Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Copacabana - Spring Essentials

Tropical prints and stripes 
Outfit breakdown 
Necklace - Devine Goddess two toned beads $89

We called this shoot ‘The Copacabana’. This season is all about the stripes with tropical prints. I am more than happy to say bye, bye to dressing in black and white for the winter and hello to spring! I have to say I am pretty excited about floating around in stripes, bright colours and clashing prints!
For spring we are predicting a blast of tropical prints and any of your favourite pieces in stripes.
For this editorial shoot we teamed up with the ladies at Mussen to help bring our’ Copacabana’ vision to life. If you can believe it, it was shot inside Beach Burrito in Garema place.

If it weren’t for the love of pom poms this shoot wouldn’t exist. It started with the pom poms and loads of them. We knew we needed cabana princesses to possess our inner Rio de Janiero in the middle of winter.
Tropical prints
As for the tropical trend, it’s rich to add a bit of colour to your palette and we think khaki, bush, palm green are ones high on the priority shade list. These shades will leave you to think differently about the colour and you’ll probably start with something small to incorporate in your wardrobe.

This might be a bold move but for some the crazier the better AND there’s this word – effortless = minimal. Mixing prints with more prints is easy, just try it. Start with something and layer it on, if it doesn’t seem right, then it probably isn’t.

Stripes are really easy to wear just pay attention to the thickness of the stripes. The thicker the stripe, the wider you will look.
Outfit breakdown

A lot of time and exploring a vision goes in to any shoot and you need the perfect team to help you with that. Being open minded as a stylist is key,  for example your background circumstances can change all of a sudden because the lighting  you had in mind completely disappeared because of some tall ass building. You have to be able to think on your feet and come up with suggestions and lead the team.

I had a blast on the shoot and recognised that what I love about attention to detail – makes a difference. The way an earring is facing, the way the model’s legs are placed – all make a difference to your vision. To capture the shot, your vision you need a team to do this and we were so thrilled to have an epic team to bring it to life. Thank you.

Next time you’re in the mood and you want to go cabana jungle wild start with a printed jungle top to express your inner cabana amazon princess.

Special thanks to the talented editorial team: 

Garry Chiu                            www.garrychiuphotography.com
                                               Instagram @gforgaz

Model 1 
Emily Tokic 
                                               Instagram @emilytokic

Model 2 
Simone Luker
                                               Instagram @simoneluker
Hair Stylist
Leslie Henshaw
                                               From Next Hair
                                               Instagram @leslie_henshaw

Makeup Artist 
Jolina O'Hair                         http://jolinaohair.com
                                               Instagram @jolinaohair

Concept                                 Janette Lenk for The Fashion Vault

Emily styled by Janette Lenk
                                               Simone styled by Daniella Jukic

Styling Assistant                 Jessica Rolfe

Clothing                                Mussen Clothing 
Jewellery                              Featured on Emily - Devine Goddess
                                               Featured on Simone - made by Daniella


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