Monday, 1 June 2015

LASHing out at Fashfest

Well it’s been a few weeks since Canberra’s biggest fashion event hit our social scene. The media frenzy that is FASHFEST is finally slowing down to a gentle hum, and Instagram accounts are slowly but surely getting back to normal. (Big relief for my data usage – just saying). As always with events like these there are a few special brands who make such a big impact during the fashion enthusiast’s dream-week, that we just can’t help but obsess over them. Case and point – MODELROCK Lashes.
 My beauty inspo for attending night 3 of Fashfest as Beauty Editor for The Fashion Vault was super simple, and focussed on four key aspects:

Flawless, dewy, glowing skin,
A bold lip,
Un-brushed ‘I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-like-this’ hair, and
Big, natural eyes with contouring. 

When it came to the lashes, I was initially perturbed by the idea of donning some falsies. After all, my look was 90’s minimalist chic, not necessarily worthy of a set of faux lashes, right??? WRONG. 

The ‘Little Miss’ lashes by MODELROCK Lashes were the PERFECT pair of lashes for my look. 

Obviously one of the more subtle pairs in the MODELROCK range the ‘Little Miss’ lashes were just enough for the overall look I was trying to achieve – light, soft to the touch lashes that feel completely natural, giving my eyes a wider, brighter look without sacrificing the natural shape of my eye. 

Unlike some other brands which can leave your lids feeling heavy, MODELROCK’s Little Miss lashes are weightless. The MUA at Mecca Cosmetica in the Canberra Centre who got me face-ready for Fashfest, commented on how light and easy they were to apply and how well the glue worked. Sometimes lash applications can be sticky and tricky – often requiring more than one attempt to get them to stay put. But these bad boys passed that test with flying colours. Huzzah! There’s also often the pesky problem where your lids get shut together from the severe glue and require tweezers to pull the lashes apart (Come on girls, we have all been there!) So I was pleasantly surprised when attempting to open my eyes after the lash application to discover that I could in fact open my eyes. (Hooray! All the feels) 

All in all I have to say I was totally impressed. These lashes ticked all of the boxes for me;
  • Super cute packaging with easy to follow instructions for first timers,
  • Light texture and deliciously soft lashes that feel natural and don’t weigh down the eye,
  • Amazing price point for a quality lash that stays put the entire night (for under $12 these lashes are an absolute bargain!) 

I loved wearing these lashes, and I have no doubt you will too!!
Pick up yours today from 

MD xo 


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