Friday, 30 October 2015

Pink is the new Black with Bazzar's, Kellie Hush

Pink Ink will no longer be visible to the streets of Canberra. You will have to go inside to see the world of art and design complement each other. When I first walked in, I felt like I went down a rabbit hole only to find myself in a high-end designer 'Alice in Wonderland' store. I could feel myself wanting to try on every garment from Missoni, Max Mara and Ellery - I wanted it all. 

Special guest, Editor-in-chief, Kellie Hush took the floor and shared some lovely experiences she had about growing up and studying in Canberra. When It was Q&A time, I asked her about what brands she adored most. "Kit Willow, Alex Perry and Prada" she said. I beamed the biggest smile, proud to be wearing Alex Perry to my wedding (in two weeks!). Of course, I asked her about footwear - sneakers, my second love and she replied "I wear Nike, New Balance and Vans." Happy to take a few pair off her hands!

Jane Pettersen, Pink Ink's creative director said that "It's a change that touches you visually and there's a real feeling of exclusivity now." As I looked around I could feel what she was saying. I discovered the unbelievable artwork and studied the chairs, I could see the vision they have created.
Pink Ink Boutique is a luxury retail experience where Art and Design complement each other, its a designation and creative space. 
The beautiful new look
Editor-in-chief, Kellie Hush taking Q&As with Host Catherine Friday 
Some colourful and textured designs available to buy
 Loving this gorgeous gold trimmed feature chair and colourful flower wall
Fashion icon, Sarah Kelly taking a moment (probably Instagramming ;))
Getting inspired by the vibes in Pink Ink
From the outside, with Sarah Kelly wearing Romance Was Born and me wearing Sass and Bide.
Posing in the change room with these beauties Jess Harmc and Jess Rolfe.
 Adoring the variety of chic shoes with: (From left to right) Alicia from Rebel Muse; Jemma Mrdak, A Stylish Moment; and Sarah Kelly, My Fashion Empire.
Only looking, no eating here! Promise. Creme filled meringues topped with fairy floss and a raspberry, drool.

I always love going to fashion events and rubbing shoulders with my fellow bloggers who are like minded and passionate women. It's always a pleasure, until next time.

 Jan X

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