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New label on the block: Fashfest Designer Profile 'The Label'

There is a new label on the block showing on day 2 of this year's fashion festival extravaganza -Fashfest 2015 which we are eagerly looking forward to. Emerging women's wear label 'The Label' is the brain child of Emma O'Rourke whom only just graduated with a bachelor of Fashion Design in 2014.

The Label carries a high street look with clean cut lines and feminine details. It not only offers modern and wearable pieces with an innovative edge, The Label has a minimal waste ethos.

We spoke to Emma in the midst of some of her last minute preparations for Fashfest including the final rehearsal before her day 2 show.

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Can you tell us a little bit about the collection you will be showing day 2 of Fashfest 2015?
The Label's 'Elemental' collection takes a very minimalist approach to design, both aesthetically and in its use of minimal waste design. I always like to have a mixture of opposing themes in my collection, the same is true for this year’s collection which resembles a very stripped back military feel, with digitally printed cross patterns made from AK-47 bullets, very subtle gun prints on pink ponte and military style pockets paired with flowing draped fabrics and very neutral tones.

Behind the scenes, what kind of challenges have you faced putting a collection together for the Fashfest runway? Minimal waste design is a very challenging process – sometimes involving a lot of patience, maths and time. I like to create designs which are better for the environment without diminishing their appearance or quality by using minimal waste practise which is very tricky.

I also work full time on top of that so time is always an issue. But I never shy away from a challenge, it’s always worth working your hardest for such a great opportunity.

Who is The Label's customer?
My range caters for women who appreciate wearable clothing that offers sleek traditional elements in combination with fabric and silhouette innovation. They are a confident, yet still desire clothing which fits with their body, is comfortable, and makes them feel attractive.

My customer appreciates thinking outside of the box for cut and pattern techniques  and appreciates the principles of no-waste design and ethical production as all of my garments are made right here in Canberra.

Describe The Label in 5 words.
Innovative. Refined. Modern. Surprising. Wearable.

What do you hope to achieve from showing at Fashfest?

It's just such a great platform to showcase my designs through a scale that Canberra hasn't seen before. I really do enjoy the whole creative experience and the business side of putting on an event of such a huge scale. Through Fashfest I also hope I can connect with the amazingly talented creatives in Canberra.

What will you be wearing to Fashfest?
I'll be wearing one of my own pieces on the night. Many of the items are designed to be quite comfortable and easy to move in so they work quite well with the crazy environment backstage (which is always as busy, exciting and stressful)

Describe your design aesthetic and what will set you apart from other emerging designers?

I really love the look of clean lines, and simple colour palettes mixed in with a little twist. I have always erred on the side of a classic minimal aesthetic.
I believe what really sets me apart is that The Label has a combination of an environmental edge (the minimal waste design) mixed with modern edgy femininity.

I always try and ensure the designs are stripped back and refined so they can work with The Label consumers lifestyle - wherever they may be.

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Photographer - Lori Cicchini from LORIANA | fotografia
Model - Nicole Luker
Hair - Smitten Hair
Make up - CMA

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