Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Beauty of Photography

Being a stylist has enabled me to make some amazing creative connections. I’ve become close friends with designers, makeup artists and photographers.

All of whom have nurtured me , encouraged and challenged me to grow creatively. Recently after upgrading from my clunky Canon DSL 30D to a Fujifilm Ex-2 I decided it was time to learn more about photography. No auto settings, no instagram filters, just me, the camera and my way of seeing the world.

The aim? To get better at capturing what I see on a daily basis with hopes to share it with you all. Recently I am viewing life with so much more gratitude and thought it should be captured.

I’ve been fortunate to have friends (who happen to be awesome photographers) mentor me, Garry Chiu and  Tina Nikolovski.  Both who encourage me on the daily and have a blind faith in my skills. Garry even let me use his camera rig worth over 7k to get a feel of a different camera. Silly man don't think he realises how clumsy I can be... 

I am grateful as they  are willing to provide their time, patience and tips on shooting and editing. What has amazed me during this learning process is how we all have a different eye/view point.

Photography // Garry Chiu  
Hair & Styling // Deejay Jukic 
Makeup // Taylor Perrin

On set with Garry we had access to the same model, same scenario yet our images come out so differently. That there is the beauty of photography. It really is an expression of one’s self and how you view the world. There is no right or wrong there is only art. 

Below are some images I wanted to share with you from the weekends shoot with an amazing team.

 I’m still new to it all and hope to develop my own style. i know my purpose is to create. I hope that you are able to take a moment to look within, listen to what drives you and do more of what makes you happy! Enjoy xo

Photography, Hair & Styling //  Deejay Jukic  
Hair & Styling // Deejay Jukic 
Makeup // Taylor Perrin
Mentor //Garry Chui

xo Deejay
And this is how I shoot apparently


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  1. Alison has definitely chosen the correct career. What a beautiful person, what a beautiful niece


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