Monday, 29 August 2016

Beauty Edit: Miracle Masks

There’s something special about putting on a mask and just sitting or preferably lying for 10 minutes. It’s like there are no cares in the world and you can’t do much other than let the skin improvement process happen. It’s the ultimate me time.
A face mask offers concentrated results, is easy and effective but only if you remove all makeup first and cleanse. 

There are so many masks on the market right now and you need to find the right one for you. They are all labelled for dry skin, oily or combination skin and with the ingredients so take your pick.
Clay masks are thick and intense, drawing out oil and dirt. You need to remove it while it’s still a little wet to prevent it drying out your skin, plus the extreme rubbing motion to get it off will be counterproductive.
Gel and cream masks are all about hydration and nourishment. Leave them on for about 10 minutes and use a damp cloth to gently take it off. 
A peel mask will remove dead skin cells and unclog your pores revealing more bright and radiant skin.
Sheet masks aren’t like traditional masks – more like using a serum. You can keep the disposable masks on for as long as you want and you must not to rinse your skin afterwards.
You can also make your own face mask. Avocadoes are filled with antioxidants, cucumber offers a moisture boost being 95% water and lemons are filled with AHA and BHA to remove dead skin cells and clear up your skin.
Bananas are loaded with vitamin A to promote skin cell turnover, baking soda soaks up excess oil and squash boosts collagen production. Add a bit of brown sugar or oatmeal to turn it into an exfoliating mask.
If you’re not keen on concocting something of your own, try some or all of these. Alternatively, you can go in to any pharmacy and buy one off the shelf.

Dermalogica age smart multivitamin power recovery mask is packed with antioxidant vitamins and pro vitamin B5 to restore your skin to its best. It even contains nutrient rich algae extract that boots moisture and softens the skin. 
The Elizabeth Arden ceramide boosting five-minute facial is a self-foaming mask that exfoliates and cleanses, promoting cell turnover. Part two of the facial is a replenishing serum containing ceramide to moisturize and soothe sensitive skin.

Jurlique herbal recovery antioxidant gel mask gives an intense hydration boost attacking dry, dull skin. Ingredients include vitamins E and C to protect, smooth and nourish the skin. 
KORA Organics Clay Purifying Mask will detox the skin drawing out those nasties for a refreshing, clean feel. 

Leave your Shiseido IBUKI beauty sleeping gel mask on overnight. It’ll hydrate and brighten while you’re fast asleep – perfect.

SK-II facial treatment mask is a cotton sheet mask. It’ll boost your skin’s moisture and is ideal for people with dry skin. Use once and throw it out.
Happy masking and relaxing ladies!

DV xox


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