Wednesday, 14 September 2016

CK ONE GOLD - bold. gilded. unapologetic

This alluring limited edition unisex fragrance is dripping in gold! It is unapologetic that captures the golden radiance of youth culture! Like the all-time classic CK One, the new CK One Gold throws out the gender rules! (So cool)

The juicy top note of fig creates instant fascination with its energetic freshness. The bright heart of neroli is the sparkling crown that shines like the last rays of the setting sun on a city. The sun-drenched base of vetiver gives depth, leaving a vibrant, sensual warmth on the skin.

We loved the iconic CK One flask, the bottle drips with dense gold poured over the clear CK One flask, turning the precious metal into an instant object of desire to be touched not only with your eyes.

Unconstrained by traditional gender norms, CK One Gold fuses the energy of both sexes in one unisex fragrance. To me the fragrance smells sexy and a bit mysterious and fresh, I will be wearing this in summer for sure!

CK One Gold is now available for a limited time only, EDT spray 100ml $69.

When you get the chance we would love to hear what you thought about the new CK One Gold, flick us an email or comment on our Insta @thefashionvaultau.



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