Friday, 27 May 2016

My (non-black) winter must-haves

Ok so this is challenging as I myself love wearing black most days… well ok pretty much every day. Why? because it's slick, easy, flattering and shows off a garment’s finer details.
Coming into winter though, I feel inspired to opt out out of my all-black wardrobe and venture into some colour – and when I say colour I mean anything non-black.

Here is my edit…

The camel tote- totes are my fave bags for winter as you can fit in your layers  and layers of scarves, gloves and beanies as well as a decent sized umbrella. There are some great camel hues out there which are still as classic as your fave black one.
Khaki bomber jacket – I am sure all you tomboys out there already own one however this season presents the boyish bomber jacket for anyone who wants to make a style statement and be super comfy all at once. You will find a khaki bomber at your nearest high street boutique or browsing through your local op-shop. For the brave - customise yours with cool patches or motifs.

White skinny legged jeans  what! for winter? Ah yes! White skinny jeans continue to be on trend and if you think about it, it makes perfect sense to invest in a pair for an instant winter wardrobe lift and to freshen up all your black and grey pieces. Brilliant! (As I imagine a pair of great white jeans together with my black fringed leather jacket).

Denim jacket  ok so this doesn't technically count as 'colour' but it does in my book and hey it's not black. If you don't already own one (and I bet you do -  either a) dust it off and lay it on your shoulders over a knitted dress and white ankle Converse or high top Reebok shoes or b) invest in one this season! So many great styles to choose from, cropped, oversized, classic - whichever you chose you will be living in it this season and no doubt many more seasons to come.

How did I do? Was I adventurous enough?

SP xo


Thursday, 26 May 2016

Fashfest model casting social images

Happy snaps from the 2016 Fashfest model casting.



Hair inspo by Gwen Stefani

Last week, I went through a phase where I printed off a copy of my favourite Gwen Stefani hair styles for inspo. I have been addicted to perfecting a new one, I have to say that this one is my all time favourite! All you have to do is:

1. 4 hair ties
2. Divide you hair in to 4 sections
3. Tie each of them up as if you were doing a ponytail but on the very last loop do it half way
4. Russel each other up
5. Set the top and side with hair spray
6. Voila - no hair in your face, just a rocking hair style!

Once you perfect it, the hair style should only take you 4 minutes, that record time.

Let us know if you try it?! We would love to hear from you.


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Who What Wear - Fashfest Kavi

The Fashion Vault spotted Kavi waiting to walk down the Fashfest catwalk on Sunday. This was Kavi's first time trying out.

His motto going into the casting calls was to be confident and fierce.

Outfit breakdown
Shoes || Wayne Cooper 
Pants, Top and scarf || H&M 
Jacket || Saxony 


Who What Wear - Model Student

Georgia 17 student was captured while at the Fashfest 2016 casting call. With over 500 registrants Georgia is hopeful that she will make it though.  When she leaves college she wishes to study fashion and thought Fashfest would be a great way to experience the industry. 

The fashion Vault wishes you the best of luck. 

Outfit breakdown 
Boots || Gift from a friend 
Jeans  || Supre
Top || Vintage 
Jacket || Misguided 

Photography by Deejay @wearefound


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Who What Wear - Fashfest Tanisha

We can't lie, Tanisha is one of our favourite girls to style stalk in Canberra.
This hottie was snapped at the Fashfest model casting looking effortless as ever.  Showing us how to work denim on denim!
Images by our girl Deejay @wearefoundau

Call me Bond, Bond Hair Religion

As soon as I walked in to the salon, I felt vibes, the salon was buzzing and I felt good, And I was soaking it up! Jules the salon coordinator introduced me to Amber (Leading colourist) and I sat down a menu was put in front of me.
Am I in a restaurant I was thinking to myself?! Awesome, I could choose anything from the sweet of the week (made by Jules, apparently she has never doubled up) coffee and sparkling with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and bread. I was in heaven.

 Amber my hair stylist asked me what look I wanted. I was after a natural look with a bit of vibrancy and wanted to keep my length. As I was describing my needs, Jenni (Principal stylis/art director) and Amber (Leading colourist) nodded and really listened. They even suggested colour style application that I wouldn't need to upkeep. 

We sourced some hair inspo and I went with the winter autumn hair trend and got inspired by Megan Fox. When I get my hair hair cut, I ask, please only cut one centimetre off! Yes, yes replies the hair dresser. Then I see and inch of my hair on the floor!! 

Finally someone who listens to me and understands, I am growing my hair! They walked me through every process. I was happy to be kept in the loop, that meant I knew what to expect and how long it would take.

I had such a great experience at Bond Hair Religion, AND I WOULD go back! I got some great tips on why we wash our hair and how to keep it healthy. I was buzzing from my NEW healthy look and couldn't wait to show it off.
Hair inspo for my new style, Megan Fox. Coloured like the tortoise, shades of caramel and honey, a suns kissed look.
My dry, dull, unhealthy hair. 
My NEW shiny, bright, healthy hair! Me a happy girl!
Goodie hair products from Bond, even though my hair isn't blonde, the best advice the girls gave me was to invest $22.95 in to keeping my hair colour bright and not brassy!

Thank you ladies for taking acre of me I had the best experience! 


You can find them Bond Hair Religion, Shop 6, Green Square, Jardine Street, Kingston Canberra Australia

Monday, 23 May 2016

Model March - Fashfest Casting

This year we saw over 500 models march down the runway in hopes of being cast for this years 2016 FASHFEST.

Set in the National Convention Centre the hopeful models got to  taste of what it would really be like to walk down the catwalk in September.

With DJ Hamish Lardi in control of the decks there was a nice buzz and flow to the casting.

The judges certainly would have had a hard time narrowing down the field.

Robert Coppa, fashion photographer said  'I was looking models who had confidence and a presence walking down the catwalk.'

'An attitude and a strong gaze is certainly something that catches my attention.'

Victoria Schnbl owner of Victorias models said she was seeing versatile models.

'Fashfest models need to walk for a number of designers, so they need to be a blank canvas and their walk has to show confidence and their personality.'

With the casting call wrapped up the models need to sit tight and wait to find out f they were some of the lucky ones to get through.
Photography and video by Deejay @wearefoundau

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