Saturday, 19 December 2015

#Thatchristmasfeeling with Gemma O'Brien

Attending the VIP Christmas party at the Canberra Centre I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting to typography artist Gemma O'Brien.

This Sydney/New York based artist is known for her illustrated typography treatments and hand lettering. 

Her story into art is a beautiful illustration of the success you can have when you follow your true passions and listen to that inner voice.

Gemma had always been a creative person. As a child she would make books and illustrate them. However during school  she never really thought about translating her love for art into a career.

She had studied law for a year but she felt that something wasn't right. There was something about it that just went against the grain. So in a bold move she made the switch to study the fine arts.

It was during this course she fell in love with typography.

Fast forward to today and Gemma is a well known Australia typography artist that is flown around the work to create her work.

"I use art as a way to escape" said Gemma. Noting she does her best work in her studio attic between the hours of 12 and 4am. This allows her to set a rhythm and work with no interruptions.

Gemma constantly draws inspiration from when she travels and take pictures to influence her work in the future.

When speaking about her style Gemma said she prefers working in black and white.

"There is something about about black and white typography. You have to rely on boldness of the image, the design and the scale of it. Black and white allows you to play with details and texture while still producing something classically elegant", said Gemma.

Canberra Centre commissioned Gemma to create a custom typography design for the holiday spirit.

This was first created with pencil outlines and hand painted over three days.

"Painting is a therapeutic process for me. In live instillation a like this I usually don't notice the people walking past as I am concentrating on my work".

We encourage you all to pop past, admire the work from afar to take it in and then get up and close to see the details.

Sarah Kelly with Gemma O'Brien
xo Deejay

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