Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Tis the season for weddings

Coming from an ethnic family I swear I've gone to so many weddings I've actually lost count. I almost don't believe it when people tell me they've never been to a wedding before.

Spring/summer is usually peak season for my family to get hitched and this year hasn't been any different.

Weddings are a time to hang with family and friends, bond over food and drinks and an excuse to wear pretty things. With our culture we tent to wear one outfit to the ceremony and change for reception (and you wonder why I had a shopping addiction early on).

This however can pose a few challenges. How do you dress for your own style criteria and meet your Baba's (grandma's) expectations of what is ok to be worn in church.

This weekend I went to a dear friends wedding in Canberra and decided to get my lady on for church. As you all know I am fond of colour and pattern clashing.

This skirt makes me feel like I'm in the Sex in the City movie, the scene at the Dubai markets. Who else could pull of a taffeta skirt to the markets.

I actually road tested mine at the Belconnen markets. Sure it wasn't Dubai but it still had spices does that count? Why was I there you ask? Well me and my husband were hungry so we did a pitt stop in-between the ceremony and reception. I must say I did get some interesting looks from the shoppers, don't think this look will make it to the markets any time soon.


Images courtesy of Kevin Landale Photography 

A-line skirts with crop tops to me are just an elegant combination, and they're to to racy thus satisfying any ethnic traditions. 

Outfit breakdown: 
Top: Piper Lane 
Skirt: By Johnny
Clutch: Collette 
Shoes: Senso 

Of course this post wouldn't happen if it wasn't for Kevin Landale our photographer.
Thanks for your time Kevin.
Check out more of his work at -

xo DJ

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