Monday, 29 August 2016

Beauty Edit: Miracle Masks

There’s something special about putting on a mask and just sitting or preferably lying for 10 minutes. It’s like there are no cares in the world and you can’t do much other than let the skin improvement process happen. It’s the ultimate me time.
A face mask offers concentrated results, is easy and effective but only if you remove all makeup first and cleanse. 

There are so many masks on the market right now and you need to find the right one for you. They are all labelled for dry skin, oily or combination skin and with the ingredients so take your pick.
Clay masks are thick and intense, drawing out oil and dirt. You need to remove it while it’s still a little wet to prevent it drying out your skin, plus the extreme rubbing motion to get it off will be counterproductive.
Gel and cream masks are all about hydration and nourishment. Leave them on for about 10 minutes and use a damp cloth to gently take it off. 
A peel mask will remove dead skin cells and unclog your pores revealing more bright and radiant skin.
Sheet masks aren’t like traditional masks – more like using a serum. You can keep the disposable masks on for as long as you want and you must not to rinse your skin afterwards.
You can also make your own face mask. Avocadoes are filled with antioxidants, cucumber offers a moisture boost being 95% water and lemons are filled with AHA and BHA to remove dead skin cells and clear up your skin.
Bananas are loaded with vitamin A to promote skin cell turnover, baking soda soaks up excess oil and squash boosts collagen production. Add a bit of brown sugar or oatmeal to turn it into an exfoliating mask.
If you’re not keen on concocting something of your own, try some or all of these. Alternatively, you can go in to any pharmacy and buy one off the shelf.

Dermalogica age smart multivitamin power recovery mask is packed with antioxidant vitamins and pro vitamin B5 to restore your skin to its best. It even contains nutrient rich algae extract that boots moisture and softens the skin. 
The Elizabeth Arden ceramide boosting five-minute facial is a self-foaming mask that exfoliates and cleanses, promoting cell turnover. Part two of the facial is a replenishing serum containing ceramide to moisturize and soothe sensitive skin.

Jurlique herbal recovery antioxidant gel mask gives an intense hydration boost attacking dry, dull skin. Ingredients include vitamins E and C to protect, smooth and nourish the skin. 
KORA Organics Clay Purifying Mask will detox the skin drawing out those nasties for a refreshing, clean feel. 

Leave your Shiseido IBUKI beauty sleeping gel mask on overnight. It’ll hydrate and brighten while you’re fast asleep – perfect.

SK-II facial treatment mask is a cotton sheet mask. It’ll boost your skin’s moisture and is ideal for people with dry skin. Use once and throw it out.
Happy masking and relaxing ladies!

DV xox


Who What Wear - Carla Fashion Mixology

While in New York I can't resist taking pictures of some stylish people. I had only just finished an amazing cheesecake from the Magnolia Bakery when I spotted Carla. 

Here I am in NYC struggling to keen the makeup from melting off my face and there is Carla in the perfect summer outfit. 

Carla is a New York Blogger from the Fashion Mixology ( and  clearly knows how to through an outfit on to dress for the weather while also remaining stylish! 

Dressed in all white with pops of colour Carla wouldn't you agree  that her outfit is the epitome of  summer.
“My favourite brand is a new york local label called Parker, the top I am wearing today is from there”, said Carla.  Carla’s tip for shopping in NYC is to “head to Century 21 and the Bloomindale outlet stores you will definitely leave with a bargain”.

Just take my credit cards now New York....


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Then There Was Vogue…

For me Vogue has always been the fashion pinnacle, that’s so Vogue as the saying goes. So naturally when I got an internship through FBI Fashion College I called my mum and cried, because I was so happy that I was finally getting to go through the famous doors of a place I dreamt about since I was little.

I still remember the first day of my internship, as I waited in the reception to be signed in. I wanted to take everything in, I didn’t want to miss a minute of what was to come. I started people watching as they entered the building to the News Corp ground floor. In the flock of people you could always tell who was in fashion. They were either dressed flawlessly  from head to toe or in the latest trends or simply dressed in black. I started taking little notes on what I should wear when interning and what the others were wearing, what was the trend to Vogue needless to say.

As I walked up to the 1st floor stairs around to the Vogue area, I started to see the other magazines signage starting to pop up, mood boards, racks full of clothes, post-it notes scattered around numerous computers and an array of magazines neatly organised on desks of previous issues. 

I made my way around to what was to be my office, the fashion cupboard. In here you’ll find a sea of clothes mostly new season garments, some not even released to the public yet, so you can tell how I took that. Tracing my fingers over the racks looking at all the styles and fabrics in front of me. A kid in a candy store you could say. Labels I had never heard of, styles I had never been experienced to. 

Even now after 3 and a bit months I still don’t get bored, every week excites me as there’s never a normal day at Vogue. You never know what you’re in for be that doing the returns and arrivals of garments coming and going from shoots or racing around in taxis picking up items, making mood boards for the stylists or assisting on shoots. I love it all, it truly is another world, a very fascinating world. Getting to see the process of how the magazine is made from start to finish right in front of your eyes is truly something else. It’s made me appreciate the magazine even more than I already had, knowing how much work goes into it. 
Even getting the opportunity to assist on a shoot is extremely beneficial because even if you don’t think your doing anything, afterwards it will click what you learnt out of it be that that one styling tip one of the stylists mentioned in passing, the concepts the were putting together and just meeting the people around you. Everyone is so talented in their own way its hard not to stand back and watch everything that’s happening around you. I constantly see myself watching and taking self notes of what’s happening and how I can take that back for my own styling and work. 

Since starting at Vogue my style and overall knowledge of fashion has definitely changed and I truly believe for the better. I’ve become smarter with my choices when styling myself investing in the essentials and sourcing the other 90% from smarter budget options like Zara to maintain that chic look on a budget which I find most do. Finding hot spots where to get props from, locations I get to see etc. and other places that will help in future for shoots I put on through the best in the business, filling my mind with inspiration on a daily basis through what I get to be influenced by around me. 

A fast paced fashionable journey, Vogue is like nothing else and I think that’s why I love it so much. There’s surely no boring day when it comes to Vogue.
Me with Chronicles of Her at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Jessica Rolfe xx



Monday, 22 August 2016

Double Lash Fashfest

Fashfest has scored a big beauty coup. Harlotte Cosmetics – the major makeup sponsor – has created ‘Fashfest double lash’ exclusively for the event. It’ll be launched over the Fashfest weekend.
The curved double layer lashes are dramatic and ideal for the runway. Sydney makeup artist Michelle Crofts is the creator of Harlotte and the lashes. She says Fashfest is one cool event. “It’s such a phenomenal production,” she says. “I’ve done makeup behind the scenes of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and I honestly think this is a better production. “Nothing really compares to it and it’s great for us to be able to get our brand out there. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for us.”

Diana Cheetham is the one to thank for getting Harlotte on board and back for a second year. The Fashfest director of makeup says the double lash might just outdo the fashion. “The lashes will dominate the runway in so many ways,” she says. “They’re natural but in a dramatic, elegant way. “Seventy five percent of the makeup designs use lashes and they can be used in heaps of different ways.”

Speaking of those makeup designs, hours of work has gone in to creating an individual look for each model as they strut down the runway. There are three nights of runway shows with two shows a night. “There is a theme for every show and we are guided by the theme but also by the designers clothing,” Diana says. “We get two photos of each outfit and create mood and story boards for each, draw two face chart options on paper with real makeup to give a clear representation of what we do.

“That is sent to the designers and they choose one or both.“The products used are written on the face chart so the makeup artists know exactly what to do on the night, taking all the complications out.

“There are 70 to 80 models per show and we have 35 makeup artists working behind the scenes.”
Diana says Fashfest is as big for makeup artists and hairdressers as it is for the designers. “We create a show, we create a production,” she says. “Makeup artists and hairdressers don’t get this opportunity anywhere else. “It’s a three-day masterclass where everyone learns the entire time, it’s an insane event to network, they get magnificent photos of their work and amazing internet exposure.”

With more time to prepare for this year’s event, Diana says it’ll be better than ever before.

“We only had eight weeks to prepare last year which was crazy but we were given a thing to do, did it and nailed it,” she says. “We have learnt a lot, mainly when it comes to the logistical side, knowing what we will and won’t do again and how to achieve a better result.”
Expectations are high, especially from Michelle who’ll be in Canberra for all the shows. “This year we’re featuring our whole range of makeup so I’m very excited,” she says. “I can’t wait for the live music and Fashfest can only get better.

“Canberra is known as quite conservative and I think Fashfest puts it on the fashion map.
Once the three-day fashion and beauty extravaganza is over, the lashes will retain the name Fashfest double lash making the Canberra event permanently associated with what’s beautiful and bold.

Tickets are available at 

Debby Vilensky xo 

Friday, 19 August 2016

What We Wore: Dress Over Pants

Let's face it, those of us who have been through the dreaded early 2000's are extremely nervous about the fashion era being in the horizon. The 2000's is the new 80's where so so many fashion faux pas were committed, over and over again - think re-runs of "The Simple Life". Yikes! All types of wrong.

Given that we cannot avoid the inevitable at least there is one trend from that era that we can be thankful for - getting to wear dresses over pants.

I LOVE layering so this trend speaks to me. I remember dabbling in it after Gwenyth Paltrow (now I am sounding old) started the trend after teaming up a handkerchief dress over her pants to cover a fashion faux pas and it took off.

If done right you can create a layered look that's interesting by mixing up different textures and instantly update your look by using existing pieces from your wardrobe. It's also a great way to update your fave LBD!

Stylist tip: When attempting this look make sure you get the balance right for your shape and height. Opt for pants which fit you perfectly, especially around your waist to avoid any unwanted bunching and definitely opt for a skinny leg or flared pant.

Shop the look...

 Vest: Myer
Scarf: Cotton On
Dress: Cue Clothing
Pants: Cotton On
Shoes: Wittner

SP xo
Photography by @wearefound



Hey ladies and gents,

Guess what!? You have a chance to win a photo-shoot with our very own photographer Deejay!
She is giving away a street style photo-shoot via instagram. Head on over to her IG to enter ( , as entries close tonight at 9pm!

To enter it is easy simply find the post featuring the below image, follow her on instagram and tag a friend in the comments. Full T&C are listed on the IG post.

The winner will also be featured on our blog.

Good luck stylish humans xoxo


Tuesday, 16 August 2016


The wait is over! and it's now that time of year again when Canberra's eager fashionistas and creatives go wild over Fashfest - Canberra's very own Fashion festival that brings together the perfect fusion of fashion, #slay models, killer hair and beauty looks, brilliant musicians and an impeccably-dressed crowd.

Fashfest 2016 will be hosted at the National Convention Centre where 40 local, national and international designers will showcase their latest collections. An army of 140 models will walk the runway to perfectly mixed tunes by 25 musicians and to a backdrop of 6 original films which will be woven into each show.

This year some of our favourite designers will return to the Fashfest runway including Hunter the Label, Edition and PurePod and we are particularly excited about retailers such as Rebel Muse, CUE, Witchery and Decjuba joining the festival to provide us with a preview of their new season collections for us to drool over and to add to our wishlists for our very own wardrobes.


There will be two shows each night showcasing designers carefully selected to suit a different theme each night.

Friday 29 September
Show 1 (6.30)—Reverie Explore fashion for its beauty, its brilliance, its sensation. 
Show 2 (8.30)—Furore  Explore fashion as visual art, for its thrill, its spectacle. 

Saturday 30 September
Show 1 (6.30)—Praxis  Explore fashion as an adventure, for its ability to challenge.
Show 2 (8.30)—Limina Explore fashion for its ability to mark key moments in our lives.

Sunday 1 October
Show 1 (6.30)—Spectra Explore fashion for its spirituality and ability to nourish and satisfy.
Show 2 (8.30)—Singularity Explore fashion for its gorgeous qualities, its gift to the world.

Keep an eye out for our Q&As with some of our fave 2016 Fashfest designers in the coming weeks.

Tickets are available to purchase via

TFV xox


Monday, 15 August 2016

S.16 Cue collection at our finger tips

The collection features an eclectic mix, of floral, colour and bold prints. With feels of preppy, sport luxe and striking feminism. One thing we all know is that Cue is known for it it's sharp edges and asymmetry. We love the tailoring and comfortable structures of this new collection. Any or all of these gorgeous items would of hang nicely in our wardrobes, thats for sure.

You know how we say the leather, the better!? Well, we are happy to have found out that Cue has a superb leather bag selection! The quality will knock you socks off and you will invest in one of them. The below silver studded bag is our favourite!

Stylist tip: This Summer, invest in the right pieces. Buy a pair of statement pants or a statement top (like the below).
This skirt is to die for! Layer up we say!
Photography @wearefoundau

Friday, 12 August 2016

Who What Wear - Dr Martins and Vintage Denim

The Fashion Vault caught up with recently signed model Shinae on her way to a shoot. This gorgeous Goulburn girl has been signed with local agency Devojka models.

With a naturally stunning look TFV took five minutes to chat with her about fashion.

“My favourite piece in my wardrobe would have to be my denim skirt,” said Shinae.

“I can put anything with it and a belt and pretty much have an instant outfit, it also has a retro vibe to it which I adore”.

TFV was curious as to what she was most comfortable wearing.

“Summer is my favourite season and I am most comfortable in some staple shorts. My signature is high waisted shorts, doc martinis with a simple tank and a belt.”

We love her look and pretty much think anything would look great on her!

So where does this model draw inspiration from you ask?

Shinae loves to get ideas from an Italian clothing company called "Brandy Melville" which has a retro and old school feel to it aligned with her personal style.

TFV can’t wait to see what this newly signed model gets up to.

Model || @shinae_ralph
Agency || @devojkamodels
MUA | @lilmizz_buzz
Photographer || @wearefoundau

Monday, 8 August 2016

Anum designs her fashion dreams

We truly admire women who follow their dreams, who see a vision and chase after it. Canberra based designer, Anum Qazi took a leap of faith and followed her dreams to create her label Poshaaq. We are so pleased to hear that Poshaaq now stocks at Miss Rose Fashion and one of our favourite boutique stores MUSSEN!

Having completed her degree in Fashion Marketing from Raffles College of Design in Sydney, she had the pleasure of working for a number of reputable fashion houses such as Michael Kors, Giorgio Armani and Polo Ralph Lauren (pretty impressive, right?!). Needless to say this played a monumental role in understanding the fashion industry better and eventually launching her own brand.

Anum says 'It's safe to say that Poshaaq has been my brain child for as long as she has been able to comprehend fashion and through sheer determination and hard work I have been able to realise this dream'. We love this passion!!

We got to play in some of her collection, verdict: We adore the depth of colour in this below gorgeous, lux satin top. It is cut from Satin-Silk and detailed with gold hard wear (our favourite). Anum's pieces are timeless and bold at the same time. I like that they are luxurious without the price tag.

Stylists tip: Roll up the sleeves one or two times to give your look some dimension. There's no point in hiding your wrist candy!

Photography by our girl Deejay @wearefoundau              
We wanted to hear about what she's obsessed with and what inspires her, so here goes:

Labels she loves - Gucci and Balmain, this season. As for high street, Zara is her go to label. 

Inspiration is by - Strong resilient women who are not afraid to chase their dreams. Amen to that!!

If you would like to view the Poshaaq collection click here to SHOP.

A big thank you to Tina Nikolovski for sharing her photos with us! 

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Zoë Foster Blake is nothing less than #amazinger

Zoë Foster Blake is every girl’s girl crush of girl crushes, the woman can do and does it all and knows a thing or two thousand about beauty. Ok here goes…she is a former Beauty Editor of Harper’s BAZAAR and Cosmopolitan, creator of one of Australia’s most successful beauty blogs (formerly fruitybeauty), founder and CEO of natural and cruelty free skincare range Go-To Skincare, writer of multiple columns, author of seven books including ‘The Wrong Girl’ which is currently being made into a TV series, married to comedian and radio personality Hamish Blake and mother to the most adorable kidlet Sonny (check her Instagram @zotheysay and you will know what I mean, so much cuteness!).
Zoë Foster Blake
Lucky for us, Zoë graced our town in her delectable Celine pumps over the weekend and popped in to Muse at the East Hotel to promote her latest book ‘Amazinger Face’ which is essentially an updated version of her original beauty bible ‘Amazing Face’ published in 2011.

Muse was the perfect venue for an afternoon of bubbles, nibbles and mingles with the gal of the hour who opened up her wealth of expertise to a room full of fan-girls (me included) and gave us answers to some of our niggling beauty angsts.

She shared tips on pumping up flat hair with a toothbrush… yep a toothbrush…you simply spray a little hairspray and brush at the roots and voila! She also warned us never to leave the house with wet hair and sea salt spray and volumizing shampoo will do wonders. I am personally already a fan of sea salt spray but I sure will be adding a toothbrush to my hair kit pronto!
Zoë and Janette admiring each other's bling
We love trends so of course we couldn’t help but ask Zoë her predictions on what beauty trends we can expect this season and she said even though she doesn’t get too caught up in trends or fads she assured us a well done matt lip will get you in with the cool kids. 
The highlight for me was when I finally got a quick moment to meet Zoë and the chance to delve into her wisdom on her #1 anti-ageing product and if  she could only have one product to combat anti-ageing what would it be? And her secret is sunscreen! Yep, that’s right… the humble sunscreen. I am pretty sure we will all be digging out the sunscreen from our dusty cupboards and also make it our #1.
Zoë and Me (and my cheesy #girlcrush grin and beauty bible in hand)
A big thanks to Muse and HerCanberra for making us better-beauty-people by bringing Zoë to town, she couldn’t be more #amazinger if she tried.

SP and JL xo
Go-To Skincare
Go-To Skincare and 'Amazinger Face' can be purchased here...
And make sure you follow @zotheysay on Instagram... you won't regret it!

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