Friday, 30 September 2016


Look around backstage at Fashfest and it’s a smorgasbord of beauty.
Big beehives, braids, sleek ponytails, winged eyeliner in black and white, orange foreheads, black eyeshadow and the glitter makeup that took more than an hour per model to apply.
All models had beautiful glowing skin, set to be a real feature throughout Spring and Summer with gorgeous highlighted cheeks.
Another of my favourite makeup looks was the statement lip. Red lipstick will never go out of fashion but coming in are a rich burgundy or ox blood.

When it came to hair, I couldn’t go past the braids, whether they added a touch of romance and femininity to the looks or edgy glamour. Sleek pony tails and ones tied loosely were also a great choice because with hair back, all attention was focused on the fashion.

There was a surprising sense of calm backstage but Fashfest director of makeup Diana Cheetham described it as organised chaos. “This is my favourite time seeing everything visually,” she said.
Almost 12 months went in to creating the hair and makeup looks seen on the catwalk.

Diana and creative director of hair Craig Rhodes worked with the designers to develop the desired looks so they complemented, rather than competed. For the makeup team, hours were spent discussing the right mix before face charts were created for each runway show.

“We have everything on paper with the face charts, I think it’s a great idea and then it comes to life,” Diana said. “I did a lot of research, looking at all the latest fashion shows and seeing what’s on trend at Fashion Week.”
For Craig it was all about getting a feel for the clothes. “The designers come with a brief, we work out if it’s achievable, play and experiment and see what works,” he said.

Fashfest, being a complete and elaborate production, gives hairstylists and makeup artists a unique experience. 
“Unless makeup artists are doing a photoshoot there’s no other time to use creativity like this,” Diana said.
“It’s an awesome opportunity to see if they like the behind the scenes stuff,” Craig said.

Makeup artist Amy Capeda loves it and came back for a fourth time this year.
“It’s very exciting,” she said. “Makeup artists can get known for a certain style and this is a chance to do something different and it’s always good fun.”

Diana is all about making sure everyone comes away with good experience.
“It’s a big thing for me that no one walks away unhappy,” she said. “I want everyone to be enjoying themselves.”

Fashfest also saw the launch of Fashfest double lash, created for the event by major makeup sponsor Harlotte Cosmetics. The two layers of lashes certainly stood out and are now available for sale.

Tickets are still on sale for tonight and tomorrow night and can be purchased here.

Debby xo

Photography by DJ @wearefoundau


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