Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Chachino launch

The Fashion Vault welcomes Chachino with open arms to Canberra’s fashion scene and predicts this label will be reaching further than the borders of the ACT (and in fact it already has, by being featured in Vogue Italia!).  

What is Chachino?
Chachino is a new haute couture bridal and formal label currently based in Canberra. It is the combined creative vision of owners Monika Cerda-cid and sister Lorena Di Zillo.

The label was started from raw and pure emotion. Earlier this year Monika and her husband were struggling with fertility issues. This was an emotional whirlwind for Monika. This personal struggle helped her realise how precious life is and that we all have a path to follow. So instead of falling into depression she channelled her energy into her creative outlet, sewing and designing avant-garde fashion.  So from a moment of vulnerability and emotion Chachino was conceived (est. May 2015).
Chachino owner, Monika with husband Hector.
Where did the name come from?
Monika and Lorena are family oriented sisters and express a great respect and gratefulness for their parents.  The term Chachino loosely translated to the expression "daddy's little girl". As such they named their label in honour of their love for their father.

Chachino’s vision?
These two talented sister are planning to push boundaries with their garment design. As said by Monika “Our vision can best be described like a wild cat that uses its natural instinct to survive, create impact and display elegance with no limits”.
The launch
(Some socialite pics first)

The girls officially launched their label on Sunday 13th backed by a crew of talented creatives from both Canberra and Sydney.
For the fashion lovers who didn’t attend the event I am sad to say you missed out on a wonderful experience. It wasn’t just a typical parade it was a well curated theatrical piece.
Entering the Albert Hall I was immediately impressed with the attention to detail. You were invited in and seated around an enchanted forest in line with Chachino’s visions of wild animals. Lori Cicchini (a local and international published fashion photographer) was the one responsible for translating the girls vision into a reality and she did an epic job.
Adding to the rooms  ambience was smoke machines, moody lighting and a sound custom created sound track developed by Mac Mookie productions.
The models styling was on point with Kathryn Illijoski from 121 hair at the helm of hair styling and Jacqui Scott as the makeup director. Adding further to the show Jessica from Millela couture (From Newcastle) hand crafted head pieces for each of the models.
Chachino show cased a capsule collection of their bridal gowns and evening wear. I think Chachino is red carpet worthy and my favourite gown was a black see through lace number.
The collection and show was the girls showing their journey into design and breaking free.

Anyone who attended that night I think would agree there are great things yet to see from Chachino and that this is only the beginning. Chachino has set the bar high for any label launch in Canberra.
The Fashion Vault wishes the girls the greatest success.
To find out more about them check them out on instagram @chachino_official 


xo Deejay


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