charles Worthington’s moisture seal mineral hair rescue masque restores dry and damaged hair thanks to a formula including argan oil and conditioning proteins.

Kerastase has its elixir ultime beautifying oil masque and the combination of four oils plus lipidic compounds add nourishment and strength to your strands.

Redken has an intense treatment for really dry hair called all soft heavy cream. It adds moisture to make hair softer.

Macadamia’s nourishing moisture hair masque hydrates, repairs and reconstructs thanks to its pro oil complex.

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