Saturday, 16 May 2015


Sitting here with Janette, putting on our lipstick and choosing our final accessories, I take a moment to review what saw yesterday. 

I attended on Friday night with our beauty editor Melissa and Tina Nikolovski who both appreciate fashion as much as the rest of the Fashion Vault team. It's nice to sit next to someone and let out an excited squeal and not to be looked at funny.

Melanie Child
New Zealand designer presented the crown with a range in a neutral palate of black white and injections of denim blue. I particularly was drawn to her detailing whether it be ruching or panelling. 

Red Corner 
Many, many moons ago I used to do kick boxing and I remember wanting to find a pair of gloves that matched my personality. Unfortunately back then they just were not available. 

Ding ding enter the ring "Red Corner". This brand offers fashionably and functional boxing gear, targets at women but also applicable to men. This makes me want to get out my old wraps and start sparring again. It's refreshing to see something different offered  

Charne presented a collection for both women and men. I thought many of the pieces in the collection could be worn to work but then accessorised to be worn to after work cocktails. My favourite garment from the collection was the dress below. It had structure on the bust and beautiful flow from the waist. This is something that i could see myself wearing to a wedding for sure. 

Miranda Sakhino 
This husband and wife duo stunned the crowd with classic cuts with modern twists in the form of fabrics, prints and millinery. Their printed fabric aligns with their African background.  This brand is now based in Melbourne a perfect setting for the racing scene. 

Amazing shoes on the Miranda Sakhino catwalk 
If you are looking for bright and bold items for the races you need to see Jade Sargent from Sovata. Wearing her collection definitely won't suffer from wall flower syndrome. 

Some happy snaps from the socialites on the red carpet xo 


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