Friday, 30 September 2016


FashFest Night 1 – Furore 

I shop as much as the next person at our shopping centres; but occasionally I long for new, unique, and unconventional styles rarely found in established stores.  This creativity generally only comes from those designers trying to break into the business and make their mark.  I’m pleased to say, the Furore show at the first night of Fashfest did not disappoint.

Melanie Child
I’ve never been the type of fashionista who goes for wearing “preloved” anything; but Melanie Child has changed my mind with her creative re-working of denim.  From her long fringed belt that brings movement to your outfit, to the tunic with ripples of colour from different denims, to the thigh-high dress with intricate lattice-work across the back – I would welcome any of these into my wardrobe.

Red Corner Boxing
Exercise generally, and boxing in particular, have been made more appealing to me courtesy of Red Corner Boxing with designs that include pop-art lips and pineapples.  If I’m going to be working my issues out with a punching bag, it’s going to be with fashionable flying fists!
Again I was reminded of the impending warmer weather as I watched A’Au Elei’s offerings - thanks to their tribal motifs and bright colours.  Nor do the guys miss out on the fun either, including the option of eye catching, electric blue print jeans.

Cameron & James
As a style approach, monochrome has been around for quite some time; however, Cameron & James bought a modern twist to this with their designs.  Their simple, graphic prints made the monochrome concept pop in a way that wearing black with white normally does not.  Add a brightly coloured accessory to this backdrop – shoes, bag or statement necklace – and you would have a traffic-stopping look.

However, the highlight for me from Furore was the final show from VFP.  If you’re looking for something unique that you won’t be able to find elsewhere this is the label for you.  Whilst picking the stand out pieces is difficult, for pure wow factor I couldn’t’ go past the silver, glo-mesh-like dress with fringe detail; white geometric dress with tule and fabric fishtail and one that I don’t even know how to describe – just look at the picture!  The amount of time that must go into the detail and structure of these designs is truly admirable. 

What an amazing first night at FashFest!

By Philipa Olrick
Photography by Daniella Jukic @wearefound
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  1. The Furore show was totally awesome. Not all the designs were great but the occasional gem you can find in those were worth it. I am sure some of those designers will make a name very soon.
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