Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Then There Was Vogue…

For me Vogue has always been the fashion pinnacle, that’s so Vogue as the saying goes. So naturally when I got an internship through FBI Fashion College I called my mum and cried, because I was so happy that I was finally getting to go through the famous doors of a place I dreamt about since I was little.

I still remember the first day of my internship, as I waited in the reception to be signed in. I wanted to take everything in, I didn’t want to miss a minute of what was to come. I started people watching as they entered the building to the News Corp ground floor. In the flock of people you could always tell who was in fashion. They were either dressed flawlessly  from head to toe or in the latest trends or simply dressed in black. I started taking little notes on what I should wear when interning and what the others were wearing, what was the trend to Vogue needless to say.

As I walked up to the 1st floor stairs around to the Vogue area, I started to see the other magazines signage starting to pop up, mood boards, racks full of clothes, post-it notes scattered around numerous computers and an array of magazines neatly organised on desks of previous issues. 

I made my way around to what was to be my office, the fashion cupboard. In here you’ll find a sea of clothes mostly new season garments, some not even released to the public yet, so you can tell how I took that. Tracing my fingers over the racks looking at all the styles and fabrics in front of me. A kid in a candy store you could say. Labels I had never heard of, styles I had never been experienced to. 

Even now after 3 and a bit months I still don’t get bored, every week excites me as there’s never a normal day at Vogue. You never know what you’re in for be that doing the returns and arrivals of garments coming and going from shoots or racing around in taxis picking up items, making mood boards for the stylists or assisting on shoots. I love it all, it truly is another world, a very fascinating world. Getting to see the process of how the magazine is made from start to finish right in front of your eyes is truly something else. It’s made me appreciate the magazine even more than I already had, knowing how much work goes into it. 
Even getting the opportunity to assist on a shoot is extremely beneficial because even if you don’t think your doing anything, afterwards it will click what you learnt out of it be that that one styling tip one of the stylists mentioned in passing, the concepts the were putting together and just meeting the people around you. Everyone is so talented in their own way its hard not to stand back and watch everything that’s happening around you. I constantly see myself watching and taking self notes of what’s happening and how I can take that back for my own styling and work. 

Since starting at Vogue my style and overall knowledge of fashion has definitely changed and I truly believe for the better. I’ve become smarter with my choices when styling myself investing in the essentials and sourcing the other 90% from smarter budget options like Zara to maintain that chic look on a budget which I find most do. Finding hot spots where to get props from, locations I get to see etc. and other places that will help in future for shoots I put on through the best in the business, filling my mind with inspiration on a daily basis through what I get to be influenced by around me. 

A fast paced fashionable journey, Vogue is like nothing else and I think that’s why I love it so much. There’s surely no boring day when it comes to Vogue.
Me with Chronicles of Her at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Jessica Rolfe xx



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