Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Mascara Madness: Our Beauty Editor's Top 7 Edit

If you ask a woman what three makeup items she can’t live without, chances are mascara is on the list.

It’s a beauty essential and does such wonderful things to our eyes. But the mascara world can be a crazy place to be. So many brands, so many good looking tubes, so many different things they promise for our lashes. As time goes on it’s only becoming more complicated to pick a mascara – like you need a degree to decipher the ingredients.

Back in early 1900s mascara was actually made from coal dust and petroleum jelly. We’ve come a long way since then and now our mascaras contain anything from polymers to peptides. Some have silicone, others beeswax, conditioners and vitamins. Once we think that’s covered there’s still the shape of the brush to consider.

And I want to throw one more thing out there – a primer. We use them on our face and eyelids so why not on our lashes? A primer will thicken and nourish, make your eyelashes stronger and mascara will adhere better.

Now don’t worry I have you covered. I’ve picked the seven most innovative and exciting products on the market right now mixed with some tried and tested ones.

  1. The MAC Instacurl lash mascara is unlike anything you’ve seen before. You can curve it to fit your lash line to get those corner lashes. The idea behind this is to curl your lashes while you apply it. It’s supposed to hit the shelves early August.

  2. L’oreal’s double extension renewal lash serum mascara has two wands. The base coat is the serum that adds a moisture boost to the lashes while the top coat lengthens and colours.
  3. NYX Za Za Zu mascara lengthens and adds volume. The extra big brush covers all the lashes in one swipe so it’s perfect if you want something quick and effective. 
  4. The Bobbi Brown extreme party mascara adds length and volume. The formula is full of lash conditioners plus Vitamins A, C and E. 
  5. Maybelline great lash mascara is possibly the most recognisable with the hot pink tube. The brush narrows to the top allowing you to get those pesky corner lashes and the mascara is conditioning and thickening.
  6. Rimmel’s day to night mascara has dual ends for different looks. The day side lengthens and defines. Add layers of the night side to thicken and volumise.
  7. Napoleon has its Mesmer-eyes mascara with a two-sided comb. One side is wide to boost the look of your lashes and the finer side separates and coats them. It contains Vitamin E and bamboo making it moisturising.
Encore – There’s a limited edition mascara out there. It’s from Face of Australia called the 90 degrees mascara. It gets the name because the wand bends 90 degrees to coat all your lashes. Stop the bend at 45 degrees to get to those hard to reach ones.

By Debby Vilensky - Contributing Beauty Editor
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