Sunday, 7 August 2016

Zoë Foster Blake is nothing less than #amazinger

Zoë Foster Blake is every girl’s girl crush of girl crushes, the woman can do and does it all and knows a thing or two thousand about beauty. Ok here goes…she is a former Beauty Editor of Harper’s BAZAAR and Cosmopolitan, creator of one of Australia’s most successful beauty blogs (formerly fruitybeauty), founder and CEO of natural and cruelty free skincare range Go-To Skincare, writer of multiple columns, author of seven books including ‘The Wrong Girl’ which is currently being made into a TV series, married to comedian and radio personality Hamish Blake and mother to the most adorable kidlet Sonny (check her Instagram @zotheysay and you will know what I mean, so much cuteness!).
Zoë Foster Blake
Lucky for us, Zoë graced our town in her delectable Celine pumps over the weekend and popped in to Muse at the East Hotel to promote her latest book ‘Amazinger Face’ which is essentially an updated version of her original beauty bible ‘Amazing Face’ published in 2011.

Muse was the perfect venue for an afternoon of bubbles, nibbles and mingles with the gal of the hour who opened up her wealth of expertise to a room full of fan-girls (me included) and gave us answers to some of our niggling beauty angsts.

She shared tips on pumping up flat hair with a toothbrush… yep a toothbrush…you simply spray a little hairspray and brush at the roots and voila! She also warned us never to leave the house with wet hair and sea salt spray and volumizing shampoo will do wonders. I am personally already a fan of sea salt spray but I sure will be adding a toothbrush to my hair kit pronto!
Zoë and Janette admiring each other's bling
We love trends so of course we couldn’t help but ask Zoë her predictions on what beauty trends we can expect this season and she said even though she doesn’t get too caught up in trends or fads she assured us a well done matt lip will get you in with the cool kids. 
The highlight for me was when I finally got a quick moment to meet Zoë and the chance to delve into her wisdom on her #1 anti-ageing product and if  she could only have one product to combat anti-ageing what would it be? And her secret is sunscreen! Yep, that’s right… the humble sunscreen. I am pretty sure we will all be digging out the sunscreen from our dusty cupboards and also make it our #1.
Zoë and Me (and my cheesy #girlcrush grin and beauty bible in hand)
A big thanks to Muse and HerCanberra for making us better-beauty-people by bringing Zoë to town, she couldn’t be more #amazinger if she tried.

SP and JL xo
Go-To Skincare
Go-To Skincare and 'Amazinger Face' can be purchased here...
And make sure you follow @zotheysay on Instagram... you won't regret it!



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