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Closet Curiosities - Dania Khalil

We all have items in our closet that have a deeper meaning than simply a pair of shoes or a clutch. Some are our favourites because they make us feel fabulous when we wear them and other items have been handed down from our grandma or given as gifts for special occasions, anniversaries or simply a bargain buy.

What ever the story is behind it, we are curious!

TFV has now started to explore our reader's wardrobes to find hidden treasures and the stories behind them. We were fortunate enough to be invited into the home of Dania Khalil to venture into her amazing closet.

Who is Dania? 
Meet our first Closet Curiosities participant Dania Khalil, mother of two, Business Development Officer for Harvey Norman, and fashionista!

Her Style
I've always admired Dania's style. She has an ability to put together outfits that are the perfect balance between edgy and classic. She favours clean lines and neutral palattes rather than busy prints.

She is inspired by brands like Manning Cartell and Alex Perry and is influenced by classic icons such as Audrey Hepburn.

Working in a corporate environment Dania takes care in her presentation.  "I value dressing appropriately for the occasions at hand," said Dania.

Tom Ford's saying "dressing well is a form of good manners" is something that I live by, said Dania. In her line of work she is required to meet with clients and attend special events.

"Lately I have been required to go to a number of functions, charity events and balls. It gets expensive always needing new items all the time. As such I have started hiring gowns and dresses from my friend's recently launched business"

"Just Once allows me to keep up with fashion trends without having to invest too much. It's so easy too. I choose the dress or outfit that I need, it's mailed to me and I get to enjoy it for the night and mail it back".

With the prevalence of social media these days I understand that it's harder to recycle looks and really like Dania's practical view on dressing. As much as we all would love designer gowns our bank accounts do have limits (unless you're that fortunate Canberra person to win 50 million the other day). TFV will need to check out Just Once as soon as possible I think!

Her favourite items 

Now that you know a little more about Dania let's have a closer look at her favourite items.

The Silk Robe 
About three years ago Dania was working as the general manager for the Club Lime Group. Travelling to China on a business trip she came across a street vendor and this robe caught her eye.

"It didn't cost much at all but I swear I wear it to death". It is something she wears when she is getting ready or simply lounging around the house relaxing.

The Designer Shoe 
These Chanel shoes are Dania's first high end investment piece. Purchased about two years ago from Oxford street in Sydney they have become one of her favourite shoes.

"I wouldn't normally purchase something so high end, but I fell in love with them and took the plunge to purchase them".

"Initially I was hesitant to wear them but then I had to get over the fear of scuffing them and just enjoy wearing them."

I agree with Dania, no point in having something so beautiful left in your wardrobe unworn. It is your duty to wear it so other people can appreciate the items beauty.

Statement Clutch 
This clutch is amazing to hold. The detail is so intricate and made from 100% silver and I found the story behind it intriguing.

Many years ago Dania's father (who is a jeweller) was owed a sum of money. The man who owed him was unable to pay his debit so instead, he offered him four solid silver clutches.

Dania's dad accepted, kept two clutches and gave both Dania and her sister a clutch each. Dania now plans to hand down this heirloom to her daughters in the future.

Time Piece 
One a trip with her husband in New York Dania was exploring the diamond district. She found an unassuming store with amazing items in it.

Looking at the shelves of jewellery on offer she noticed the bottom shelf. It was some what of a "junk" shelf with all the items thrown down, tangled and unorganised. But from the corner of her eye, she saw it, the watch!

"I don't know why but it just caught my eye despite being so hidden. I saw it and and needed to have a closer look", said Dania.

"I was attracted to it because of it's vintage stye. When I tried it on I just knew it was perfect for me.  The round diamond face paired back with the mat gold it was just beautiful."

Despite her husband's initial reservations she decide to purchase the watch.  Upon return to Australia it evaluated and insured turning out to be valued at 16k. Crazy!

Perhaps it was growing up with a dad as a jeweller has given Dania an amazing eye for detail.

The Vintage Item 
The final favourite item from Dania's amazing closet was a vintage faux fur stole. Purchased from an op shop for the bargain price of $40, it has now proven to be an awesome investment.

"Initially I wasn't sure when I purchase the stole if I would wear it or not". But it turns out I've worn it to so many formal events. It's the piece I chuck on over all my formal dresses".

Dania, thank you for your time and letting TFV into your world and sharing your items with us it was like going into Carrie's wardrobe.

If you would like to be featured or think you know someone who would love to be please send us an email to

All images courtesy of AW Photography. 
A special thank you to our photographer for the day Asiri Wanigarathne. 

See more of his work on instagram @_awphoto_

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