Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Table Eight has had a revamp!

Table Eight has had a revamp and now has some styling game!

So if I am going to be honest I must admit in the past I wouldn’t have thought of shopping at Table Eight for my corporate or casual wear. However, over the weekend I was privileged to have a look through their new Freedom Now AW 16 collection and invited to have a play with some pieces on a shoot.

The verdict? I am a convert!

Kate Visser the buying director has clearly taken Table Eight in a new direction. The brand has moved towards a fresh and modern look. I really can see myself wearing their pieces over the weekend mixing with my existing wardrobe or even extending the items into my corporate wardrobe. I think the pieces are really versatile and can be styled a number of ways.
The AW 16 collection clearly pays tribute to the 70s era. With touches of suede and fringe it is a nice modern interpretation of the era.

So girls if you are looking for a new brand  I encourage you to check out the new look
Table Eight items. I am excited to see how this brand continues to evolve!

the shoot over the weekend I decided to style three key pieces from the New Freedom collection, a wide leg pant, a classic long line vest and a seude black skirt. I found it really easy to mix these items with my existing wradrobe showing their versatlity! Enjoy the images.
Xo Deejay  

Credits: Stylist ||  @wearefoundau
Stylist assistant ||
Model ||
Makeup and hair || @kmmakeup
Photography ||

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