Monday, 22 August 2016

Double Lash Fashfest

Fashfest has scored a big beauty coup. Harlotte Cosmetics – the major makeup sponsor – has created ‘Fashfest double lash’ exclusively for the event. It’ll be launched over the Fashfest weekend.
The curved double layer lashes are dramatic and ideal for the runway. Sydney makeup artist Michelle Crofts is the creator of Harlotte and the lashes. She says Fashfest is one cool event. “It’s such a phenomenal production,” she says. “I’ve done makeup behind the scenes of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and I honestly think this is a better production. “Nothing really compares to it and it’s great for us to be able to get our brand out there. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for us.”

Diana Cheetham is the one to thank for getting Harlotte on board and back for a second year. The Fashfest director of makeup says the double lash might just outdo the fashion. “The lashes will dominate the runway in so many ways,” she says. “They’re natural but in a dramatic, elegant way. “Seventy five percent of the makeup designs use lashes and they can be used in heaps of different ways.”

Speaking of those makeup designs, hours of work has gone in to creating an individual look for each model as they strut down the runway. There are three nights of runway shows with two shows a night. “There is a theme for every show and we are guided by the theme but also by the designers clothing,” Diana says. “We get two photos of each outfit and create mood and story boards for each, draw two face chart options on paper with real makeup to give a clear representation of what we do.

“That is sent to the designers and they choose one or both.“The products used are written on the face chart so the makeup artists know exactly what to do on the night, taking all the complications out.

“There are 70 to 80 models per show and we have 35 makeup artists working behind the scenes.”
Diana says Fashfest is as big for makeup artists and hairdressers as it is for the designers. “We create a show, we create a production,” she says. “Makeup artists and hairdressers don’t get this opportunity anywhere else. “It’s a three-day masterclass where everyone learns the entire time, it’s an insane event to network, they get magnificent photos of their work and amazing internet exposure.”

With more time to prepare for this year’s event, Diana says it’ll be better than ever before.

“We only had eight weeks to prepare last year which was crazy but we were given a thing to do, did it and nailed it,” she says. “We have learnt a lot, mainly when it comes to the logistical side, knowing what we will and won’t do again and how to achieve a better result.”
Expectations are high, especially from Michelle who’ll be in Canberra for all the shows. “This year we’re featuring our whole range of makeup so I’m very excited,” she says. “I can’t wait for the live music and Fashfest can only get better.

“Canberra is known as quite conservative and I think Fashfest puts it on the fashion map.
Once the three-day fashion and beauty extravaganza is over, the lashes will retain the name Fashfest double lash making the Canberra event permanently associated with what’s beautiful and bold.

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