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Braddon Tailors New Store Launches

There is a new store in town unlike no other, Braddon Tailors is now offering its contemporary tailoring and ultimate bespoke experience in its brand new store in the Ori building. The launch of the new store is a testament to Braddon Tailors' growth and success over the last few years.

TFV was at the VIP launch and later caught up with owner Pip Morgan to find out a little bit more about the concept behind Braddon Tailors and what we can expect from the predominantly menswear brand in the future.
Owners Pip Morgan and Lisa Salter

1. Tell us about the concept behind Braddon Tailors? What sets it apart from other menswear stores in Canberra?
Braddon Tailors is distinguished by the detail of our garments, and the quality and expertise invested in the design and manufacturing processes, which defines our philosophy of fundamentally simple and elegant style in every garment. We’re known for providing timeless, elegant and ultimately wearable garments of the highest calibre to clients.

Braddon Tailors is really set apart from other menswear stores in town by the uniqueness of our product. We are the only menswear retailer in town to be operated by the designers of the clothes that are sold. No matter what sort of garment a client has in mind, we work with them to create a unique piece.

A sneak peek into the garments created by Braddon Tailors

2. What's your background and what led you to dive into the tailoring business?
The Braddon Tailors – Braddon store really now has a two pronged frontage with both Aidan and I being involved. Aidan is an Irish lad who came to Australia a number of years ago, and has found his way into retail after a number of roles in customer service and hospitality. He has also modelled, including for Fashfest. For the last few years Aidan has been managing the Canberra store of an iconic Australian fashion label, and helped make the store one of the most successful outlets for the brand in Australasia.

Aidan has been training with Braddon Tailors for around six months now, and has spent time with some of our French and English mills to learn about the fabrics they produce, as well as a number of leading tailors from around the world to learn about fit, style, cut and what really suits men and women. Aidan will be managing our new store on a daily basis.

I’ve been in the industry for around five years now and have had a fair bit of training too.

Aidan O'Sullivan

Designer ties from Braddon Tailors' own brand

3. You recently showed your designs at the Virgin Melbourne Fashion festival. Tell us about your experience and what reaction you received?
We did, and it was a wonderful experience. At the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival we showcased our first run of ready-to-wear garments, and tested the waters with the designs. It was a super launching pad for this collection, which we hope to have in-store in the next six months.

We also showcased our Wintery Exploits collection at Fashfest 2015. This was our second time on the catwalk at Fashfest and, again, it was a super experience.

The reaction we received from both fashion shows, both here in Canberra, and elsewhere was fantastic. From the local Canberra community there was a lot of interest generated around what we do, and how we go about it, which was fantastic. And that includes a surge in interest from women, since Braddon Tailors isn’t just for men. It’s also for women who love to look smashing in a perfectly fitted shirt, jacket or suit.

On a broader scale, we have generated a great deal of interest from a number of selling agents who are keen to work with us to develop the Braddon Tailors ready-to-wear collection and wholesale these to other retailers in Australia and internationally.

VIP customer being fitted at Braddon Tailors launch

4. What excites you about the local fashion industry and how do far do you see it growing in 5 years?
There are two things which are really taking shape locally that excite me.

The first is the growing understanding, and groundswell of appreciation, that is emerging in the Canberra community (and more broadly in the Australian community) of what we are actually wearing. People don’t seem to be gravitating as much towards the normal, everyday, same old-same old chain stores offering anonymous clothing at discounted prices. From what I have seen over the last two to three years especially, is people taking time to understand the uniqueness and individuality of the clothes they wear.
The second major thing that really excites me is the brilliant Fashfest event. Not only is this event an amazing opportunity for the Canberra community to come together to meet local creative designers, it is also an incredible unique event globally and is leading the way with how fashion events are choreographed and presented. I know a number of other cities and events around Australia and internationally that have taken note of what is happening here in Canberra, and are re-modelling the events they host into a similar format.

Jonathan McFeat at Braddon Tailors new store launch

5. In 5 words describe the Braddon Tailors man?

Can I do it in 11 words? Because really: Every man (and woman) is the Braddon Tailors man (and woman)!

Canapes at the VIP launch
DJ Ashley Feuraude at the VIP launch
Photography by Jessica Rolfe
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