Monday, 8 September 2014

Spring is here it's time to swap the wardrobe over

It is now officially spring. While I must admit I am excited about new trends, colours and shapes, it also saddens me. With the weather warming up it is time to say good bye to my favourite shoe style, the knee high boot. 

So ladies before doing the accustomed winter-summer wardrobe swap over (due to an ever expanding closet that won’t fit both seasons in it simultaneously) it is time to give some thought to storing your boots correctly.  

The booties in picture below are honestly from about five years ago. They have lasted simply because I’ve looked after them.

Photography courtesy of Mark Walker

Tips for storing boots: 

 1. Check that your boots don’t need to be repaired. It is much better to get your heels replaced before they wear down to the metal. The shoe repair man will also thank you for it. Have any lifting soles glued or resoled. 

2. If they don't need any heel stops or sole repairing give them a once over.  Make sure the boots are cleaned of any dirt and grime then polish with a moisturising leather polish. If you can’t find a colour to match your boots it is always best to go with a clear polish.  If you're not sure what to use just take your boots to the  repair man and get his advice. You don't want to ruin them by using the wrong product. 

3. Once the boots are cleaned and polished spray them with an even coat of water proof spray. I tend to do two coats after the first one has dried. 

4. Get some old socks and fill with baking soda and use a rubber band to tie it off. Insert the parcels into the boots. This will absurd any odours and moisture. 

4.  It’s a good idea to create a support for the boot calf to avoid any creases in your leather. You can buy these online or make free ones from your old fashion magazines. Simply roll the magazine and insert into the book. 

5. Place your winter boots in their original shoe box. If you don’t have them, pop down to the $2 shop and purchase the clear boot boxes. Storing your boots horizontally will help keep their shape and will protect them from dust. 

Outfit breakdown: 
  • Cape - Sheike 
  • Boots - Scooter
  • Bag - Vintage from the Melbourne Markets
  • Bracelet - Lovisa
  • Gloves - Sportsgirl 
  • Hat - Alice Be Curious
All photography was courtesy of Mark Walker. To see more of Mark's work please visit: 

xo DJ 

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