Monday, 21 September 2015

Time to let go

When is it time to let go?

At some point in our lives I know we have all asked ourselves this important question . 

Sometimes there is no easy answer. You fall into the trap recalling all those happy memories together. Visits to your favourite restaurant, movie outings, parties and hanging with friends.We tend to block out the disappointments and negatives.  Then naturally you start thinking about how much time and money you have invested and have second thoughts about letting go. You think about the what ifs and buts….

No,  I’m not talking about your partner. 

I’m actually talking about the clothes that are currently exploding from your wardrobe right now. It's time to let go of the emotional attachments we hold to garments and clean out the closet. 

Spring clean!

Firstly let’s set things straight I am not one to judge, my wardrobe is literally a direct take from the Confessions of a shopaholic movie only maybe worse because it’s currently spread across three rooms, a store room and a basement at my aunties house.  My family have even threatened to fill in an application to appear on that ‘hoarders’ show.

Now that we have established a non-judgemental framework let’s open our wardrobe (perhaps with a bottle of your favourite wine in hand) and stare at the mess thinking how the f*ck did I manage to accumulate ALL of this.

Culling your wardrobe is doable but it is about breaking the process down into manageable chunks. Pour a glass,  and press play on your favourite jams and enlist the help of your brutally honest bestie.

1 .Get in the mind set - Accept it

We all have items that simply aren’t worn, still have tags and some that well, we would be embarrassed to even show our friends. Do not feel ashamed of this. Accept it and embrace it.

Clear your mind and tell yourself you can do this, you got this! You will feel better after the purge.

2. Take it all out

Muscle up and go forth into the wilderness of your wardrobe. Pull it all out and dump it on the floor/bed or wherever there is an empty space in the room. This will give you an overview of how much crap you really have. 

You will be hit with mixed feelings around about this point. Guilty, amazement, shock and horror are just to name a few. For me the wine wasn’t’ strong enough I opted for some Don Julio.
This is the time you need to be honest with yourself.

3. Segment

Ok so your room now looks like a bomb has hit it and you don’t know where to start. In my case finding a clear space was difficult.

How to progress?  Segment! Chunk your clothing into categories. Jeans, pants, jumpers, jackets, dresses etc.

Within each of these categories break it down further into groups of ‘Keep’, ‘Store’  and ‘Au revoir’.  To do this you need to try it all on, assess in front of a mirror and ask yourself some of the below questions.

To help you decide what to put in the ‘Au revoir’ pile, ask yourself these questions:
ü  When was the last time I wore this?
ü  What other items does this go with in my wardrobe? (you want at least three items in your current wardrobe that you could mix and match with)
ü  Does it fit/suit my body shape?
ü  Does this highlight my assets?
ü  How do I feel when I wear this?
ü  Does this reflect my style?
ü  Does this colour suit me? (If you look like you have just seen a ghost wearing the item it’s likely not a good colour for you, turf the item)?
365 days
One classic piece of fashion advice that still rings true is “if you haven’t worn it in a year toss it!” There is no point in cluttering your wardrobe with items that you “might” wear.

Obviously there are one or two exceptions like a  ball gown you might only wear on a special occasions but for all other items be brave, and ruthless.

If you have the luxury of a spare wardrobe think about moving your winter items into that space so that you have a clean space for spring summer. If you don’t vacuum seal bags are great for storing knotted and bulky items over the warmer months.

Emotional attachments - There is no point on holding on to things that used to fit you when you were 21 and you wore it on your first date with your hubby but now you have hips and an ass so there is no chance of shimming back into it.  Quiet often we hold on to things due to the emotional attachment. It is hard to let go but when you do, you really do feel lighter and better for it. A garment only has the value we put on it. 

It is also worthwhile to go through your ‘Au revoir’ and decide if you have the patience and time to list the items on Ebay, go to a local fashion market like Fashion Treasure or list on Canberra’s Fashionexchange

You have the potential to make some money for items you no longer love putting that money towards your next calculated purchase. If this fails donate to charity foundations there are so many out there who are in need of clothing.

4. Wardrobe organisation

To help maintain a de-cluttered wardrobe I cannot stress the importance of quality hangers and other storage items. It is worth while taking a trip to a store like Howards Storage World. Here you will find good quality hangers, shoe storage, draw separators, jewellery holders. My kind of heaven. Cost co is actually awesome too for black felt hangers, that help keep your garments on the hanger and actually create extra space in your wardrobe. 

Throw away your wire hangers and get a bit OCD on your wardrobe. I find that colour coding within your segments also helps organise the space. 

An orderly wardrobe enables you to see what you have more easily, this will help you with outfit selection and the ability to rotate your garments. 

Now stand back and marvel and your beautiful clutter free wardrobe!


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