Tuesday, 28 June 2016

2016 BET Best Dressed

The 2016 BET Awards have come and gone. I couldn't let this one go by without some honourable fashion mentions. Below are some of our favourites from the festivities.

Janelle Monae keeps it interesting in black and white. Love her stlye.

Nandi Mngoma wearing her own design.

2 Chainz wearing a denim jacket that I would love to have in my own wardrobe!

xo Deejay


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Becca X The BrowLab

On Friday night I attended the BrowLab x Becca Cosmetics look and learn makeup tutorial night. With champagne, nibbles and good company I sat down to watch Burton Yuen deliver three makeup tutorials.
I can honestly say that the experience was awesome and Burton taught me that makeup doesn't need to take hours. Classic looks can be created without much skill. However his dexterity astounded me, as he pretty much used a single brush to complete all the looks.
My favourite look of the night (as picutred above) was a dewy office look utilizing two of my favourite products listed below.

The number one tip I took from the night is to stipple when putting on your foundation. Now I can sense some of you are having a blank look movement right about now.

What is stippling?

Get your stipple brush and squeeze some foundation on your hand and gently dab the brush into the liquid. Be careful not to overload the brown.

Then distribute small amounts of the liquid foundation all over your face. (Do not blend it yet). Then gently stipple the foundation in with a swirling motion.

If you want more details on this technique check out this tutorial on Youtube. This type of application will actually make your makeup last longer and give you a flawless look. "Stippling also ensures you are not rubbing away the work you have already put in", said Burton.
Also if you are not sure what shade of foundation you need, Becca has 20 shades of foundation that would cover most nationality skin tones. If in doubt ask the girls at the BrowLab and in house makeup artist Jolina O'hair (one of my favourites not going to lie).

I'm not makeup artist myself so I haven’t really been familiar with using color concealer correctors.  Becca offers pistachio, peach and violet. Naturally curious I asked Burton what they were each used for:

  • Pistachio to cover redness, for example blemishes
  • Peach is great for very dark under eye circles under the eyes (maybe I should try this one) 
  • Violet is your go to if you are wanting to neutralize liver spots and pigmentation a and yellowness

Overall my favourite two products from the night were:
The Becca backlit primeming filter is great for that dewy skin look. Additionally it doesn’t make your face white when you take a selfie or have a photo taken.

The other must have is from their highlighter range, Shimmering Skin Perfectors for a ethereal highlight that will work on most skin tones, I would go for the opal and moonstone shade. These products were used on the models face below. 

Burton recommends if you want more of an Instagram look (i.e. really bright highlights) opt for pearl to give you that look.

Overall thanks for having me BrowLab it was a fun night! I can't wait to have a play with some of these awesome products myself.

Xo Deejay

Images by Deejay @wearefoundau


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Who What Wear - Classic for the win

Ain't nothing like the classics! A crisp white shirt and some denim ticks all the right boxes and Katie from the Foodie Life knows exactly how to rock it.

Outfit breakdown
Shirt || Jack + Jac
Jeans || Bardot 
Heels || Tony Bianco 
photography Deejay @wearefoundau


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Who What Wear - Like a Boss

Jordi from Devojka Models was stopped on his to a modelling assignment. Being in the industry we questioned him on why fashion is important.

‘Fashion is important to me because it represents who I am through what I wear,’ said Jordi.
His favorite store is Hugo Boss, and when you look like an actual Hugo Boss we can’t argue with that response.

Overall Jordi’s day to day style is sports luxe incorporating a mixture of high end pieces with contemporary sportswear.

Outfit Breakdown
Boots || Zara
Jeans || Forever21
Jacket || Zara
Shirt || Hugo Boss
Scarf || Zara

Photography by our girl @wearefoundau
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