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A day in the life of a stylist - Jessica Rolfe

A Day in the Life of a Stylist

Here is just a look back at my fashion filled weekend, styling four shoots in 3 days.
In the last few months I’ve started picking up more gigs in my spare time and trying to expand my styling portfolio through the Canberra and Sydney market.
On Saturday I styled two shoots which were held in Canberra in the morning with a talented team including: 
Photographer: - Robert Coppa
MUA: - Amy Narayan
Hair: - Cindy Rue
Model: - Akari Shiokawa
Stylist: Jessica Rolfe
My Assistant Kirsty Lowe 
Image by Robert Coppa 

@robertxc @amycapeda_mua @famee_girl  @jessicarolfe1 @kirstylowe22
Here is an image released from Saturdays shoot of the stunning Akari Shiokawa from HAUS MODELS
Before jet setting off to Sydney in the afternoon for a shoot for Pandora featuring Ursula Williams and Photographed by none other than Helen-Jayne Driscoll the photographer for The Rue Collective!!! (I'll update you guys more on that shoot in a few weeks) 
Ursula Williams @theaspirer, Jessica Rolfe  @jessicarolfe1 and Helen-Jayne Driscoll @bohotailor
A shameless selfie at the shoot on Saturday
Witchery Fringe top and Glasses
Shoulder Bag Celine

Sunday was a new day starting with an early shoot inspired around bohemian glam including such talents such as: 
Photographer: - Gary Chiu 
MUA / Hair: - Jolina O Hair
Model: - Elizabeth Hannah
Stylist: - Jessica Rolfe 
 BTS from Sundays Shoot @gforgaz @elizhannan @jolinaohair @jessicarolfe1                      BTS of @elizhannah

Watch this space for more on this shoot and the full shoot coming soon.
Finally to end my weekend I got to work for a shoot won by Erin Pittard by Raw Australia featuring:
Photographer: - Robert Coppa
Model: - Simone Luker
MUA & Hair: - Erin Tg
Stylist: - Jessica Rolfe 
This shoot was very edgy, rocker chic using darker tones with a hint of lady gaga esque styling inspiration.

Image released by Robert Coppa from yesterdays shoot
BTS with Simone Luker [Model] , Robert Coppa – Photographer and Jessica Rolfe- Stylist, Erin Pittard [Make Up Artist] 
@robertxc @simoneluker @erintg @jessicarolfe1

Overall a great weekend filled with such different projects as you can see, this weekend holds a few more shoots so you’ll have to follow The Fashion Vault to see whats in the cards in the coming weeks.
Jessica Rolfe 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Copacabana - Spring Essentials

Tropical prints and stripes 
Outfit breakdown 
Necklace - Devine Goddess two toned beads $89

We called this shoot ‘The Copacabana’. This season is all about the stripes with tropical prints. I am more than happy to say bye, bye to dressing in black and white for the winter and hello to spring! I have to say I am pretty excited about floating around in stripes, bright colours and clashing prints!
For spring we are predicting a blast of tropical prints and any of your favourite pieces in stripes.
For this editorial shoot we teamed up with the ladies at Mussen to help bring our’ Copacabana’ vision to life. If you can believe it, it was shot inside Beach Burrito in Garema place.

If it weren’t for the love of pom poms this shoot wouldn’t exist. It started with the pom poms and loads of them. We knew we needed cabana princesses to possess our inner Rio de Janiero in the middle of winter.
Tropical prints
As for the tropical trend, it’s rich to add a bit of colour to your palette and we think khaki, bush, palm green are ones high on the priority shade list. These shades will leave you to think differently about the colour and you’ll probably start with something small to incorporate in your wardrobe.

This might be a bold move but for some the crazier the better AND there’s this word – effortless = minimal. Mixing prints with more prints is easy, just try it. Start with something and layer it on, if it doesn’t seem right, then it probably isn’t.

Stripes are really easy to wear just pay attention to the thickness of the stripes. The thicker the stripe, the wider you will look.
Outfit breakdown

A lot of time and exploring a vision goes in to any shoot and you need the perfect team to help you with that. Being open minded as a stylist is key,  for example your background circumstances can change all of a sudden because the lighting  you had in mind completely disappeared because of some tall ass building. You have to be able to think on your feet and come up with suggestions and lead the team.

I had a blast on the shoot and recognised that what I love about attention to detail – makes a difference. The way an earring is facing, the way the model’s legs are placed – all make a difference to your vision. To capture the shot, your vision you need a team to do this and we were so thrilled to have an epic team to bring it to life. Thank you.

Next time you’re in the mood and you want to go cabana jungle wild start with a printed jungle top to express your inner cabana amazon princess.

Special thanks to the talented editorial team: 

Garry Chiu                  
                                               Instagram @gforgaz

Model 1 
Emily Tokic 
                                               Instagram @emilytokic

Model 2 
Simone Luker
                                               Instagram @simoneluker
Hair Stylist
Leslie Henshaw
                                               From Next Hair
                                               Instagram @leslie_henshaw

Makeup Artist 
Jolina O'Hair               
                                               Instagram @jolinaohair

Concept                                 Janette Lenk for The Fashion Vault

Emily styled by Janette Lenk
                                               Simone styled by Daniella Jukic

Styling Assistant                 Jessica Rolfe

Clothing                                Mussen Clothing 
Jewellery                              Featured on Emily - Devine Goddess
                                               Featured on Simone - made by Daniella


Monday, 17 August 2015

The woman behind the label - MAAK

The stage lights are off and the catwalk is long gone since Fashfest 2015 but for designer Charne Esterhuizen from Maak the momentum hasn't stopped.

I find this woman highly inspiring, passionate and inspirational. At a young age of 16 Charne moved to Australia from South Africa and instantly saw that there was so much opportunity and potential here.

She began fashion in year 11 and has since fallen in love. At only 22 she has completed fashion at CIT,  held a position as a fashion director for a clothing manufacturer and now owns and runs her own label Maak.

Having only created and launched her label this year, the 2015 Fashfest fashion festival was the first time Charne showcased her label. Charne wanted to experience and participate in the show first hand and immerse herself in the experience.

 “The lead up to Fashfest was intense. Every designer goes through it. You can’t eat  or  sleep much as you are focused on designing and sewing 24/7”, recounts Charne.

It’s worthy to note unlike some labels Charne does absolutely everything this includes, PR, design, pattern making and sewing. It is clear that her passion drives her and gives the much needed energy to do something like this.

Having attempted to make garments myself and unpicking more than I sew I find this amazing. I can also say that from viewing her range at Fashfest she isn't one to disappoint. Her collection is cohesive and very wearable meeting her objective. The garments are clean lined but up close you will see layers, texture and finer details.

As a designer Charne recommends in participating in events like Fashfest and RAW to challenge yourself and to help create awareness and build networks for your brand.

 “Canberra has great potential it is small so everyone knows everyone. I see this as a benefit especially since my brand is still in its infancy”.

As natural go getter I asked Charne where she hopes to be in the next five years time.

“Currently I am focusing on designing my next collection and in five years time who knows I want to aim for international recognition”.

The creative process

I was also curious to ask what the creative process is for Charne’s collections.

“Every collection of mine has a different story. I design it so that it revolves around people and what they do”.

“Naturally I am a people watcher. What they do it intrigues me and how they react in different  people and environments”.

“The current collection is based on how loud a personality can be. I wanted to explore personality types through my colour range from white, peach , green to black to black. White signifies the shy unconfident  person whilst the black is lets go out let’s go party personality type.

“The collection is a visual representation of the contrast that exists between personality types”, said 

I’m looking forward to Charne’s next collection which will likely take some inspiration from her recent trip to Hong Kong.

As I am interested in sewing and design I asked for some advice as a parting question.

Charne’s advice  
  • If you don’t know what you are doing research before you do it! This will reduce wasted time, tears and budget blow out.
  • When designing be fearless and take risks, this is a part of the experience.
Want more

Check out more from the label on:

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Shoe Weekly - 16 August 2015

We all need to put our best foot forward. Makes it easier when you are wearing some hot shoes. This is the Fashion Vaults weekly edit of the top three!


Saturday, 15 August 2015

Key basic essentials

I know we had snow falling from the skies a couple of days ago but geez, the weather is putting on quite a good show! If there is a couple things I can teach you, it's to keep your coats close as you can never predict the weather - demonstrated earlier this week! 
Draping is fun and makes you look expensive, even if you are wearing just jeans. Keep an eye for basic essentials, look around in Kmart or Target. You'll be surprised with how long some of these items last for.
Soo in love with my Nike Theas - I practical live in them.
I just love that when you walk in to Target or Kmart you can buy basic essentials. Like this, Target white roll-neck, skivvy I'm wearing bought for $15. I have worn this basic essential piece under blazers, tucked in to skirts and under jumpers. It has served purpose for warmth and for the layered look. The jacket was a steal from Seduce 40% wool for $159! Such great value for wool. I held out for it because it was end of season and I knew eventually it would come down further - you just have to be smart.


Photography by Kevin Landale

Thursday, 13 August 2015


We all know an outfit isn't complete without the perfect selection of accessories. But knowing when to style an outfit with dainty or chunky jewellery can be the difference between achieving the perfect look versus failing to make a style statement.

Dainty – when less is more

There was a time when I wouldn't have thought to style an outfit with dainty gold chains or silver charm bracelets and the only dainty pieces in my accessories drawer were given to me as gifts or passed down as family heirlooms. But to my surprise the last few seasons have inspired me to invest in a mix of dainty chains, charm bracelets and simple stud earrings –perfect for layering.

Wink Jewellery $49

Tiffany & Co $2300
Marc By Marc Jacobs $78

Dainty pieces are a great choice when you want to add a touch of femininity or subtly embellish an already busy outfit and can add that perfect hint of glamour to your lazy pair of boyfriend jeans and fave white tee. Try mixing different golds, rose golds, pewters and different shades of silvers together to make a statement.
PDPAOLA Jewelry 

Chunky – when OTT is a must!

I am big fan of over-sized and chunky jewellery – my eyes go wide when I come across a perfect statement necklace, that great pair of chandelier earrings or a set of gemmed cocktail rings. There is no denying that a piece of chunky jewellery can make or break an outfit and is perfect for mixing up your look with key season trends or for freshening up a classic outfit such as your little black dress or your go-to business shirt and pencil skirt.

ASOS $37

Totally Jewel $28
Peter Lang $109

When in doubt, you cannot go wrong with embellishing your look with chunky statement jewellery when you yourself want to make a statement. Think cocktail parties, gala balls and a night out with the girls. When you are pressed for time, throw your favourite chunky jewellery in your bag along with your favourite lipstick to instantly transform your look from day to night.

Samantha Wills $499 
There you have it! Which best reflects your style? Dainty or chunky?
SP xo


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Shoe Weekly - 9 August 2015

We all need to put our best foot forward. Makes it easier when you are wearing some hot shoes. This is the Fashion Vaults weekly edit of the top three!

Let's start the week in some comfy loafers. Always a classy option.

 Get it now: 


Saturday, 8 August 2015

Stylist Abroad: Bali Dreaming with Jess Rolfe

Whilst in Bali recently, I collaborated with good friend and fashion designer Emma O'Rourke from The Label to style and shoot a mini-editorial titled 'Loco' inspired by the wonders of Bali.

The Label is an Australian made brand and fashion label, currently Canberra-based focusing on refined, innovative and wearable clothing for women.
The outside shower from our private villa served as the perfect setting to shoot the beautiful Kirsty Lowe - amongst the rocks and against the wooden panels, giving off that summer feel.
Kirsty wears a crochet bikini by Andie Bagus alongside The Label- long line minimal top.
I wanted this shoot to be sexy and show off the amazing top designed by Emma, demonstrating that  there is more than one way to wear her garment. Be that strutting the streets over a pair of jeans or toning it down by wearing over a swimsuit or bikini by the pool, each way stunning in itself.
For more check out The Label's Instagram @the_label_designs and Website.

Styling, photography and words by
Jess Rolfe (@jessicarolfe1)


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Mod Noir - Marc Jacobs stylish new fragrance

Ladies, listen up. Your favourite new fragrance is here!

Let's get real for a second - we all love a little bit of Marc. There's no denying it. So when the new Marc Jacob's fragrance Mod Noir hit stands exclusively at Sephora last month, suffice it to say the designer's newest addition to his fragrance collection would be out the door faster than a pair of Louboutins on sale.

Described as a modern interpretation of a classic gardenia fragrance, with an upscale sophisticated, feel, this new signature scent-sation has top notes of green, gardenia at the heart, with a creamy musk base. Making Mod Noir everything that our senses have been waiting for - the perfect balance between florals and musks with a contemporary and classic finish. This intoxicating new fragrance comes in a cheeky bottle that is a nod to the designers quirky and iconic runway collections - linear black and white stripes representative of his love for bold elements, while contrasted by the circular sphere shape of the bottle. Have I got your attention? Good.

Shop it now at

M xo

By Melissa Daniels @beauty.and.thebasics 


Monday, 3 August 2015

Jewels and cocktails at the QT hotel

When we received the invite in our inbox we knew straight away we would pair jewels with cocktails! When we walked in, we were greeted and taken to our first stop to the glam cocktail lounge. Home to a view which is by far one of the best in Canberra, from lakeside to city.

QT Canberra is a unique designer hotel that celebrates its history through bold design and a mix of quirky artifacts. We love the bespoke furniture and daring use of colour and art throughout the hotel. 


We were tantalised by 4 different cocktails:
  • Pineapple and Cinnamon Capirinha
  • Smoked apple sour
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler
  • French Toast
And Adorned with DevineGoddess accessories:
  • Aphrodite , Bejewelled gold cuff
  • Shades of purple stones, bracelet   
  • Egyptian jewelled, necklace   
  • Midnight glisten, ring
We were then taken down to the Capitol Bar & Grill to start a nine course, delectable dinner from their newest menu including delicous Tuna Belly Carpaccio, Ice Radishes, Organic Mint Tea Smoked Grape Tomatoes, Young Coriander, Lime.

The concept restaurant Capitol Bar & Grill offers a range of fine, international and local  wine, bistro classics and future favorites with an Italian twist.

The Classic Spiced Duck Confit Leg, Lentils, Carrot Chunks, etc, etc melted in our mouths! It was the best duck I have ever eaten. Right, next week we are coming back for that!

Out of the nine dishes, we had to pick our top three. The duck the Tuna Carpaccio and the plate of jewels! Just kidding the dessert!  

You should have seen the theatrics of this dessert. We indulged in a Kubrick Era Dessert, White Chocolate Dome Filled with Quince, Double Chocolate Mousse, Spearmint Sorbet, Bitter Chocolate Crumble, Collapsing Dark Chocolate Sauce. It melted our eyes and our hearts.

We loved pairing our jewels with our evening, here is closer look of the gorgeous Devine Goddess jewels we wore.

Sofia's outfit break down
Top: Witchery
Skirt: ZARA
Jacket: ZARA
Clutch: Mimco

Janette's outfit break down
Top: Country Road
Pants: Seed
Belt: Oxford

A big thank you for having The Fashion Vault! <3 JL and SP XO

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