Thursday, 19 November 2015

The essential sneaker edit

The other day I enjoyed a picturesque run around the lake. The weather was warm, the leaves were such a vibrant green and there were so many other people out and about enjoying the view. The only thing ruining my run was the dull ache I had in my arch from my sneakers.

So naturally in a conversation I mentioned to my friend that I needed new sneakers. She raised her eyebrow apprehensively at me and highlighted that I already had like five pairs of sneakers to choose from.

What I had to explain and justify to her is there they aren’t all the same.  Every woman needs  a variety of sneakers for different purposes.

Let me elaborate on this further…

At minimum you need

1. The Running Sneaker

I am a firm believer and your podiatrist would agree, you need to invest in a good running shoe. If you don’t you could find yourself more prone to injuries and blisters. How to find a good fit?

Personally athletes foot I found were very helpful as too was the Runners shop. Each store offers speciality advice for what is good for you and your running needs. Since then I have found that Nike free runs are the best for me and I am a repeat purchaser.  Do take the time to find what supports your foot the best and make the decision to invest in your health.  This is not a time to be thinking about what colour or style is ‘fashionable’.

 2. The Casual Sneaker

While I would love to be one of those girls who can wear heels all the time my feet just can’t do it. So I value having some stylish casual sneakers to wear as an option. I say yes to sports luxe! However,  I would still avoid the old school white Asics with denim jeans as favoured by Jerry Seinfeld. This is still taboo. 

Now that you have your basic sneaker set up you could go further but it is totally up to you.

3. Gym sneaker

I see this sneaker as an in between for the casual and a running sneakers.  Yes, I am one of those obnoxious people who coordinates their gym outfits. I figure if I feel good I am more likely to work harder as I am already in the right head space. So on days that I don’t do cardio at the gym I opt for my sneakers that are still gym appropriate but that I wouldn’t necessarily go for a 6km run in.

4. High top sneaker

Did I mention I love high tops? Obviously this isn’t a necessity but if you are into urban casual looks I think you would agree that they are handy to have. The below sneakers are some of my favourites currently available.


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Mod Squad - Beauty shoot

Sharing with you all some images I helped create with an amazing team. Paying homage to the 60s and 70s feel.

Model: @_Chloegranger
MUA: @JoilinaOHair
Photographer: @gforgaz

Hair: @Kosastudio
Stylist: Deejay for The Fashion Vault (@wearefoundau)

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Stylist Abroad: LA X LONDON

On a recent trip to London I found myself inspired walking through the cobblestone streets, as the weather was heading into the colder months, by the local’s unique autumn street style. Consisting of boots, brogues, textured jackets and darker tones such as black, navy and army green, somewhat symbolising edgy-rocker chic style. The key fashion trend for this season I observed on the streets of London is fashionista's ability to layer their outfits. See below for my top picks for London's hottest style trends. 

Soon after my week long love affair with London came to an end  it was time to jet off to LA to observe the California way of life. I found in LA, due to their warmer autumn season, most of the locals chose to dress themselves in ripped denim, structured blazers, bohemian inspired hats and boots, and traditional to Hollywood style - summer glow tans,  making it feel like summer all year round. The colour palette for LA consisted of whites, denim in all shapes or forms, blacks, tans, nudes and khaki shades, overall a quite relaxed take due to the Californian nature.  Below I’ve listed my favourite trends to get this inspired look.

To sum it up both places have such a unique and fabulous take on fashion that can be used in everyday life no matter what the location.


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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Beauty of Photography

Being a stylist has enabled me to make some amazing creative connections. I’ve become close friends with designers, makeup artists and photographers.

All of whom have nurtured me , encouraged and challenged me to grow creatively. Recently after upgrading from my clunky Canon DSL 30D to a Fujifilm Ex-2 I decided it was time to learn more about photography. No auto settings, no instagram filters, just me, the camera and my way of seeing the world.

The aim? To get better at capturing what I see on a daily basis with hopes to share it with you all. Recently I am viewing life with so much more gratitude and thought it should be captured.

I’ve been fortunate to have friends (who happen to be awesome photographers) mentor me, Garry Chiu and  Tina Nikolovski.  Both who encourage me on the daily and have a blind faith in my skills. Garry even let me use his camera rig worth over 7k to get a feel of a different camera. Silly man don't think he realises how clumsy I can be... 

I am grateful as they  are willing to provide their time, patience and tips on shooting and editing. What has amazed me during this learning process is how we all have a different eye/view point.

Photography // Garry Chiu  
Hair & Styling // Deejay Jukic 
Makeup // Taylor Perrin

On set with Garry we had access to the same model, same scenario yet our images come out so differently. That there is the beauty of photography. It really is an expression of one’s self and how you view the world. There is no right or wrong there is only art. 

Below are some images I wanted to share with you from the weekends shoot with an amazing team.

 I’m still new to it all and hope to develop my own style. i know my purpose is to create. I hope that you are able to take a moment to look within, listen to what drives you and do more of what makes you happy! Enjoy xo

Photography, Hair & Styling //  Deejay Jukic  
Hair & Styling // Deejay Jukic 
Makeup // Taylor Perrin
Mentor //Garry Chui

xo Deejay
And this is how I shoot apparently

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